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Remember How They Voted

October 29, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: To sell or not to sell the County home will most likely be the most important votes in the history of our county....

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Nov-01-13 4:44 PM

Gravel, hahahha

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Nov-01-13 2:27 PM

MYRushie believes everything FOX News says. Hahaha!!!! Hahaha!!!! Hahaha!!!! Hahaha!!!!

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Oct-31-13 9:06 PM

SIX people signed up for Obamacare the first day!?!?! Hahaha!!!!

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Oct-31-13 7:12 PM

I'm sure the cost to taxpayers will be higher with private ownership of the home . The poor seniors will still have to be tended to !The "new" jobs will be lower wages and have far less positive impact on the local economy.

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Oct-31-13 6:06 PM

Jeez Emelye, you appear to regard ole Ron John as some kind of long-term care czar who's apparent lack of understanding on the issue should hold up what countless studies, officials and audit reports have already concluded: That the County Home must be sold. You can leave now.

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Oct-31-13 2:33 PM

Ron Johnson successfully runs assisted living homes for a living. If he says he needs more information then it should give us pause in our vehement advocacy for selling the county home or not. I still don't think privatization is the panacea that the Republicans and their corporate sponsors want us to accept.

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Oct-31-13 2:09 PM

The president didn't know today was he didn't have to give away anything of his OWN. Hahaha!!!

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Oct-30-13 7:25 PM

"If I make a promise....I won't keep a promise."

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Oct-30-13 1:15 PM

I would think that Ron Johnson, a candidate for County Executive, should be informed enough and have a clearly stated opinion regarding one of the most important votes this legislature has had to make in a very, very long time. There is no excuse for being on the fence about it.....just as Lori Cornell cannot be excused for failing to attend the meeting with the prospective buyers of the Home. They are both trying to hide their no-sell positions from the majority of County taxpayers who have had enough of their pandering to organized labor in order to secure a votes. Both of them are hacks and should not be elected to office.

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Oct-30-13 12:40 PM

First, is this the same Tom Turner that onws Turner Realty? If are a very rich man. How do you put yourself in the same bracket as one that cannot afford the taxes. You can certainly afford them and should be one that pays them. Yes,Horrigan is for selling. Ron Johnson SHOULD be on the fence, since he doesn't have a say in the matter, at this time. It's not his problem. Mr. Turner, a agree that the Legislators should vote how their constituents want them to vote, and I am all for the sale. However, I remember when our current County Executive, Greg Edwards, ran against Chuck Cornell and Edwards stated,"The Chautauqua County Home is not for sale." Do you remember that?

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Oct-30-13 9:34 AM

According to the writer, about 35,000 people receive public assistance, another 35,000 work for the county, and the rest of us support them all. What are the sources for his numbers?

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Oct-29-13 9:30 PM

Thank you, baby jesus ,for openin' their eyes to behold the folly of their ways.That this singular vestige of civil responsibility is allowed to gasp for breath while an untaxed multitude of entitled tax felons rest in their off-shore safety while thousand of hard working Americans are 'shamed' to accept the help they are entitled to by law.While the few,and the proud raise their snouts grunting'I got mine!'The scum floating on the top keeps sucking up the sugar and submerging more of those snouts to normalcy.Remember the MAINE!

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Oct-29-13 4:14 PM

I can offer one additional point that may be important before the tax bills are issued. For the districts that have Legislative races and for the County Clerk's race, the voters have the opportunity to choose the candidate who does the right thing on the County Home vote, which is vote to sell. The analysis and debate over this issue has been long, thorough and exceptionally conclusive that it is time to sell the County Home. The Legislators who choose to vote no on the sale despite the will of their constituents should NOT receive the public's vote for election to office. I will add that Vince Horrigan has said he will vote to sell the County Home whereas Ron Johnson chooses to ride the fence on the matter. Let your vote be the report card for the politicians. DO NOT ELECT THOSE WHO FAIL THE TAXPAYER!

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Oct-29-13 2:16 PM

Tom is correct. This could not have been said any clearer.

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