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County Becomes A Sea Of Red

Republicans To Work With Supermajority In New Year

November 10, 2013

County government will have a decidedly red tint to it after voters chose 13 Republican legislators, a Republican executive and a Republican clerk in Tuesday’s elections....

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Nov-11-13 10:53 PM

Embarrassing. An election where such low turnout breeds optimism in the few who feel they can push around the many. Do I hear taps? Cause democracy is surely dying. Sad. Very.

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Nov-11-13 7:23 PM

105,228 eligible voters (>18) estimated by the US Census. 24,797 voters in this election (County Executive votes). 23.4% of the electorate voted. Sounds like an obscure mandate to me.

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Nov-11-13 9:19 AM

Stupid article. It isn't about sides anymore. Its about whoever is capable of saving this county and continuing to right the ship.

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Nov-10-13 7:30 PM

here is the deal.... a divided co. govt. can be a good thing. there would be more blue on this map if the dems did not dig their feet in on the terribly obvious no brainer of selling the co home. It was almost as if they wanted a voter turn out against them. they made their bed...

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Nov-10-13 1:41 PM

Clearly now that there's a Republican super-majority thanks to the ”tsunami”

I fully expect the super majority party to reverse the downward economic trend, and lower taxes and increase family sustaining jobs in Chautauqua County.

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Nov-10-13 1:11 PM

In a few years the color will be blue as folks will always be negative and think the other party will change things.

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Nov-10-13 12:48 PM

Unions should not be able to donate to political campaigns. Believe it or not, there were PLENTY of CSEA members who were not happy at all that their dues went to give Cornell $3300. Individual members are also taxpayers. It's time the Unions stop contributing to political campaigns. How did that contribution help the Union beyond her one vote as a legislator? As county clerk, she wouldn't have had the power to affect the general membership. It's clear they bought her one vote for $3300. If they feel so strongly maybe they can waste some more of their union dues and bail her out of the $10k hole she put herself in. Talk about bad decisions all the way around. Our elected leaders need to stop talking about campaign reform and actually do something that makes sense.

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Nov-10-13 11:39 AM

I see this election result ensuring less pandering to the organized labor groups who pay their elected officials very nicely to keep them in favor. (please see Whitney's and Cornell's conduct as Legislators) The vocal minority always seems to have plenty of cash to throw around to obstruct public policy that is fiscally conservative. I believe the property taxpayers voices were heard this election. About time!

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Nov-10-13 9:41 AM

Oh dear, now the Republicans won't have anyone to blame. Maybe now they have no one to argue with they will pay attention to the needs of the residents.

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Nov-10-13 9:08 AM

Very happy with outcome and believe it will be good for WNY. Beautiful part of the country, much history and culture. Get business back and the area will thrive.

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Nov-10-13 8:53 AM

A new broom sweeps clean. It remains to be seen if bi-partisan unity can exist.

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Nov-10-13 5:34 AM

I agree Psycho. Let's not forget that with a Supermajority comes responsibility for a successful plan to lift our county up and move it forward. I also agree that the county home only represented a small part of the budget. Economic Development, Welfare to Work participation and other issues need to be addressed. It would be great to see some nonvoting work sessions too. Congratulations and good luck to all.

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Nov-10-13 3:20 AM

Ha! Dem/Rep doesn't matter in local politics. This is not the federal government. People don't vote along party lines for these elections, only an idiot thinks this makes our county "Red"!

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Nov-10-13 3:06 AM

You have a mandate. Sell the county home. Then offer out a hand to the dem legislators for more bi-partisan issues.

Make the county better.

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