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Croscut Denies Starting Write-In Campaign For District 18 Seat

November 5, 2013

SHERMAN — Despite what you may have read on a postcard, Fred Croscut is not urging local residents to write in votes for him in today’s election....

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Nov-05-13 2:05 AM

Sounds like a cleverly thought out plan by someone to split the republican vote to allow the democrat to win. Bravo. Dems.

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Nov-05-13 4:09 AM

It doesn't sound too clever to me. Sounds like a cheat to get a seat.

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Nov-05-13 5:36 AM

Himelein? doesn't that sound like French! Maybe Muslim? He probably thinks he invented the internet. His investment in Diebold will not influence this election.

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Nov-05-13 5:45 AM

This is definitely something right out the Dem's "Dirty Tricks" play book. It was only circulated in Fred's town, not the entire district. This is a definite attempt to split the Republican vote and give the advantage to a weak Democrat candidate.

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Nov-05-13 5:45 AM

Sounds like someone close to good 'ole Eddy wanted the votes split eh? Wouldn't put it past him to do that either.

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Nov-05-13 6:17 AM

I like it, as,long as Croscut doesn't win. Whomever did this has a little moxie.

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Nov-05-13 6:49 AM

Congratulations to the Post-Journal for getting the word out and letting people reach their own conclusions.

It is obvious that this is an effort to get Sherman residents and (former) Fred Croscut supporters not to vote for Dave Himelein, in the hope that enough of them will write in Fred Croscut's name so that Dave Himelein loses.

And please notice that Norm Green, county Democrat chair and county Democrat election commissioner, says "the postcards did not come from his party."

All that definitely means is that the county Democrat committee didn't mail them. It may mean that the committee itself didn't pay for them.

That is not the same as saying that neither the county Democrat committee, nor another Democrat committee, nor any other group of Democrats, nor the campaign of the Democrat candidate for county legislature from Sherman has any inkling of who paid for the postcards.

This may have happened without Norm Green's knowledge. Yet somebody knows what happened

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Nov-05-13 6:53 AM

I was all set to vote Carutis, up until this event. Then dirty tactics reared its ugly head. I'm getting so sick of this. Not sure if I'll even vote for the position at this point.

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Nov-05-13 7:35 AM

You should see the SMEAR letter that went out by the "Republicans of Legislative District Five". Very negative piece against the Republican candidate. Boy the democrats are pulling out all the stops, desperate effort backfiring on them.

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Nov-05-13 7:58 AM

I have nothing against Fred Croscut, but if votes for him cause Himelein to lose to Carutis, then you must like seeing the county lose $8500 a day on the county home. A republican loss in this district is another vote to keep pouring money down a rathole for the residents of Chautauqua county.

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Nov-05-13 8:02 AM

This is now the 5th incident I've witnessed in 2 days where the Democrats have gone dirty. I don't call it moxie, I call it lack of ethics. This is why I'm a registered blank - no party. I'm not switching my registration, but I'm definitely voting straight Republican for the first time in my life. This absolutely disgusts me. Shame on the Democrat Party. This is why there's voter apathy and good people shy away from running for political office. I hope the electorate sends a clear message today.

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Nov-05-13 8:14 AM

Star: Anybody can go to Office Depot or a print shop and get something printed and mail it out to registered voters in a district.

What were the other 5 incidents ???

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Nov-05-13 8:32 AM

Look to CSEA. The union knows all the dirty tricks...and knows no boundries. They are out in full force to influence and manipulate local elections. Notice how all the Democrats have nice glossy mailings and signs eveywhere? Where did they get all that money and support?

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Nov-05-13 8:36 AM

I have heard rumors about several candidates surfacing in the last few days. All false of course. Norm Green is making a desperate last minute move to try to elect his weak candidates. Norm must go.

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Nov-05-13 8:41 AM

I could see Norm getting behind something like this, but I don't see Eddy being involved. He's not very (being kind here) "sophisticated".

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Nov-05-13 8:47 AM

If you know Fred Croscut, you know he ABSOLUTELY would not be behind this.

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Nov-05-13 8:48 AM

I thought about posting them all here, but I don't want to call attention to the smears on election day, when the candidates have no time to defend themselves. I've tried to be as informed as possible on the candidates in my area so I could make informed choices. I'm going against that by voting party-line, but in the 2 cases where I had planned to vote Democrat, my feelings on those candidates are not as strong as my feelings against the dirty politics. That's why so many good people won't run. So my votes today are for future candidates. If we refuse to be sucked in by the smear campaigns, maybe we can attract a crop of good, qualified people to campaign on the issues & their knowledge and experience and not try to get votes dishonestly. It only stops when the voters say enough, by their votes.

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Nov-05-13 8:53 AM

let's check fingerprints on postcards.

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Nov-05-13 9:05 AM

To blame this on the Dems is obsurd. Look who it is benefiting, Himelein! Anyone would know enough not to write in for Fred since he couldn't win even the primary, so maybe this was done by Fred himself to help Himeleim. That would be the more likely working plan. Think about it, would anyone not Blame Carutis for this. I know Carutis didn't do this but someone that wanted to make Carutis look bad probably did.

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Nov-05-13 9:27 AM

Usually it's the Republicans that do dirt, remember when Andy Goodell use to send spies down to the county line to write down license plates of people coming back from out of state with purchases, so he could charge them sales tax.

Local Democrats aren't good at doing dirt.

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Nov-05-13 9:34 AM

I don't think that was dirty politics. I think it was a bad decision as an elected official. He wasn't standing at the state line with derogatory signs about an opponent. There's a difference. That's a choice he made that the voters could decide if they agreed with or not. Dirty politics is attempting to con the voters through dishonest means.

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Nov-05-13 10:29 AM

This is all about Norm Green in cahoots with the CSEA. Where do you think all the mailing labels came from to mail the cards? Democrat Election Commissioner Norm Green.

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Nov-05-13 1:13 PM

Has anyone watched the debate between Carutis and Himelein? Go to ****carutis**** and click on the link. The real issue is who is the best candidate.

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Nov-05-13 2:52 PM

This situation has some serious issues to it. Where did the mailing list data come from? The Board of Elections keeps this information. Did someone within that office provide names and addresses to someone without authorization? I really hope this issue is investigated. I think this goes beyond a dirty political trick and perhaps into fraud or misuse of private information. Someone broke trust and perhaps a law or two.

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Nov-05-13 3:03 PM

I believe the names and addresses of registered voters are available for purchase as mailing labels from the board of elections.

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