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Optical Scanners Are Troublesome

November 22, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: I went to vote on the new machines that are mandated because the citizens, and some not citizens, of Florida were incapable of using paper ballots....

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Nov-29-13 5:00 PM

And stop spinning everything back to 50s4ever. I didn't comment on what he said, I commented on what YOU said about Sarah Palin. Avoiding the issue by pointing at somebody else doesn't release you from your OWN responsibility, Monkeyboy.

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Nov-29-13 4:57 PM

"Saint Sarah of the Right?" - Why can't it just be "Sarah?" - Why does everybody you don't like that isn't just like you have to have a "pet" name applied to them? You don't think that's hateful?

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Nov-29-13 11:51 AM

Monkeyboy, your post on Nov 22 @ 2:35 is an optical delusion.

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Nov-29-13 11:48 AM

"...Elvis is alive and masquerading as Sarah Palin" = hate speech.

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Nov-28-13 8:17 PM

My paper ballot and marking pen (Sharpie) worked just fine - no bleed through.

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Nov-28-13 5:32 PM

Donkeyboy-I don't subscribe to newsletters. I watched hearings on local TV stations over a span of three weeks. Democrats complained long and loudly about voter suppression but not ONE instance was ever shown to be true. You've never seen such a brain-dead bunch of witnesses as the Dems who testified at those hearings. The mainstream media did a good job of not ever mentioning those hearings. I never realized how much CBS, NBC, CNN, CNBC and NPR were in "the bag" for Democrats until I saw how what went on in Florida was reported across the country. I had never voted for a Republican for President before 2000 and I've never voted for a Democratic candidate since. Considering the present state of the Democratic Party, I will probably never vote for a Democratic nominee the rest of my life. The bench is full of Progressives and Socialists. The JFK Democrat is all but extinct.

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Nov-27-13 10:40 PM

donkey, donkey, donkey- every time you you come up against a situation that only requires connecting two dots, you claim it's a conspiracy theory. I'm sure somewhere on the internet there resides a factual record of the two Florida State Supreme Court rulings regarding Gore's 2000 rulings. It might do a partisan like you a lot of good to look up the bios of the Florida State Supreme Court justices at that time. As for Emelye, I'm sure it won't be too much longer before she'll be blaming the TEA Party for the Obamacare roll-out. I'm sure their fiscal responsibility platform influenced the Obama administration to accept CGI's low bid for building despite their horrendous record of failure and cost overruns.

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Nov-26-13 6:16 PM

Why does the author of this letter blame the voting machine for the poor quality of the paper on which the ballot was printed? It makes no sense!

Of course, with the constant refrain of austerity for every single government function coming from the Tea party and the like, I'm not surprised they went to a ballot printed by the lowest bidder and that the paper quality was compromised to save on cost.

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Nov-25-13 4:54 PM

Donkeyboy- what government info sources are you quoting that deny election fraud? Are you saying there has never been any references to Chicago election fraud? Chicago is historically famous for its election fraud. Why do you think Al Gore went to a Daley from Chicago to show him how to steal an election in 2000 Florida. And don't even try to tell me about Florida because I was there for the entire month and closely followed what was going on. I watched locally televised hearings in three different cities, researched the Florida Supreme Court and both of their decisions, watched how Gore tried to cherry-pick certain precincts in certain counties and filed lawsuits in every county to suppress military absentee ballots. Where were you and what sources did you have?

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Nov-24-13 2:33 PM

Donkeyboy- I agreed with you about the AVM machines being outdated but my point was it makes one long for the time when endemic election fraud was confined to Chicago and a very few other places.

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Nov-24-13 2:26 PM

Donkeyboy- do you ever research before mouthing MSNBC talking points. There have been voter fraud convictions in 46 states in just the last two years. Voter fraud isn't confined to just one Party or even necessarily a Party at all. However, you are about as clueless as Howard if you aren't aware the main culprit, by far, is the Democratic Party. Just an iota of common sense will tell you that all of the efforts by Holder/Obama to obstruct voter ID laws is to make it easier to perpetrate vote fraud. The argument that it discriminates against poor minorities is asinine. Take the NAACP lawsuit against Georgia's voter ID law. It got thrown out of court because the NAACP couldn't provide ONE SINGLE member who didn't have valid ID. Fools that keep bringing up the Koch Bros. are the ones who've munched on the propaganda too long.

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Nov-24-13 5:16 AM

The ONLY way to guarantee honest elections is to get the election process OUT of the hands of the political parties. who do you think picked the optical scanners. There was nothing wrong with the AVM machines except they didn't generate large campaign contributions. Check the money trail from the scanner hardware and software companies. You can follow it to the top party officials that pushed thru the new nation wide scanner policies. And why is it that when they open absentee ballots both parties spend more time trying to throw out the votes for the other side than they do just counting them as a honest vote from an American citizen.

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Nov-22-13 12:30 PM

duckster, I hope you're not sincere in your remark for if you are, then you would most probably volunteer to participate in a circular firing squad. There is something even more troubling and that is the problem with electronic voting machines. I watched on C-Span to a software expert testify that these voting machines an be programmed to have the machines produce any desired result. Not only that but one would not even have to do this with each machine. It can be done with the tabulating devices. The ONLY way to detect this is for experts to go into each device and examine the source codes. The ONLY way to guarantee honest elections is to establish "chains of custody" much like what is used in drug testing. Until this is done, other forms of voting should be used. Makes one long for the old AVM machines.

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Nov-22-13 9:03 AM

don't worry.. your vote does not matter anymore.. thank you citizen.s united... thank you Koch brothers

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Nov-22-13 7:56 AM

Our govt. people are basically those who can't get a real job. We spend million$ on a ballpoint pen that will write in space (govt.) and the Russians give their fliers a $.05 pencil. Here in the voting situation a black ball point pen rather than a brand new wet magic marker would do the trick. go fig.

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Nov-22-13 6:59 AM

Also, isn't it amusing that the "privacy booths" are narrower than the ballot? Guess that is what happens when you have a government committee work on something!

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