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Your Voice On Home Vote Will Be Heard Tuesday

November 3, 2013

Never let it be said your vote doesn’t matter. Look at Wednesday’s 16-9 failed vote to sell the Chautauqua County Home as proof....

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Nov-04-13 6:05 PM

folks please go vote, even if we disagree all votes mater and not voting is a loss of a valuable right that many countries do not have the freedom to do. I go on record of sell the home, save the jobs before they are gone no matter how much csea tries to make you think differrntly. they just see it as a loss of members please vote and vote we must. god bless

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Nov-03-13 7:59 PM

JOHNSON’S ADULT HOME HAS A HIGH NUMBER OF HEALTH VIOLATIONS Although County Executive candidate Ron Johnson has trumpeted his experience in operating adult care facilities, official New York State Health Department records show that his facility has the worst compliance record of any adult home facility in Chautauqua County. Johnson’s Adult Home, owned and operated by Johnson, had more health violations since January 2012 than any other adult care facility in Chautauqua County, according to reports from the State Health Department. Johnson’s Adult Home was cited for violating requirements related to administration, resident protections, resident rights, resident services, food service, environmental standards, records and reports, and admission and retention standards.

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Nov-03-13 7:59 PM

Since January 2012, Johnson’s Adult Home has been cited 20 times for violating the rules and regulations of the State Health Department. This is the highest number of violations for any adult care facility in Chautauqua, and is 20% higher than the next worst facility. The number of violations since January 2012 for the 13 adult care facilities in Chautauqua County averaged about 4.38 violations. Johnson’s Adult Homes had 450% more violations than the average adult home facility. Two Chautauqua County adult care facilities—The Women’s Christian Association Home and Orchard Grove Residences—had no reported violations. Six other adult care facilities had only one reported violation: Bergqusit Adult Home, Frewsberg Rest Home for Adults, Hultquist Place, Memory Garden, St. Vincents Home for the Aged, and Tanglewood Manor.

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Nov-03-13 7:58 PM

Even though Johnson’s Adult Homes had the highest number of reported violations of any facility in Chautauqua County, it also had the fewest number of residents. Both Johnson’s Adult Home and Southern Tier Meadows had only 24 beds. Southern Tier Meadows, however, had only 3 reported violations compared to 20 violations for Johnson’s Adult Home. The largest adult home facility in Chautauqua County is Tanglewood Manor with 158 beds. Tanglewood Manor had only 1 violation since January 2012. A list of all the adult care facilities in Chautauqua County, the number of beds at each facility, and the number of State Health Department violations since January 2012, is set forth below. The data is publicly available on the New York State Department of Health website at w w

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Nov-03-13 2:46 PM

I think it's foolish to vote on a single issue when we have so many other concerns in our county besides the home. Single issue votes do happen when people get riled up enough to stop thinking critically about the big picture, which is why politicians use tactics like that so often, but I don't think voting on such a basis gives us people who will necessarily act in our best interests.

Of course, the county home's sale is a big issue but let's not forget that it is not the only issue. We have a county that has lost a lot of jobs over the past 7 years, jobs that Horrigan has no viable plan to get back. If people want to see the same Republican governance that we've had in the past 7 years them go ahead, vote Horrigan. If you want to see real, positive change, vote for Ron Johnson and his ticket.

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Nov-03-13 1:13 PM

If the Democrats win control over the County Executive position and The Legislature we all know what the end results will be for The County Home and for this County, IT WILL BE A DISASTER! If it isn't sold it will have to close it's doors and 300+ people will be out of jobs. Mr. Johnson owns The Johnson Homes in the North end of the County He has had more unfavorable citations placed against his Homes by The Health Department than any other Home. He claims he can turn the Ccounty Home around. He's proven himself not capable of running his own Homes. ROBERT WHITNEY is a loser and has totally gone against the taxpayers in his district, VOTE HIM OUT! Lori Cornell talks out of both sides of her mouth, she says and does whatever will help her win the vote. WE MUST ALL VOTE AGAINST WHITNEY, CORNELL AND JOHNSON!!!!!

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Nov-03-13 10:41 AM

Whitney will beat Wilfong and that one vote will ensure that the County Home is not sold! The Whitney/Wilfong district is just too Democratic for a Republican to win. And we know that Democrats can't read.

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Nov-03-13 10:05 AM

the absurd parade continues.. traitors cornell and whitney must go

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Nov-03-13 9:36 AM

This election really is a referendum on the sale of the County Home. And that's just fine with me because the debate over this issue has illustrated a lot about the importance of having good Legislators in office. We have seen the veneer of propriety stripped away from some of the Legislators to reveal that they have been bought for a few dollars from special interest groups like the CSEA. Others are too stubborn to let go of their personal ideology to legislate properly. These political hacks must go. In the case of Cornell, she has demonstrated that she is not fit for office by a lack of honesty, character and qualifications. We have an unprecedented opportunity this November 5th to reset the Legislature with a majority of better representatives. Please vote wisely and keep the self-interest and special interest out of our government. Please pay attention to those who oppose the sale of the Home and send them packing this Election day.

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Nov-03-13 7:08 AM

Those are the positions of the candidates/current legislators as I've read or heard from them. If there's an error, I hope they'll come forward. This election is going to be the public's opportunity to let everyone know what the collective will of the entire county is on this issue, not, what I think we'll see, is the vocal minority. If I'm wrong, we'll know Tuesday night. What's most important is to know the issues & the candidate's views and VOTE!

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Nov-03-13 4:17 AM

The Post-Journal would do well to publish a chart confirming all county-legislature candidates' positions on how they voted or would have voted on the resolutions to sell the county home.

Let's look at the numbers, with each "yes" and "no" courtesy of Star5867 at *******post-journal****/page/content****ment/id/630572/County-Home-Sale-Vote-Fails.html?nav=5192 at 1:24 p.m. Nov. 1, 2013.

Corrections are welcome, of course.

As of 2014, the Chautauqua County legislature will have 19 members. Since the county charter requires a 2/3 vote to sell real property, such as the county home -- as opposed to a majority vote to stop spending money on a program, such as the county home -- it will take 13 votes to sell the county home.

To put it another way, it will take only seven of the 19 legislators voting "no" to stop the sale.

If none of the current legislators change their votes, which is by no means certain, then

(cont'd below)

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Nov-03-13 4:16 AM

(cont'd from above)

With eight "yes" votes from

*Borello (R),

*Chagnon (R),

*DeJoy (D),

*Erlandson (D) or Lemon (R),

*Gould (R),

*Hemmer (R),

*Nazarro (D), and

*Tarbrake (R),

and with four "no" votes from

*Ahlstrom (D),

*Heenan (D),

*Niebel (R), Baldwin (D), or Farnham (WF), and

*Scudder (R) or Coughlin (D),

opponents of the sale need only three of the remaining seven:

*Carutis (D) over Himelein (R) (yes), and Carutis voting "no."

*DeJoe (D) (no) over Runkle (R) (yes).

*Keefe (D) (no) over Sullivan (R) (yes).

*Larson (D) (no) over Prieto (R) (yes).

*Lisciandro (D) over Wendell (R) (yes), and Lisciandro voting "no."

*Ognibene (D) over Vanstrom (R) (yes), and Ognibene's replacement (D) voting "no."

*Whitney (D) (no) over Wifong (R) (yes).

(cont'd below)

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Nov-03-13 4:15 AM

(cont'd from above)

Meanwhile, proponents of the sale need five of those remaining seven to break their way instead. If proponents get four from

*Himelein (R) (yes) over Carutis (D), or Carutis voting "yes,"

*Runkle (R) (yes) over DeJoe (D) (no),

*Vanstrom (R) over Ognibene (D), or Ognibene's replacement (D) voting "yes," and

*Wendell (R) (yes) over Lisciandro (D), or Lisciandro voting "yes,"

then the proponents of the sale need only one more from

*Prieto (R) (yes) over Larson (D) (no),

*Sullivan (R) (yes) over Keefe (D) (no), or

*Wifong (R) (yes) over Whitney (D) (no).

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Nov-03-13 3:43 AM

A vote for Dave Wilfong is a vote for a fine man who will work with others to move the county forward. Your vote matters to all of us.

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Nov-03-13 3:07 AM

Cornell received a contribution from CSEA for $3300. I can guess why she was silent, then voted NO.

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