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Hopefully Legislators Hear Taxpayers

November 25, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: I am not surprised. The County Legislature again voting to increase the burden on taxpayers rather than privatize the county home should come as no surprise....

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Nov-27-13 11:33 AM

if you follow the logic of some of these posters: then.. If Obama came up with a cure for cancer the Republican Members of the House would be against it..... Immediately

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Nov-26-13 2:20 AM

Obamacare is absolutely political, ever set up to benefit, but to control. Our increased tax burdens, both the county home and too much government. And Mr Walker is correct, to many run unopposed. Doing the same thing over and and over again, expecting a different result is where we are. Change needs to come from voting in new. Reducing government and gaining back control of our rights should be of major concern. Common Core, to dumb down our children, to Obamacare, we have real concerns!

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Nov-26-13 12:06 AM

" the state level we Received the S.A.F.E. act Which should be noted that while the Governor had it ready to go the Senate and the House had to take it up without discussion and pass it in the night."--author. nowhere was ACA referenced. attention to context.

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Nov-25-13 12:04 PM

Thomas77, I would have agreed with you if you had said "most professional politicians" but there are some out there who are trying to do the right thing and to lump them in with Pelosi, Reid, McConnell does a disservice. Howard, it's one thing for someone to be ignorant on issues but it's really astounding for someone to attack those who state facts and accuse them of being wrong. The author was correct about Obamacare being passed in the middle of the night. Howard, why don't you tell us your version of how Obamacare passed in the Senate. And don't leave out how Reid refused to swear in the new Republican Senator from Massachusetts who was elected by Mass. solely to prevent Obamacare. C'mon Howard, I really want to hear your version in detail.

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Nov-25-13 10:22 AM

You are saying the Affordable Health Care Act was passed unscrupulously in the middle of the night? This extremely false accusation makes everything else you write about very questionable. Know the facts first, Mr. Walker, before putting yourself out in public.

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Nov-25-13 8:32 AM

I don't know what County you live in bobbojr, but my County taxes are the same as my school taxes. No paltry amount I might add. All those who agree with bobbo that your County taxes are just ducky raise your hand!

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Nov-25-13 7:58 AM

the only thing these band of amateur thieves listen to is the $9000 hitting their bank accounts.

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Nov-25-13 7:37 AM

I read on and on, ad nauseum, about the almighty taxpayer. It's CITIZEN, taxpayer has become a GOP rally title tea baggers and all. LOOK and READ your County Tax Bill, it is nothing compared to the school tax bill. People carry on here about county taxes and they are paltry compared to other municipal taxes. It is just a blog effort of the Fox People here to babble on about.

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Nov-25-13 7:00 AM

Yea hopefully they'll listen to us taxpayers and NOT sell the home.

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Nov-25-13 6:01 AM

Thomas, they are not all scumbags. I am sure they will listen and hear the voters. :)

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Nov-25-13 5:20 AM

Their is one word for professional politicians "SCUMBAGS". They could never make it in the real world, They are parasites that get rich off of other peoples hardwork!

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