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City’s Neighborhoods On Comeback Trail

December 8, 2013

For too long, Jamestown’s neighborhoods have been neglected. Too few property owners took an interest in maintaining their homes and property....

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Dec-11-13 10:03 PM

hacksbgone - I couldn't agree more with the makeup of the "citizens" of Jamestown. If you work, own a registered vehicle and have lived in the same place for more than 5 are in the minority. I am so disgusted by the fact that virtually 75% of the people I see at the northside dollar stores and Tops are using benefit cards. They buy crappy food with the money we give them for nutrition. The "couple" I saw tonight had State Checks, Benefit card and I think WIC (the only giveaway that makes some sense) and they were dirty and disgusting. The child was filthy. I feel like suggesting they take $2 of all their benefits and go buy a bar of soap. If they want to live that way...well I guess we have nothing to say or do..To let your children live filthy and that makes me sick. It's EVERYWHERE in Jamestown. Part of the reason business left was the strong unions starting in the 1970;s. Today it's the high taxes due to stupidity like layers and layers and

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Dec-11-13 12:45 PM

Like oldlady said, Jamestown continues to advocate and allow permanency to low and very low income housing in the City. That was a choice. Another choice would be to stop encouraging the low and very low income from settling in Jamestown to reap these opportunities. I guess this City has chosen to stop competing for businesses and thus attracting the types of citizens who would work for businesses that pay living wages. Instead the City is becoming permanently welfare-centric with it's citizen base. Nice future, don't ya think?

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Dec-10-13 10:22 PM

look ..I don't like the fact that the only new housing is subsidized housing but I think it's bullheaded to say you would rather see the federal tax incentives be spent in another city. So your taxes would be exactly the same but there would be a dozen houses falling down where the new housing is. Plus, unless I'm wrong, the first part of the appleyard has been there almost 10 years and don't seem an eyesore to me... I agree about people getting a free ride and I think it stinks but it doesn't mean our area shouldn't go after federal and state money available to fix or build new housing. Right?

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Dec-09-13 3:58 PM

Actually, I would like Detroit and Cleveland to have built those projects instead of Jamestown. Although, the dollar stores would suffer a little and the drug stores would sell fewer 30 packs of Milwaukee's Best if you drive their customers west for cheap housing...... But, the h.e.r.o.i.n problem might improve........

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Dec-08-13 10:58 PM

"Purdy applegate courtyards" Did you like the "housing" that was there before? Would you prefer that Detroit or Cleveland secure the competitive federal tax credits to build that housing? Those housing units are no more a local tax burden to Jamestown than NASA or the Postal Service so I might suggest focusing on the neighborhood issues at hand (and there are plenty) and not consider those housing units part of the problem of blight and deteriorating neighborhoods in our fine city.

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Dec-08-13 3:10 PM

Just build some more of those purdy Applegate Courtyards !

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Dec-08-13 12:08 PM

Great editorial PJ.

As usual the negative, know nothings are showing what they are made of and contributing so much to the betterment of the community.

Kudos to the City, the JRC and most importantly, to all of those good citizens who are becoming positively involved with making their neighborhoods better places.

Thanks PJ for shining a light on this great positive effort and progress that is underway!

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Dec-08-13 10:38 AM

Jamestown has allowed so much money to be "sunk" into low income free housing what do they expect from homeowners? Fix up your exterior and there go your taxes. Taxes that will not better your life but eventually be given to those that do not give to the system. Best thing to do is keep things clean but invest on the inside, out of sight. Jamestown has turned itself into this. Expect no better. By the way, why are those getting the reduced rent and food stamps not in the groups of volunteers? Why do you never see that?

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Dec-08-13 9:58 AM

I like these new neighborhoods... You can wlk around with an open beer without any particular fuss or concern.

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Dec-08-13 8:55 AM

Yep, fix up your residence and watch your assessment go up. That is a real incentive.

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Dec-08-13 7:56 AM

It'll be interesting to see if this will result in raising assessments which has resulted in being a disincentive in the past.

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