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Sopak Defends Office After Cornell’s Comments

Current Clerk Says Candidate Was Welcome To Visit

November 1, 2013

Sandy Sopak is speaking out against the League of Women Voters and Democratic county clerk candidate Lori Cornel....

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Nov-02-13 11:04 PM

An interesting commentary in the Observer today compares educational accomplishments between Barmore and Ms Cornell. The article concluded that Ms Cornell, who has a masters degree from St Bonaventure's School of Business, is thus infinitely more qualified to run a government office. I'm sure Mr Barmore is good at running his tire business. I doubt that translates very well to a government operation.

I find the high level of invective against Ms Cornell is quite interesting when you consider the job she's running for is not supposed to be political. I wonder if this invective is purely politically motivated, especially when I note the people who are perpetrating it.

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Nov-02-13 9:00 AM

Do I think Sandy would sit down and explain the operation to a Democrat? I don't think that's what she said. I think she said she wouldn't discourage it - I assume by not making it a hostile environment. And if you're one of the 2% who doesn't know Sandy, I can tell you she's so proud of her office she shows it to anyone who will go. I was there for a meeting a couple of years ago, with both Democrats and Republicans, and she was so proud to show us everything. I don't think political affiliation even entered her mind. While we were there a legislator, who was a Democrat, came in and she gave him a big hug. Regardless, as a legislator, Cornell was well within her rights to go check it out during her 4 years on the legislature if she was interested in the job.

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Nov-02-13 7:56 AM

Are we really supposed to believe, that Republician County Clerk Sandy Sopak would spend part of her day sitting down and explaining the operational aspects of the Clerks office to any Democratic Candidate for County Clerk? Get real!

However, if someone had business in the clerks office, I believe she would handle the transaction is a professional way.

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Nov-02-13 7:42 AM

mrs. cornell has held nothing but politically appointed jobs since she graduated from college.

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Nov-01-13 4:17 PM

Cornell - unqualified and unfit to be a public servant. Voters - tell everyone you know to vote AGAINST Cornell on 11/5/13!!!

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Nov-01-13 4:12 PM

Pretty interesting whatyou find out when you read both papers. From the Observer: "If you want someone to change your tires and your brakes very well, Mr. Barmore is the man for you," Cornell said in closing. "If you want a county clerk with 15 years extensive experience in a related field of public service, then I respectfully ask for your consideration."

Awfully condescending for someone who can't point to any management experience. Hope none of us working pee-ons have to go to her for anything cuz golly-gee, if we just manage our own business we just ain't smart enough for her. Wow is all I have to say to this.

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Nov-01-13 2:21 PM

Cornell Is A Compleat Freaken Idiot!

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Nov-01-13 12:34 PM

Ms Cornell is astounding. Seems that daily she is putting her foot in her mouth or mis-stepping. Public servant she is not. Why is it that she subjects herself to continuous public humiliation? This is bordering on the absurd, and quite frankly, this voter is beginning to wonder if I should pity her. Make NO MISTAKE, she will not receive my vote, pity or not, but she is definitely cringe-worthy these days.

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Nov-01-13 11:09 AM

How can she state how she is going to change the office when she claims she has never been there to see how it is run. She can't even vote for her constiuents regarding the County Home yet she is making plans to change an office she has never been in? Come on Lori. People wake up she is not County Clerk material!

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Nov-01-13 10:33 AM

Wow, first she takes a campaign payment from CSEA to seal her NO VOTE on the County Home sale, then she insults a longtime dedicated leader like Sandy Sopak.

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Nov-01-13 9:56 AM

Lori Cornell makes any statement that she believes to be to her advantage politically. We don't need someone in the Clerks Office that disregards the wishes of the taxpayer and voters. Lori's vote against the sale of The County Home was done only to ensure the votes of the CSEA for her in the upcoming election. LEGISLATORS LIKE LORI CORNELL AND ROBERT WHITNEY WHO GO AGAINST THE WISHES OF THE TAXPAYERS IN THEIR DISTRICT SHOULD NOT BE RE ELECTED.LET'S VOTE THESE TWO DECEITFUL PEOPLE OUT OF OFFICE ON NOV. 5TH!!!!!

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Nov-01-13 9:46 AM

Her no vote on the sale of the county home is enough for me to vote for anyone or anything running against her

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Nov-01-13 9:18 AM

Judy14701: If you are "in the trenches of the county government" then you are paid a decent wage, have an incredible retirement plan and comprehensive and cheap health insurance along with a buffet of other benefits. I wouldn't call that being in the trenches. Pick your head up and realize that you are fortunate to have such a better present and future existence than many others in this area. A handful of people in government get favor for political affiliations. Generally speaking, those who are appointed by the spoils system tend to removed by it too. I read Mr. Barmore's statement as applicable to how the public is treated. I guess if you have an axe to grind with government administration you might hear it differently.

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Nov-01-13 9:03 AM

The part that made my blood boil was " doesnt matter who you are, you are treated with respect and equally in all departments of county government." Larry better run fast if he thinks that fairy tale is true and consider another day job. I have spent enough time in the trenches of the county government to know it IS who you are and who you know.

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Nov-01-13 9:01 AM

The Clerk's office is open to everone they do not descriminate and for Lori Cornell to even insinuate that shows her ineptness to run the office. That was a very unprofessional statement to make and the moderator of the event was very unprofessional to comment the way she did. Lori is famous for making unprofessional comments. Remember this when you vote Tues do you want an irresponsible spoiled child running the clerk's office, or an adult professional?

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Nov-01-13 8:37 AM

LOWV is a commie organization, what do you expect. keep cornell from taxpayer dollars, just another liberal idiot like her idol, hillary.

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Nov-01-13 8:15 AM

This article was a little hard to follow. Found the full story on the Observer. Now I get why Sandy Sopak got so upset. Cornell isn't running against Sandy, she shouldn't have used her to cover for not going to the office. She's a legislator. Aren't those meetings in the same building?

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Nov-01-13 8:02 AM

It sounds to me like Cornell is the one playing politics here. She is a snake and cannot be trusted.

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Nov-01-13 7:12 AM

Merrins let her arrogant liberalism bubble to the surface during the debate. The LWV is far from non-partisan.

Their recent sponsorship of a one-sided discussion on energy with the Sierra Club was a virtual endorsement of their plan to shutdown the NRG plant in Dunkirk.

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Nov-01-13 6:49 AM

You can't believe a word from Cornell, a true Obama Democrat its someone else fault. Bottom line she is no good for the tax payers her not to sell county home because her relatives are there should convince all she has only her interest at hand not the hard working people of the county. Vote.

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Nov-01-13 5:38 AM

The Post-Journal needs to get the recording of the debate, get Mrs. Cornell's statement that she is not welcome in the clerk's office, and get Mrs. Merrins's statement that politics is going on in the county clerk's office. Then the Post-Journal needs to:

1. Ask Mrs. Cornell what the basis of her statement is.

2. Ask Mrs. Merrins what the basis of her statement is.

3. Ask both Mrs. Merrins and the League of Women Voters whether it is appropriate for a debate moderator to make such a statement during a debate, and if so why.

This is not difficult.

Remember: The League of Women Voters professes to be non-partisan, but that doesn't mean that the League of Women Voters is not liberal.

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Nov-01-13 5:05 AM

Lori is running against Larry, not Sandy.

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Nov-01-13 4:49 AM

I think Lori Cornel is the one that needs to grow up. I sure hope people think twice before having her kind in the county clerk office. Her actions are not very professional.

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Nov-01-13 3:56 AM

Play nice Children or go to your room without Dinner... Grow up, All of you

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