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The BPU Dividend

December 8, 2013

One of the largest contributors to the city of Jamestown is the Board of Public Utilities (BPU)....

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Jan-16-14 8:55 AM

IKE, I assume that you are refering to the electric generating plant at the landfill in ELLERY.

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Jan-16-14 8:53 AM

Jamestown receives this PILOT payment each year from the BPU, then on the other hand complains that the BPU's infrastructure is not on the tax roles giving the city a greater than 90% tax to assessment ratio. Can't have it both ways.

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Dec-15-13 6:57 PM

Cuomo is repowering NRG Dunkirk. Profits for the BPU could dry up in the future. What is the Mayor going to do now ? Significant raise in taxes will be forthcoming because he cannot balance his budget without the BPU's help. Hold on to your wallets folks !

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Dec-14-13 9:47 AM

carlaw, I understand now what you were saying...I agree, for letter writiers they need to sign their names.

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Dec-14-13 6:22 AM

Madman, everyone else who has a letter published must sign their name except Hall Elliott.

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Dec-13-13 11:42 AM

IKE, why confuse people like fmd with facts. No matter how well you explain it, no matter how well you detail the example of Stockton, people like fmd will never get it. Carla, if people do not want to post their names, that is up tp them. This is a blog where individuals should be able to say their peace (right or wrong) without having to say their name. LONERIDER, excellent point. Rarely do I agree with lonerider, but he is dead on with this. Nice job! And IKE, thanks for presenting facts.

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Dec-12-13 2:32 PM

Ellicott should just put up toll on 394/Fairmount and collect on all the people from Jamestown who travel to Walmart and Lakewood since there are no real businesses in Jamestown anymore. Just a town of not for profits and hands out welfare housing. Most depressing traveling through JT. Usually take people the back way through Bemus when I get off 86.

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Dec-12-13 6:16 AM

This is a good example of why letter writers and blog responders need to sign their real names. if The letter writer and Ike1952 would sign their real names we would understand their motivations. It is dangerous to give credibility to anonymous propaganda. Carla Westerlund

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Dec-10-13 7:35 PM

I also looked at the personnel at the jamestown BPU. You have a bloated listed here also with D leathers making over $130,000 a year, M Anderson $100,000 and many more at the $100,00 wage range. Over paid for the skill sets. Typical city government wages

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Dec-10-13 7:44 AM

Here's a modest proposal: Since the BPU is in the black and many crow of how well it's run, how about they hire a few cops and firefighters along with a handful of administrative types. Then we can dissolve the City government and let the BPU tend to this sorry municipality. This City is gutted. Time to leave, folks.

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Dec-08-13 12:20 PM

There is absolutely no flaw whatsoever in this logic.

What happens if the county's electric utility fails to post a profit some year, with the county using 100% of the after expenses profits to balance it's budget?

And, what happens if any other revenue source in the city budget (ie: sales tax, state aid, court fines, parking revenues, IDA PILOT payments, etc. etc.) is reduced or cut entirely in a particular year? Other adjustments are made in both expenses and revenues to balance things. And, the city has shown in recent years that it does just that.

The fact here, is that the amount that the Council asked for and the BPU granted is both the City and the city's own electric division. And, taking less than 10% of the after expenses PROFITS from electric is CLEARLY NOT going to tie the hands and force the electric division to not invest in any important project or must have piece of equipment.

This is all a tempest in a tea pot and most reasonable people kno

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Dec-08-13 11:50 AM

Ike there is a flaw in your thinking. What if for whater reason the BPU does not turn a profit, it has in the past. Then there is a deficit that must be made either through Taxes, Taxes, cutting services, lower bond rating, all the wonderful things that has been previously posted by the Mayor's buddies on these forums. To me this beneficial use of BPU's money is very narrow-minded and does not promote creative thinking from our City Leaders !

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Dec-08-13 11:44 AM

As usual, another good thought provoking piece by Mr. Elliot. And here is the thought he provoked from me.

The county owns and operates a public electric utility (located in Stockton) that runs a profit. The County Executive and Legislature use ALL (100%) of the after expenses profits, every year, as a revenue in the county budget. And this is hailed by all as perfectly legal, innovative and a great budgeting practice.

The city owns and operates a municipal electric utility that runs a profit. The Mayor, City Council and BPU Board want to use LESS THAN 10% of the after expenses profits as a revenue in the city budget, And, this is hailed by some as "illegal" and just plain wrong?

Sounds kind of hypocritical to me!

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Dec-08-13 6:38 AM

Very good article. So what happens when the BPU does not show a profit in the future ? How will the Mayor and his political hacks balance their budgets ? In addition Board Member Pilliteri has a good point if the profits dry up, how will the BPU pay for it's infrastruture improvements ? That is why the Mayor and Common Council need to balance their budgets without relying every year on the BPU Gift !

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