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Candidates Make Final Push For Funds

November 3, 2013

The Chautauqua County executive and clerk candidates’ campaigns have made a last-minute push for funds. The state Board of Elections posted its most recent campaign account balances on Oct....

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Nov-04-13 6:37 PM

A big thank you to all who gave it their all to run for office. Something that I sure would never do. Perhaps we could respect their time and efforts---maybe some will.

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Nov-04-13 12:46 PM

For the record: The Republican Chairman's Club that donated money to Barmore's campaign is made up of County Republicans and the club gets it's money from membership dues and fund raising dinners. It is not a money laundering organization.

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Nov-04-13 11:13 AM

Ah, but it's not apples and oranges. Accountability is imperative regardless...besides that, what does it say about all her degrees, training and "experience" when her records are glaringly incomplete, and her opponent, who has no degrees, has nearly complete transparency with his contributors? Diligence, attention to detail and competency matter.

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Nov-03-13 11:00 PM

Comparing the size and ability of a local campaign staff for county clerk to the staff capabilities of a fully funded county office seems pretty apples and oranges to me. Just because the sources of some of Ms Cornell's contributions aren't listed doesn't correlate to an inability to get things done.

The comparison isn't valid, in my view.

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Nov-03-13 7:21 PM

But Emelye, at least you could discover the source of Mr Barmore's contributions. Ms Cornell has no record of more than half of her contributions. Our next county clerk needs to be able to keep track of things. Or at least HOW to keep track of things. Or at the very least know how to hire people who are competent enough to keep accurate records. Seems she is incapable of any of these simple, but essential tasks.

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Nov-03-13 6:26 PM

I worked and paid plenty of taxes for more than thirty years, Seadog, and since when is economic power a prerequisite for participating in our political processes?

Stop trying to shut me up.

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Nov-03-13 2:30 PM

Just a quick note on the math, 54 percent of her contributions is not $23,236, it's $12, 547.

I see that Ms Cornell received a large contribution from the CSEA. I note that the Republican Committee from a number of places contributed a large amount to Barmore's campaign. I wonder where that money came from? Hard to tell since it's been laundered through the Republican party. So much for transparency and accountability.

Ms Cornell seems to generate a really, what seems to me, overblown and vehement opposition. I wonder what it is about her that scares Republicans so much? Her vitality and education? Her dedication to leadership and working families? Let's not forget that union members are working Americans and deserve representation.

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Nov-03-13 12:14 PM

This article makes the decision very clear!!!!! Allow me to pull a quote from the PJ article which cited the NYS Board of Elections. “Financial statements filed by Cornell failed to identify the source of 54 percent of her contributions ($23,236.00 total), which were listed as "un-itemized" and 45 percent of her contributions had missing information or addresses.” She is seeking the position of county clerk one of whose main jobs is maintaining and improving the county systems for archiving important documents. Some of those may be yours and mine. I visited the NYS site and Barmore’s “un-itemized” amount adds up to about $900 in small donations. Lori Cornell’s “un-itemised” contributions add up to over $10,000 and the “non-source” listed adds up to over $12,000! Whether this laziness or an inability to accomplish basic bookkeeping makes no difference. She is not the proper choice to lead the county clerk’s office.

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Nov-03-13 10:03 AM

"We are still short the amount that we need to finish paying all of our advertising and campaign material bills, but I'm very grateful to all of my contributors," Cornell said. So ...she spent more than she brought in and doesn't have enough money a couple days before the election to pay her bills? Sounds like perfect logic for someone who wants to manage 5 departments. She can't even manage her own campaign finance account. It's called a BUDGET Mrs. Cornell.

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Nov-03-13 8:42 AM

WoW ! Cornell cannot even keep her own campaign records straight. So how in God's name are we going to vote her in as the top record keeper for the County ? She is absolutly incompetent !

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Nov-03-13 8:13 AM

So Cornell, who is seeking to be the top record-keeper for the County as County Clerk, failed to identify the source of 54 percent of her contributions and failed to provide complete information for 45 percent of the few contributors that were actually listed! All the other candidates properly disclosed this information. If these incomplete financial records are any indication, Cornell is not the right person to be in charge of our crtical records.

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Nov-03-13 6:02 AM

Too bad Cornell didn't take the CSEA money and then vote to sell the any way.

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Nov-03-13 2:32 AM

Cornell's largest contributor was the CSEA union. The union that supports keeping the County Home a drain on taxpayers. Guess we know why Cornell voted NO to the sale.

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