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Window Dressing

City Begins Artistic Board-Up Program

November 8, 2013

An interim step in what to do with vacant commercial buildings downtown has been found. The step is an artistic program called Board-Up....

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Nov-09-13 1:27 PM

This is a great idea! Obviously, the goal is to try to rehab these buildings, but in the meantime it's great to see something being done to make them look nice. If you take a look around, lots of great things are being done in downtown Jamestown. It's not going to happen overnight, but it's getting better all the time!

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Nov-09-13 10:53 AM

Oelwyn: I don't see any wealthy aristocrats around here. Move to China you communist!

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Nov-09-13 9:11 AM

Trade Unions and Workers are Greedy because they demand a Living Wage while the Flagless Aristocrats fleece the stockholders who imagine they will be one of the "Elite" someday?There is some Window Dressing for you.

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Nov-09-13 8:48 AM

Rod u did ur do diligence. Nice job. I agree it's a bandaid. But what to do? The city is a shell of its former self. As long as we have huge taxes and no jobs. Pretend store fronts we will have. Unions have and continue to distroy the city. Greed

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Nov-09-13 7:59 AM

Looks good , but does not address the issues the city has. It's akin to putting lipstick on a pig.

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Nov-09-13 2:24 AM

"Actually with the advancement of today's technology in space age coating and surface preparations 20 years is not out of the question. You can't buy $6.00 a five gallon bucket paint and get acceptable results"

This is plywood, not a satellite. Look at the examples on The Neighborhood Foundation's website. That is precisely what you are getting... paint slapped on plywood.

Or better, yet read comments on a website that actually allows it. *******blog_dot_cleveland_dot_com/metro/2010/08/program_uses_decorative_boards_dot_html

Create a make-believe shoe store because the real thing moved 2.5 miles down the road to a mall due to taxes. This Board-up concept is a pathetic dodge. Jamestown's problem's persist.

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Nov-08-13 11:15 PM

Rod u just have to be smarter than the chunk of plywood. Is that really the best argument you have? Actually with the advancement of today's technology in space age coating and surface preparations 20 years is not out of the question. You can't buy $6.00 a five gallon bucket paint and get acceptable results. Quality costs a few extra bucks. So your suggestion would be what

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Nov-08-13 10:14 PM

Please, please please show me some examples of painted plywood that lasts longer in WNY weather than regular ol' plywood.

Dumb, dumb, dumb, idea.

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Nov-08-13 1:15 PM

Great idea. Anything but the plywood. Happy to see some art instead.

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Nov-08-13 12:34 PM

It was the malls that killed our city. And because of parking people went there. I still liked Woolworths and Grants ten times better than the mall but it is what is. There is no reason the go downtown at all other than the rink or Reg Lenna. And I rarely even shop at Chaut. Mall because Erie offers so much more. For one thing I like Pa. gas prices.Why so many people move south is lower taxes and friendly more sincere people.

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Nov-08-13 12:21 PM

I respect the attempt. I think it's better than its current state. But here we go again with the nostalgia. I agree with the comment on high taxes and no parking crippling downtown Jamestown. I also think the amount of structures that are dedicated to the preservation and historical background to Jamestown's past is a bit overwhelming and depressing. While this idea presents a better alternative, it's also contributing to these countless reminders of the "good ole days".

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Nov-08-13 11:40 AM

Instigator: The doomsday clock has already struck 00:00. There will never again be meaningful development in the City of Jamestown. The taxes are too high and the ancient infrastructure will continue to decay. Downtown has a huge list of problems that will not be solved so I guess the only thing left is to cover up the cancer with artfully decorated bandages. The cancer extends beyond downtown. The previously aggresively developed areas of Fluvanna Avenue and Foote Avenue have stalled and will likely fall into a similar state of vacancy and disrepair. Look at the old Quality Markets building on Fluvanna..... Now contrast that to West Ellicott. Lower taxes and parking can be all that's needed to attract business. Too late for Jamestown.

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Nov-08-13 9:18 AM

Let's face it, the Arcade Building has sat vacant for decades. Although this is considered an interim or temporary step, it makes the front of the building look so much nicer than plain plywood. I wish some people could see the GOOD once in a while.

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Nov-08-13 9:17 AM

I'm really not in favor of bandaids like this. I think it looks somewhat ridiculous. But I have to agree with other commenters; I would rather see an attempt at art than a crappy, run-down building. At least it gives the appearance that the city is working to clean up distressed properties. Leaving them run-down would invite additional decay to the downtown core.

I would like to see more information on efforts to revitalize these buildings, though. That's ultimately where the city's focus needs to be.

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Nov-08-13 8:38 AM

It's almost like the commercial for Bath Fitters. Instead of taking out the old bathroom before they remodel, they just put the new one over it. Tear it down! It's no different than putting cologne on a turd.

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Nov-08-13 8:00 AM

They will pave paradise and put in a parking lot. Then they will fill it with cardboard boxes painted to look like cars.

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Nov-08-13 7:54 AM

they should have painted a doomsday clock, because that's where this inept community is headed.

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Nov-08-13 7:52 AM

This project will cost very little considering the plywood will have to be purchased either way. It’s making lemonade from lemons by replacing some of the eyesores with art. Choice A is look at plywood. Choice B is look at art. How could anyone not prefer choice B until these buildings can be rehabilitated. The negativity from some of you is astounding and sad…

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Nov-08-13 7:45 AM

I would rather see grant money and tax dollars spent on something other than chinsy bandaids that will just wither and get covered in grafitti in three months anyway.

That solid brick couldn't stand up to the rigors of road salt, exhaust, crack heads with daggers and long fingernails and general disrepair.

Who is going to constantly fix these boards and paintings when they are damaged by weather and mischief?

Use your head and think of the long-term results of this... will this really make the building attractive to a buyer in 5 months/three years/ a decade?

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Nov-08-13 7:40 AM

I think it's awesome! Great idea!

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Nov-08-13 7:31 AM

ok toolman and rod so what you are saying is you would rather drive around town and see these empty building boarded up with plywood? Maybe you should move to Detroit. Finally someone thinking outside the box, trying to make better a bad situation, for minimal cost. Nice job!

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Nov-08-13 6:34 AM

I think this is a very unique and interesting idea. Good job to the city for thinking outside the box and working with what they have. I would much rather see art downtown than run-down buildings.

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Nov-08-13 6:16 AM

Great idea.

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Nov-08-13 6:16 AM

Maybe the same foundation could paint images of taxpayers living and working inside those vacant structures.

You know, why stop the fantasy at just matte black?

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Nov-08-13 1:52 AM

thats just stupid and a waste of money

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