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Give Obamacare Time Before Criticism

December 7, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: I believe in the ideas of Obamacare as being better than doing nothing to correct our health insurance syste....

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Dec-16-13 9:29 AM

Wow. pit has the power to pull posts complaining about him calling people idiots. Why do we bother posting any opinion or even factual observation? He must be the editor at large.

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Dec-14-13 6:02 PM

You don't have to wonder why Obama didn't say, "this is going to be a rocky road." This is a major transformation. It is not going to be straightforward. The ACA has flexibility built into it so that the problems will be fixed over time. No, it's not some magical thing that will work perfectly. It will be 'messaged' over the course of time. Besides the implementation being complex, Obama has had to deal with other issues, like getting BinLaden, and successfully going up against republicans.

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Dec-14-13 5:47 PM

Well, Time's up!

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Dec-13-13 11:43 AM

Yeah.. Sign ups are really zooming. You're a real genius.

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Dec-13-13 8:51 AM

I believe pit just said all in one breath that the plan is working, and doesn't take effect until Jan 1 2014. Make up anything you want pit. You are about as trusted as Pelosi and sensible as Jackson-Lee...who additionally is blatantly racist. Promise to pay before you know the cost, pass it to know what's in it. Right.

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Dec-12-13 3:24 PM

gravelspit, you only make yourself look blissfully ignorant when you deny that Oregon's 44 Obamacare enrollees isn't an accurate number. That figure comes from the state as reported on Portland TV stations. In the meantime, more than 20 times as many people in Oregon have seen their policies cancelled than will ever sign up for Obamacare policies that are not Medicaid Plus. I wish you would realize that all of the people you so proudly disagree with on this site, do not disagree with you for the sake of being disagreeable but hope to convince you of the misunderstanding you have concerning the benefits of Obamacare. Along with most on this website, I would take no pleasure in saying "I told you so" and would much prefer nobody finds out someday that they've been mislead to their great misfortune.

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Dec-12-13 9:40 AM

Nobody has insurance until the paperwork is done and accepted by the provider. Along with a check.

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Dec-11-13 4:39 PM

pit and monkey are about as accurate as that signer at Mandela's funeral.

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Dec-11-13 9:53 AM

Seadog, exactly what republican plan are you speaking of in your post of Dec-10-13 3:01 PM? Please be somewhat specific.

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Dec-10-13 10:57 PM

I did give it a chance I did not vote for nor was I a fan of President Obama but I also try to be a realist and have the understanding that everyone deserves a chance. I didn't think my insurance would be affected since my family plan had a $10,000 deductible. It was basically self insurance with allowance for coverage should something happen that involved surgery or other extensive procedures (which I had). So imagine my surprise to learn the the ACA no longer allows for that high a deductible and my premiums have nearly doubled. Why? the high deductible made me monitor my expenses and keep myself and my family covered at a reasonable rate. Now how do I pay almost double? It's apparent some of this is change for the sake of change. If someone can tell my why my very high dedcutible plan threatens anyone's plan I like to know. What a mess

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Dec-10-13 8:58 PM

I always speak for myself.

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Dec-10-13 6:39 PM

You know what opinions are like gio....

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Dec-10-13 6:33 PM

As usual monkey you read something into it that wasn't there. It was all true whether you like it or not. If there is someone here who actually is "African" they can speak for themselves.

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Dec-10-13 2:39 PM

FedUpL8ly, I never said there was a bill. I said the premise of Obamacare came from the Heritage Foundation think tank. Gingrich concurred. Republicans concurred. I am saying they are hypocrites for being for it until Obama was for it and now of course they are against it. Simple, true, no spin.

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Dec-10-13 2:34 PM

I could meet at Friendly's for coffee. My carry permit is no good in NYS.

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Dec-10-13 2:32 PM

pit is self appointed blog supervisor. He thinks he speaks for everyone. I need to go into Jtown soon, maybe I can have somebody at p-j go through my pulled posts and note how many were pulled by the same people, and how many were actually abusive.

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Dec-10-13 11:46 AM

Who is this mysterious person known as 'gravelpit'?

(A little twilight zone music, maestro)

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Dec-10-13 10:26 AM

Or Howard not pit?

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Dec-10-13 10:25 AM

pit you have claimed how many times the Republicans have tried to implement an Obamacare type program. You're leaving out how every time your progs fought it tooth and nail for purely partisan reasons.

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Dec-10-13 9:58 AM

Howard, this is the third time I've asked you to show the House bill that was written by Gingrich that was like Obamacare. You keep refusing to do so. In fact, Hillarycare was around before Gingrich ever became Speaker and Hillarycare was the template for Obamacare. However, Hillarycare never came close to being as insidious as Obamacare. Even Howard realizes how lousy Obamacare is or he wouldn't be trying to shift the blame onto Republicans.

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Dec-10-13 9:33 AM

When pit was gioallie I was pounded as hard. Then came monkeyboy. Now pit is back, and who knows how many alter egos they have here for screen names. One person hitting the abuse button doesn't work. Typical prog method of controlling the conversation. I said Obama can't be all bad. His great Aunt and Uncle have played our system for decades. And quoted him. Those are all facts, but were pulled. It's an attempt to get me off here completely.

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Dec-10-13 9:24 AM

FedUpL8ly, you can use your "intelligence" to spin to those less fortunate and will follow like sheep, however the FACT remains that the basic outline used in Obamacare was first initiated by Newt Gingrich and The Heritage Foundation in the early/mid 90's. When Obama put out the SAME plan they were against it like the Republicans have been against almost everything Obama has initiated. They were for it before Obama was for it - that is the truth and a fact. Someday, and I believe it will be sooner than later, voters will be picking up on all of this spin from the right.

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Dec-09-13 6:28 PM

"Why don't we just cut and paste from the DNC/MSNBC…"

Yay, now all us longhaired, hippy, pinko, wierdo, freaks can go to the Pirate games.

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Dec-09-13 3:30 PM

Howard, I went back and reread your comment. In fact, I claimed that I was better informed on Obamacare than my Congressman. There is a distinction that, like many other things seems to escape you. However, I will humbly assert that, in my opinion, I am more intelligent than my Congressman. I have many times stated that the smartest people are not in Congress and that I could easily name dozens in Jamestown who are more intelligent than Rep. Higgins. However, to boast about intelligence misses the mark. Wisdom is much more important than native intelligence. I would also like to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson in saying that Chapter ONE in the "book of wisdom" is honesty.

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Dec-09-13 3:21 PM

I will repeat to Howard, tell all of us uneducated voters the House bill number that put forward anything even remotely approximating Obamacare. You haven't and it's because you cannot! As for you, gravelspit, I will point out something that should have occurred to anyone with an ounce of intelligence. According to the White House, the partial government shut down resulted in the government not being able to release any unemployment, GDP nor any other normal statistics because there weren't people working in those occupations. BUT, amazingly Jay Carney and Dems were out in front of the cameras within a couple of days proclaiming that the shutdown cost the economy $43 Billion. How could they figure that if they couldn't do anything else? It's because they pulled a number out of a hat that would sound good to the adoring saps who would believe it. In fact, the GDP actually increased for the period of the shut down.

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