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WCA Saved My Life

November 12, 2013

To the Readers’ Forum: Through the years I’ve heard many bad stories about the WCA Emergency Room, long waits, poor care, etc. I want to share a different story with a happy ending. On Friday, Sept....

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Nov-13-13 11:27 AM

Same last week went with chest pain. I was sent to upmc thank you WCA I'm 49 and will see 50

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Nov-13-13 5:49 AM

I've had some bad experiences at wca ER.I still have nightmares.

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Nov-13-13 5:17 AM

Carter, First you complain they sent your uncle out of state, and then you complain they didn't do it on time. Could be your attitude. And to all those who say if you go to WCA you will die, Check out the obituaries from Warren, Buffalo and Erie. People die in all their hospitals also. I know of a few people who were Star-flighted to Buffalo or Erie and have died. It is called a fact of life. People Die in all hospitals.

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Nov-12-13 7:35 PM

Carter--Perhaps it is your attitude???

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Nov-12-13 7:08 PM

Garter got two of my posts pulled because I said poop. Got one pulled for using the word nakid. If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. People like you need to grow a set. Man up. It's the liberal way. I'm telling on you because you said something I didn't like. U are what is destroying this country. Put ur big boy pants on.

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Nov-12-13 7:00 PM

Had a great experience this summer at wca. I was in for two days everything was good. I was actually surprised. Had a pile of tests done in Jamestown and then went to a specialist in buffalo

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Nov-12-13 5:38 PM

Ask them why they don't change bed sheets on a more regular basis. When I was in there awhile back I got one bed change in the nearly 2 weeks I was there. Many of the nurses weren't very friendly to my wife or I. They also tried shipping my own uncle to an out of state nursing facility without our knowledge, and then proceeded to tell us they'd be leaving at a certain time, which they didn't. They were 5 hours late in doing that

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Nov-12-13 5:33 PM

Negative??'s the truth.

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Nov-12-13 3:09 PM

A small rate of failure is always acceptable when it happens to another person. Is it still acceptable when it happens to you? If a doctor cuts off your leg by mistake, would you dismiss it because it rarely happens and it just unfortunately happened to be your turn?

Muffster – Nothing is more personal than when their incompetence harms your wife!

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Nov-12-13 1:53 PM

When you tally the number of patient successes to the few that may have been misdiagnosed- the successes surpass in numbers. We are only human and on a rare occasion health professionals can make a mistake or perhaps faulty equipment. We are only human and no one is perfect. It is ignorant and bias for the above contributors to post negative comments, when I'm guessing they haven't experienced anything negative that has direct affect on them personally. (carter Mk exception) I am getting into the health care field and would be proud to serve the area as an employee of WCA. If you have not experienced what it is like to work in this field- you really have no business commenting on this article. MY POINT, if WCA had not triaged this man properly and got him stable for transport- he would NOT have made it out the door of WCA period.

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Nov-12-13 1:17 PM

It sounds as though the negative commentors should just drive themselves to Erie or Buffalo and take their chances---if they are still alive or able. I will still go to WCA for evaluation thank you.

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Nov-12-13 8:04 AM

No worries negative commenters. With Obamacare, WCA will not stay in business, and locals can go straight to UPMC. Just hope they last the ambulance ride, and waiting line at the ER, just to see a PA or if lucky a NP. DRs will be in short supply and only at major medical centers.

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Nov-12-13 6:55 AM

If we had listened to WCA's "expert" opinion, my wife would be dead! She had stage 3 colon cancer and WCA diagnosed it as constipation!!!!

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Nov-12-13 6:47 AM

UPMC Hamot saved your life, not WCA. Big difference. They aren't the local police/sheriff's department, nothing should be out of their jurisdiction.

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Nov-12-13 5:20 AM

You Are One Of The Lucky People Treated There! Remember To Say A Prayer For Those Who Were Treated And Sent Home And Died!!!!!!

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