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Citizens Have Power To End Washington Crisis

November 3, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: In a CNN poll, completed after the end of the recent shutdown, just over half of the American public believe that it’s bad for our country to have GOP control in the House of......

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Nov-03-13 5:01 AM

Mr. Gilbert, your letter is perfectly logical but, sadly, logic does not apply to the current political landscape. This letter and my comment will be shouted down by myopic ideologues who cannot see common ground. Also, the two parties currently in power are working to entrench the power and benefit of a few while preventing uprising on a grand scale. A sad way to govern.

In reality, our two party system is broken. We continue to have the idea that the USA is the best country in the world but we are loosing out in education, manufacturing, health and innovation.

Mr. Gilbert, you do not go far enough. We need to cast aside the current representatives and remove the bureaucracy. Government, including the military, must be 75% smaller than it currently stands which is easily done with good public management and focused leadership. Sadly, the electorate will remain caught in the dazzling lights and propaganda of the two main parties which state we have a choice when clearly we do n

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Nov-03-13 6:32 AM

Oh god. t's too early for transparent socialist rhetoric.

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Nov-03-13 7:43 AM

it's a one party system and will remain so until this nation is destroyed, it's inevitable.

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Nov-03-13 8:26 AM

Henry you silly duck, you....... What wash dc really needs is to get rid of 2/3 of the 535 who do not like America (some along with higher-ups in dc actually HATE America & are currently trying to bring her to her third world knees). I am leaving out the names but if you have a lick of sense, you can do the math. You say lets all get together and sing cumbiyah... well that's rubbish. Nothing like a cup full of half milk and half poison. You neglect to know (or admit) the previous 237 years. Please don't continue to play the thine eyes and ye shall see.

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Nov-03-13 8:28 AM

ot. (just a little helping hand H.)

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Nov-03-13 8:39 AM

Fire every politician who has dual citizenship. America should be run by Americans, for Americans. A man cannot pledge allegiance to two nations...especially when he is being paid by one to oversee trade and aid to that second nation.

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Nov-03-13 8:50 AM

See Mr. Gilbert, just as I stated earlier, you have people attack without critical review. If we take this forum as a representation of in ability of the electorate to think critically, I offer you the two instances below as examples of significant ineptitude within our population. Although we know them to be a small part of the population, the problem is their adherence to methodology which limits debate and perverts understanding is the norm. It is not worth engaging in the short term but it is a disease which will challenge our Union in the future. Their misunderstanding of the idealogical landscape will result in the disenfranchisement of many. And, we know they that they lack the reading comprehension skills to understand this statement so their continued comment will be askew from the root question at hand.

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Nov-03-13 9:37 AM

Come on Roger. The Republicans didn't "shut down the government." The Democrats did. Obama and his crew have all spent their entire lives as Alinsyite new left radicals. To them "good faith" is a corrupt bourgeois concept and a weakness to be exploited. They don't want compromise or getting "the job done." They want to destroy civilization and kill millions of people. This is no secret but they know people want to put their heads in the sand while they get on with the lies and destruction.

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Nov-03-13 10:30 AM

HH. A true representative of the elitist left keeping the lower class in their place. Pardon us for having the right to vote. Certainly it should be reserved for the educated landed gentry. Servitude is our purpose for existence. What an arrogant fool.

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Nov-03-13 10:34 AM

Compromise to the left is "We want communism, but we will accept your giving us socialism". Sic semper tyranis.

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Nov-03-13 12:53 PM

Monkey are you such a fool you don't recognize your socialist leaders? Or foolish enough to think we don't se it?

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Nov-03-13 1:03 PM

I know these people from personal experience. Their literature is open and available. They write unrepentant autobiographies. And they act in compliance with their beliefs. Anyone who insists it is not irresponsible to plot the destruction of civilization and the greatest act of genocide in history but it is irresponsible to blow the whistle on them deserve humiliation, suffering, and worse.

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Nov-03-13 4:17 PM

Reading the blogs here tells us why the letter was written and how the tea baggers have disrupted OUR democracy.

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Nov-03-13 4:44 PM

Gee.Maybe we should throw a big 'benefit' party for ourselves!If we don't make enough to cover the 'trllions 'we don't have,we could just take the 'old lady' to DAYTONA instead?

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Nov-03-13 7:19 PM

bobo you are clearly a bobo

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Nov-04-13 9:40 AM

50s, I'm not sure how to make it any simpler for you. Here are some top tips to help simplify the issue.

1. Please take a political philosophy class and understand the terms you throw around such as "socialist" and "educated landed gentry". You are a bit off the mark with their use. 2. Understand that advocating for a massive reduction in the size of government (my position) is on the right side of the political philosophical spectrum and not the left. 3. Understand that socialism is nothing like what we have here in the USA. In no way does the State own the means of production and distribution.

I'm happy to pay for you to take POL 1510 (American Politics) at JCC this spring term. I'll even throw in POL 2860 (European Union) to help you with your socialism fetish.

Let me know when you've registered and I'll sort it out with the Bursar.

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Nov-04-13 10:33 AM


Minimalist government has existed in the past, but the results aren't all that great. The Gilded Age had weak governements, but successful rent seeking was the norm. The railroads got subsidies, the extraction companies got low or often free extraction fees, and al lindustries had governement on the side of wealth and power.

The Triangle Shirt Waist fire was a product of too little governement, not too much. By contrast, the 1950s and '60s had strong governement and general prospertiy

So be careful what you wish for.

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Nov-04-13 10:39 AM


Explain how your system works? You seem to oppose anything viable, and just rant-on about socialists. How does handing the country to the plutocrats get us more employment and better pay?

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Nov-04-13 1:26 PM

HenryH, we already have disenfranchisement of the many. It's been perpetrated by the counting of illegal immigrants in the census for decades. We count them and apportion representation accordingly which effectively gives illegals the same representation as U.S. citizens. We have half a dozen Democratic Reps. from California alone because of this disenfranchising. Why do you think the Democrats encourage illegal immigration? Not only do they actively oppose border integrity but, like Obama, they refuse to deport illegals while writing Executive Orders that put more than half a million illegals ahead of unemployed black youth in getting jobs. Inexplicably, they like you Henry, continue to vote for Democrats partly as a result of blindly believing CNN polls. It's no secret that CNN is biased for the Dem. Party, so the first thing you should question is the sample base.

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Nov-04-13 1:41 PM

Obama was the person responsible for the Government shutdown. Stop and do just a little critical thinking for a moment. Prior to the shutdown, Obama had already waived the Obamacare mandate for big business. You know, the businesses that comprise all the big private sector unions. There would have been no shutdown if Obama had compromised and given the same insurance waivers to small businesses and privately insured individuals. This shows that Obama and Sebelius KNEW before Oct. 1st that the Obamacare roll-out was far from being ready. PS- Listen closely to some Democrats (mostly those up for re-election next year) now saying it's not fair to "penalize" those who do not comply with the Obamacare mandate. Remember, if it was a penalty it was unconstitutional and they sold it as a penalty but argued it's a tax to the Supreme Court but now never refer it as a tax. Freudian slips? Liberal expediency as usual and only believed by those who stand for nothing and fall for everythi

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Nov-04-13 2:31 PM

DavidVA, I agree with you about the double edge sword of small government. However, at current the government has gone well beyond reasonable. Also, there is a lack of efficiency in many departments which can only be addressed by removing resource. Expanding to defense, we have a huge standing army and are investing in expensive technology when warfare has left the nation state paradigm.

You mentioned the TSF of 1911. A tragedy indeed but even with our larger government, our industrial inspection regime has not significantly increased. OSHA loves to create policy but rarely is effective in ending such blatant abuse. Take a topic close to Feddie's heart which is the use of immigrant labor in the meat processing industry. He'll tell you how it is awful these people are working on US soil and how we should export the lot and revoke OSHA and the FDA.

In summary, we need to cut defense by 75%, reduce SS by 50% and address medicare to make it much less expensive.

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Nov-04-13 2:34 PM

Henry, if 50s won't go, will you pay for me? I'll furnish the popcorn.

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Nov-04-13 2:36 PM

Feddie, living in Texas is really biasing your opinion. Let's skip the riotact about your views of immigration. I am pretty sure you are not willing to pay the costs both in direct government cost and secondary wage inflation that would come from removing of illegal aliens which you think is the nation's first priority.

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Nov-04-13 2:36 PM

Cutting defense by 75% ? - Where are the men in the white jackets when we need them?

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Nov-04-13 2:39 PM

Hmmm...let's see...not removing illegal aliens ...cutting our defense... what other country-destroying idears ya got up yer sleeve, ol Henryboy?

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