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Obama’s Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Settle

November 18, 2013

Barack Obama is not the first U.S. president to be taken in by con games pursued by other world leaders....

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Nov-21-13 7:41 PM

You mean the Max Clelland that was asked to stand and be recognized by Joe Biden?

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Nov-21-13 5:29 PM

Since when was McCain a true war hero. He was the idiot son of somebody that got him into his position…like GWbush. McCain was even the one who shot the missile that killed others on the carrier, and burned himself. Big war hero, dropping bombs from thousands of feet, and he still got shot down. Cried that his father was Admiral suchnsuch for special consideration. And they people he was bombing saved his ass by pulling him out of that swamp.

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Nov-21-13 12:12 PM

Personal attacks???? Where???

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Nov-21-13 11:20 AM

gravelpitts - one side of your mouth says what a great war hero Kerry was - the other side says how rich white men are evil. Looks like you're a little conflicted.

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Nov-20-13 11:03 PM

gravelpit, it should be noted refused to accept my challenge for him to clearly explain how John Kerry qualifies as a "war hero". Until he can, gravelspit should be considered as nothing more than hot air. Barely worthy of a response.

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Nov-20-13 2:42 PM

Barry was too busy to go to Gettsburg, but found time to golf again on SUNDAY.

And, I believe Woodrow Wilson was a sitting president when he attended in 1913. Since he was the 28th president and Taft was the 27th, you are wrong again.

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Nov-20-13 2:12 PM

"According to documents supplied by the Adams County Historical Society, 16 presidents have visited Gettysburg while they were in office -- Lincoln on Nov. 19, 1863; Rutherford B. Hayes on May 30, 1878; Grover Cleveland May 4, 1885; Theodore Roosevelt on May 30, 1904; William H. Taft on Nov. 19, 1909; Woodrow Wilson on July 3, 1913; Warren G. Harding on July 1, 1922; Calvin Coolidge on May 30, 1928; Herbert Hoover on May 30, 1930; Franklin D. Roosevelt on May 30, 1934, and July 3, 1938; Harry S. Truman on July 6, 1946; Dwight D. Eisenhower on Nov. 13, 1955; John F. Kennedy on March 31, 1963; Richard M. Nixon on April 3, 1972; Jimmy Carter on July 6 and Sept. 11, 1978, and George W. Bush on Sept. 6, 2008"

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Nov-20-13 2:03 PM

"I'm getting tired of disproving all these rightie allegations, but someone has to do i"

For once GravelSam, please offer PROOF. Not just thoughts that pop into your head.

"There are differing counts of how many of the 28 presidents after Lincoln traveled to Gettysburg. CNN reports that 24 have gone. The Gettysburg Times reports that every 20th-century president made the pilgrimage except for Bill Clinton. Woodrow Wilson spoke at the 50th anniversary in 1913. Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke at the 75th in 1938. Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson all took separate trips there in the 100th-anniversary year of 1963. But not all went willingly, and all tried to avoid speech comparisons with Lincoln"


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Nov-20-13 7:45 AM

Obama lied, people died!! Bengasi.Obama couldn't show up in Gettysburg on Sunday but had time to gulf and take God out of Lincolns Gettysburg address. He was fond of Lincoln until he found out Honest Abe was father to Republican party. Remember article 3 section 3 of the Constitution, when we get the truth to Bengasi I believe it will show Obama giving aid and abetting Al-Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood, The American President to the Muslim brotherhood Obama has promoted to one of the top positions of Homeland Security. American's will have the truth.

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Nov-20-13 6:33 AM

lone, the only reason Cummings is calling for heads to roll is because it would give the appearance that the blame for this fiasco could be put on someone other than Obama. Cummings not only voted for Obamacare but in the recent Congressional hearings, Cummings blames Republicans for not working to make Obamacare better. At the IRS hearings, rather than ask questions, he takes all of his time to say it's a witch hunt by Republicans instead of trying to find out who orchestrated this scandal.

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Nov-20-13 6:24 AM

gravelpit, your saying Obama's "Easter egg roll" was the same as White House ceremony officially celebrating Easter is a hoot. Talk about superficial, that's the same as saying that Obama is a deeply religious Christian because he had 78 Christmas trees installed in the White House last year. Also, why don't you tell the rest of us just exactly how Kerry qualifies as a "war hero".

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Nov-19-13 5:23 PM

you won't "hear a word" about Obama's healthcare lies on your source MSNBC --but try these on for size--he "lied" about the 5 million affected--he lied about the "no increase in taxes"--he lied about "NO premium increases" he lied about keeping you being able to keep your insurance to name a few----isn't this fun?

It is a lot of fun gravelpitt. How's your butt feel after getting it kicked anytime you mention Obamacare.

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Nov-19-13 2:53 PM

Funny gravelpit, I have not heard one word regarding Mitt Romney lying to the people of Mass. about his plan. I have not heard of people being tossed off their policies. I have not heard of any people in Mass. not being able to sign up for insurance. So, don't use Romney care as an example of that abortion called Obamacare. Apples and oranges. Romneycare WORKED and was accessible.

As far as your trip to the motherland, you are for income re-distribution. You are for the Marxist form of government. You do not like it when posters don't agree with your savior aka president. You want free healthcare for all. If that doesn't sound like you love Russia - I don't know what does. LUNACY

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Nov-19-13 1:55 PM

What is Mittwitt care? If you are referring to Romney, you're even more delusional than you were before your trip to the motherland.

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Nov-19-13 11:54 AM

Hey gravelpit - things didn't work out in Russia? We have missed your left wing nutcase rants and can't wait for them to continue. Signed up for Obamacare yet? Did you like your policy and were you able to keep it, or isn't medicare affected?

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Nov-19-13 11:51 AM

I guess he only talks about Lincoln when it suits him.

CNN's Ashley Killough

(CNN) - "As Pennsylvania gears up to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address on Tuesday, one prominent Abraham Lincoln fan won't be in attendance: President Barack Obama.

The National Park Service announced a few weeks ago the President won't be part of the activities commemorating the historic speech, and critics have since assailed Obama for skipping the event.

"It would be an occasion for him to honor a crucial time in our past, to create a historical bridge to today," Salena Zito, a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review staff writer, wrote in a column.

"His dismissal of the request shows a man so detached from the duty of history, from the men who served in the White House before him, that it is unspeakable in its audacity," Zito added. "Ask almost any person in this historic town; even his most ardent supporters here are stunned."

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Nov-19-13 8:35 AM

Also, Emelye, when tens of millions of Egyptians went to the streets to demand the removal of Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi, Obama ignored those tens of millions and instead said the Egyptians should restore Morsi to power because "Morsi had won an election". Never mind that Morsi was in the process of unilaterally transforming the judiciary and dismantling their Constitution. Finally, and foremost, recall when Iranians opposed to the hardcore Muslim theocracy were pleading with Obama for support, not only did Obama not send any support, Obama never even criticized the mullahs for killing protesters in the streets. All of these actions show a support for Muslims that transcends being evenhanded and fair.

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Nov-19-13 8:24 AM

Emelye, you are a victim of selective amnesia. Obama's antagonism towards Israel certainly qualifies him as having antipathy towards Jewish people. Remember, Obama unsuccessfully tried to tell Israel where they could build houses in "their" country. If possible, Obama would most likely have tried to nationalize Israel's healthcare too. Since becoming President, Obama has failed to celebrate Easter at the White House but has celebrated Islamic holidays. Now one can make of it what you will but it is certainly fair to note this as Muslim preference. Most importantly, Obama NEVER criticized the ruling Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt when their was widespread and systemic persecution of Coptic Christians, including burning of Coptic churches and scores of murders.

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Nov-18-13 3:30 PM

I like Obama's version of US Muslims have been involved since day one. lol

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Nov-18-13 2:26 PM

"I think people who write that the president is a Muslim sympathizer and wants to destroy the US need to get their heads out of the right wing conspiracy media and back into realitY"

There you go again Emelye - if you want to call giving millions in dollars and high tech military equipment to the Muslim Brotherhood, a "right wing conspiracy" then tht's YOUR opinion. If it walks like a duck, quaks like a duck, and looks like a duck I'll bet chances are, it's a duck!

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Nov-18-13 1:57 PM

Mr Kerry has repeatedly said that the agreement hinges upon the strength of its verification procedures. I have seen nothing in the news to suggest the US is going into any agreement with Iran without eyes wide open to the possibility of bad faith on the part of the Iranians.

I think this editorial fails by disregarding certain facts while giving greater importance to other facts whose relevance decreases when the story is examined as a whole.

P.S. - I think people who write that the president is a Muslim sympathizer and wants to destroy the US need to get their heads out of the right wing conspiracy media and back into reality.

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Nov-18-13 12:30 PM

Fedup, no job, no responsibilities, no reason to get off the couch, tends to make one tired.

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Nov-18-13 12:18 PM

Those of us who have kept track of Kerry for the last 40 years are not surprised that he would agree to a lousy policy and then try to sell it to the rest of us. Anyone who knows his Viet Nam history and pursuant false testimony to Congress about atrocities knows what a phony he's been throughout his adult life. Kerry and Obama complement each other very well. Two peas in a pod.

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Nov-18-13 12:13 PM

duckster, I'm beginning to believe that you yawned your way all through school. Heck, maybe all through life.

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Nov-18-13 11:50 AM

He doesn't want to upset those who practice the "religion of peace".

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