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No Way To Fairly Judge County Clerk Candidates

October 28, 2013

Whoever wins the race for Chautauqua County clerk has some big shoes to fill. After 20 years at the helm, Sandy Sopak is retiring from the positio....

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Nov-01-13 3:52 PM

I haven't seen this much hate and ill will of a candidate ( Lori Cornell) since Andy Goodell lost to Mark Thomas in 1997 - WOW!

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Oct-31-13 5:07 PM

That's my point, fmd1934. People checked Cornell's campaign contributions and haven;t checked Horrigan's. Kinda hypocritical, don'tcha think?

Profiling? What are you talking about? Of course we're "profiling" these people - we're deciding if they deserve to be given a government job. We're looking at their character and qualifications. Ms Cornell brings more modern thinking and an energetic mind to the table. Mr Barmore is just dull.

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Oct-31-13 2:15 PM

I have no idea who contributed to Barmore campaign. Do you ? Cornell backed her voting record on the premise that she recieved $$ and wink, NOT what her constituents wanted ! Yes Cornell is energetic, BUT not qualified. Old, dull, near retirement senior - Wow!! Emelye talk about profiling. If that's all you and Cornell backers can bring to the table, I really feel sorry for her.

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Oct-31-13 1:43 PM

fmd1934, who has contributed to Barmore's campaign? I keep hearing about the union donating to Lori Cornell's campaign but nothing about her opponent. Who's paying his way?

It's wonderful that Ms Sopak did such a good job, I'm grateful for her service. Since she is a member of the Republican party, however, her endorsement mean nothing much.

We need an energetic and qualified person in that position, not some old, dull, near retirement senior.

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Oct-31-13 1:00 PM

Wow PJ, your head is in the sand. How come you did not write in your paper that Cornell took a cool $3,300 campaign contribution from the CSEA Union? Then turns around and votes against her constituents in favor of Not selling the County Home ? To me this is a no-brainer decision to endorse Barmore.

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Oct-30-13 11:12 PM

Orangeman, for whatever reason the Post Journal didn't print either candidates press releases. Have to read them in the Observer. But I'm not really sure what new proposals either of them can make. Erie County Clerk has press releases all the time but not much different from here. The County Clerk's office is pretty boring. I don't think it should even be an elected position. Tell me you can do the job well and it's not going to cost me money. That's all I want to know. I don't want to hear off the wall proposals. That's not what the job is. Like the DA - what are they going to propose? Prosecute the criminals. Concentrate on doing the job well, not on making a name for yourself with expensive proposals. They all come with a cost.

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Oct-30-13 1:49 PM

The sad thing is that this County Clerks race isn't about any of the issues having to do with running the county clerks office or how to make it better.

I have seen next to nothing in terms of original proposals from either candidate.

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Oct-29-13 2:51 PM

When it comes to political pandering, this takes the cake. There have been several times in the past when the Post Journal's "pick" or lack thereof has disappointed, but this one is ridiculous. Take a stand. Whose support will the publisher lose? You have a choice of two people. One who works hard, and one who hardly works but is so busy it looks like she's working. Based on work ethic alone the choice is clear!

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Oct-28-13 9:24 PM

Instigator that one is going to evaporate. As the saying goes. You can lie about somebody all day and it's ok. Tell the truth and they get ******. Barmore has earned the job. Lori needs to spend her energy raising her four boys. She sure is no sandy sopak.

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Oct-28-13 10:04 AM

Lori Cornell won't vote to sell the County home - nuff said Barmore wins!

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Oct-28-13 9:49 AM

this is such a no brainer it is astounding.. as a leftist I have no affinity for the republican ideals.. if a guy like me is in favor of larry barmore ... well

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Oct-28-13 9:27 AM

The Post-Journal has really failed its readers. People turn to the Post-Journal for (hopefully) unbiased news and opinions. Today, the Post-Journal chose to ignore its responsibility to its readers by not endorsing a county clerk candidate. Shame on you Post-Journal.

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Oct-28-13 8:50 AM

Cornell is unfit to serve in ANY public office; she is a rude self-centered egomaniac - this is NOT conducive to superior public service. What a surprise - NPGREEN endorses a fellow democrat. I have spread the word about who and what Cornell really is!! There will be a big turnout voting against her. To all voters - send a message to Cornell that needlessly offending people is inappropriate and unaccpetable!!!

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Oct-28-13 7:57 AM

I read both papers. Same "endorsement" in both. I'm wondering why the PJ chose not to publish all of the press releases from both candidates. Obviously they had them because they used them in the two article they wrote, but only used a paragraph from each press release. So, they didn't publish information to help voters decide and then base their "no endorsement" on 2 issues over the span of at least 6 years. I agree with KiaStone. That's lazy. But more important it's a huge disservice to the public. Informed voters will vote for Barmore who obviously has more substance and knowledge. Lazy and uninformed people will vote for the smile and the signs. I guess we'll see which we have more of next week.

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Oct-28-13 7:38 AM

I remind you that the American system and the American genius is representative government, not democracy, with special provision for protecting minority interests and the intent that representatives could over-ride constituents with their judgment. The one thing above all we do not need less of from government is representation. The redistricting was a scheme to disenfranchise rural and small areas of the county and consolidate power in urban, elite, and Democratic hands. It was sold on the promise of saving money. It had nothing to do with money. People in Barmore’s constituency who supported it were deceived, ignorant, stupid, or had loyalties outside the majority in their district.

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Oct-28-13 7:29 AM

Both the State Assembly and State Senate seats are up for election in the next two years. Should Cornell become our clerk, who will run the office while she is on the campaign trail?

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Oct-28-13 7:26 AM

Sorry Norm, but I'll go with the candidate who has best represented his constituents, has a better work resume and has the commitment to show up for meetings.......ON TIME! All that education and Lori Cornell still had to*****up to politicians to get her jobs. It takes more than a couple of sheepskins to qualify you to run an agency.

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Oct-28-13 7:20 AM

Cornell has said she has never stepped foot inside the Clerk's Office. How can she serve 4 years in Mayville and not looked at the operation?

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Oct-28-13 7:06 AM

Sandy Sopak endorsed Larry Barmore. I think she knows a little more about who can do the job than the newspaper. I trust Sandy. My vote is for Larry.

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Oct-28-13 6:29 AM

I'm not surprised the newspaper failed to look at more than 2 issues with these candidates, even failing to look at the entire legislative records of both candidates. Larry clearly has a better record of serving his constituents, of which I am one. As one of those constituents, I can attest to the fact that he has been a phenomenal legislator. Considering his energy and passion, exemplified by his attendance at nearly every local meeting and his hands-on leadership with issues at the local and county level, maybe the newspaper should go back and read what he has actually accomplished before accusing him of not listening to those of us who re-elected him twice. We did so because he represents us very well. This was shear laziness on the newspaper's part.

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Oct-28-13 5:38 AM

Sounds like a write-in candidate is needed. At least according to the P-J.

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Oct-28-13 5:24 AM

I obviously know both candidates well and frankly Lori's energy, presentation and education give her the edge if I were to hire a county clerk. Both are good people, but Lori is truly better suited to be our next County Clerk.

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Oct-28-13 4:18 AM

Wow, this is the best news yet for Lori Cornell. Businessman vs politician. Barmore who worked hard to serve customers so he could put food on his family's table vs a politician who has no real management experience. Go figure.

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