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Educators Concerned With Common Core Timetable

November 17, 2013

Most New York educators would probably agree that education reform is a necessity....

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Nov-18-13 1:21 PM

ht tp://en.wikipedia.or g/wiki/Godwin%27s_law

Nazi reference = automatic lose, in my opinion. Quit the hyperbolic rhetoric and maybe the issue can be rationally discussed?

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Nov-17-13 11:43 PM

Thank you Gavin Paterniti for this article. Everyone needs to really do their homework on this topic. As a follow up I would really like to see you do an article on the data mining that NY state is doing as part of the RTTT initiative. It is called the P20 system and most people have no idea about it. Almost all states have pulled out from this invasive process that plans on collecting up to 400 points of data on students - except for good ol NY. The names of the stories referenced were Nasareen's Secret School and the Librarian of Bosra you can find them on you tube. Keep in mind these stories are for 3rd graders who are around 8 years old.

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Nov-17-13 5:52 PM

Typo, Sorry - Germany

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Nov-17-13 5:51 PM

From Huffington Post - Parents and students of America, beware. A new set of education standards is already at or coming soon to schools around the country, and it seems to have critics terrified. These Common Core Standards have been adopted in 45 states plus the District of Columbia, and are already being taught in districts around the country. In addition to emphasizing analytical thinking and deep learning, they are designed to make sure all students across the country are held to the same criteria. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan says the measure is the "single greatest thing to happen to public education in America since Brown versus Board of Education." However, the standards seem to have elicited fear and intense rhetoric among critics, who object to the standards for several reasons, including the belief that they take power away from individual states. Some opponents even claim the standards will create an education atmosphere similar to that of Hitler’s Ge

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Nov-17-13 5:41 PM

Also did not write about the Iraqi and afgani children but what i did find was what was taught in German Schools under Hitler - Example - "A bomber aircraft on take-off carries 12 dozen bombs, each weighing 10 kilos. The aircraft takes off for Warsaw the international centre for Jewry. It bombs the town. On take-off with all bombs on board and a fuel tank containing 100 kilos of fuel, the aircraft weighed about 8 tons. When it returns from the crusade, there are still 230 kilos left. What is the weight of the aircraft when empty ?"

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Nov-17-13 5:35 PM

Psychofux, Hate to break this to you but have never watched Fox News, I am one of those liberals that you all hate, Info came from Friends who work at and have children in the Southwestern School System. Question to you, if everyone pass's, why would the smart kid want to work hard if he could just skate along with the dummy who is going to pass anyway? Never had to chant "to the top of the hill" with my other class members when i was was in school. Going to create a society of dummy's, Stupid is much easier to control, than a person who is smart and thinks for himself and does not go along with the mass's

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Nov-17-13 4:50 PM

Crooksandliars: I cannot find that "story" you told us about the assignment with the Iraqi and Afghani children in the NY states Common Core curriculum. Where is your citation? You should be able to easily find this "indoctrination" in the Common Core program. Or are you just making more garbage up? Prove it with a link, or tell us how to find it. I proved myself with a link. You can go to engageny dot org and read through the lessons. Just because you went somewhere and heard that a perspective of an Iraqi child or Afghani child was given as classwork, that is not indoctrination even if it were actually assigned. Maybe you should cite your definition of indoctrination. What crooksandliars actually wants is in fact indoctrination, and I'm sure that it would follow the Fox News mindset!

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Nov-17-13 4:45 PM

1Diablo: No, I didn't add those to get zero, the state's Common Core showed that to be zero. Of course I know that the sum is -6, I'm glad that another adult figured that out.

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Nov-17-13 3:51 PM

There are HUGE problems with Common Core, including devaluation of creativity, play, sports and the arts, but CrooksandLiars comments seem to confirm that the whole system hasn't served to promote critical thinking skills--or even the basics of elementary education (Mou Se Tung?).

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Nov-17-13 10:16 AM

OMG! OMG! The loons, the loons. Massachusetts raised it's standards before every other state and went through tough times of complaints and concerns. Let's remind ourselves before all this change we had watered down learning with supposed increases in learning, it was NOT TRUE. Implementation of Common Core, APPR, SLO's and learning technology integration was done en masse. Let's all work together to solve the implementation phase instead of the wild, tea baggin comments here. The world is a different place today and 25 years from today, look at what our parents saw in their lifetime, our grandparents saw. Expect that much change for our children and some here want the same old standards like it's 1950, Ozzie and Harriet are alive and well, as is the Beaver. It is 2013 our children need higher standards and the minimum to be SUCCESSFUL not just get by will be an Associates degree or building up training certificates. It is a new world our children need to be ready for theirs.

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Nov-17-13 9:03 AM

and negative 3 plus negative 2 and negative 1 would be negative 6 with my math. its simple if I owe 3 dollars then spend 2 more then spend 1 I'll be 6 dollars in hole or negative 6 not "o " hope your not the math teacher . :)

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Nov-17-13 8:57 AM

Psycho, went to the high school to hear what was being giving to third graders confirms what crooks and others have been saying. When the government wants books pushed on third graders that tell of a little boy in Iraq telling his alleged story how the American soldiers came to his country to kill his people and American soldiers are bad people or a book written supposed Afghanistan girl how American came to her country to kill good Muslims. This for third graders in not appropriate and propaganda at best for control.

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Nov-17-13 7:53 AM

Should be:

engageny dot org

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Nov-17-13 7:52 AM

CrooksandLiars - There is a huge difference. Go to engageny dot com. You will find every common core lesson plan for every subject. Find one..ONE instance that they are "indoctrinating". As far as the Common Core. The tests are quite a burden, they don't count towards the students final grade: they don't determine if a student should be held back or not. The administration has to start holding back students that don't meet the standards. They have to stop the automatic advancement of students that are not prepared for the next level. The Common Core lesson plans are nice, aside from a few typos here and there. One of the Math 7 lessons shows -3 + -2 + -1 =0. Everything is laid out nicely. It is an accelerated pace, but if you knuckleheads would teach your kids to memorize the multiplication table, that would help the teachers out. And don't say that they can just use a calculator, because you are wrong, your knuckelheaded JR's can't even push the right buttons to come up w

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Nov-17-13 7:44 AM

Is This Next ? In 1936, all of the Catholic parochial and Protestant denominational schools were abolished. Christian holy days which had usually meant a day off from school were now ignored and classroom prayers were banned. Celebrations of Christmas and Easter were discouraged, replaced by pre-Christian Yule or Solstice celebrations. The Nazis later forced all teachers to renounce any affiliation with professional church organizations. AND - By early 1939, about 82 percent (7.3 million) of eligible youths within the Greater Reich belonged to the Hitler Youth, making it the largest youth organization in the world. A new law was issued on March 25, 1939, conscripting any remaining holdouts into the organization amid warnings to parents that their children would be taken from them and placed in orphanages unless they enrolled.

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Nov-17-13 7:34 AM

Sounds Like Common Core to me - Education played a very important part in Nazi Germany in trying to cultivate a loyal following for Hitler and the Nazis. The Nazis were aware that education would create loyal Nazis by the time they reached adulthood. The Hitler Youth had been created for post-school activities and schools were to play a critical part in developing a loyal following for Hitler - indoctrination and the use of propaganda were to be a common practice in Nazi schools and the education system.

Enforcing a Nazi curriculum on schools depended on the teachers delivering it. All teachers had to be vetted by local Nazi officials. Any teacher considered disloyal was sacked. Many attended classes during school holidays in which the Nazi curriculum was spelled out and 97% of all teachers joined the Nazi Teachers' Association. All teachers had to be careful about what they said as children were encouraged to inform the authorities if a teacher said something that did not fit in.

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Nov-17-13 7:27 AM

Lets see, No Books to study from, No grades, Everyone pass's ( sure sounds like no child left behind with a new name )No Child is a better student than another one in this this system, Hitler, Mou Se Tung, would be proud of this system of programing our children, If i had a young child, sure would not be going to a Public School Now......

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Nov-17-13 6:51 AM


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Nov-17-13 4:40 AM

"We remain concerned over the schedule of implementing the standards, which has not allowed enough time for absorption of the process by teachers."

Spoken like a true NYSUT sphincter blowing air out of your orifice.

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Nov-17-13 1:47 AM

The only timetable for this fiasco should be about 3 seconds air time on its way to the trash heap of ridiculous bureaucratic blunders.

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