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Down To The Wire

Candidates Square Off At Prendergast Library Meet The Candidates Night

October 25, 2013

With less than two weeks until the general election, candidates for county clerk, county executive and county legislature are letting their constituents in on the important issues....

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Oct-25-13 6:10 AM

I support Cornell but wow, that is a lame excuse. And being late largely overshadowed any purpose she had in being there; nothing she said during the event even made it into this article. (Although, Barmore didn't get any quotes either, so I guess that's a wash).

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Oct-25-13 6:52 AM

How can a candidate be late under any circumstances for an event like this unless it was an emergency. Says alot for the candiate.

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Oct-25-13 6:53 AM

Mrs. Cornell moved three or four months ago. She also knew the time of the debate as she was told the evening before by a colleague. She is late for everything, meetings, committees, speaking obligations. What a great example to the employees should she get elected as their boss.

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Oct-25-13 8:15 AM

no one running for office is worth a d***. especially the leech kornell.

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Oct-25-13 8:22 AM

Wow, there were notices in the newspaper and Mrs. Cornell has 3 campaign managers. That's ridiculous. So her being late was the only information the reporter could give us on these two candidates. I guess that's one way to keep the campaign away from the issues.

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Oct-25-13 8:25 AM

Not showing up on time, tells you something, SHE DOESN'T CARE! Maybe she should have started crying instead of the lame excuses. I agree not a very good example of what she would be as a supervisor to her employees. Besides, he has never had a real job in the real world.

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Oct-25-13 8:28 AM

When she came in late did she say excuse me, we can start now.

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Oct-25-13 10:23 AM

Please do every thing you can to defeat Cornell. She has cost this county over 8k a day by voting against selling the county home. It is very important to vote and inform all of your neighbors of her actions

frogman713: Hard to believe you can support her and her voting record

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Oct-25-13 11:32 AM

I hope that enough people hear the evidence and rightly conclude that it is unwise to elect Cornell to any office. She is the perfect example of a political hack. She is unqualified and is reinforcing that fact with each blunderous action. She has damaged the taxpayers with her voting record and conduct in the Legislature. I too will tell each individual I can to examine her actions and please see that she is unworthy of public office on any level.

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Oct-25-13 11:34 AM

What was even more sad was She kept referring to Tillie Solomonson as, Mrs. Amaron. (Minda Rae) didn't even know who the people were from the LWV of which she claimed to be a member.

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Oct-25-13 11:50 AM

Ron Johnson's quote from an earlier Post-Journal article: "From day one, I've said that I don't believe the numbers; that the County Home can be financially sustainable, and that we need to make a business decision on that, not a political one, which we seem to be doing," And from this article: "I have never said I would not sell the County Home under any circumstances," Way to straddle that fence ole Ron John! What do you mean you don't believe the numbers? CGR, an independent agency, backs up the financial status of a government operation that is audited on local, State and Federal levels. According to your thinking they must all be in collusion to perpetrate a great lie. Your union card is showing Ron! Stop him! Stop him from becoming County Executive so he won't be able to pay off his union supporters with your tax dollars. He's nothing than a union shill and a political hack.

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Oct-25-13 11:58 AM

As I sat there I also heard Larson claim he was a major factor in bringing Southern Tier Brewing to the Stoneman Park. How does the county attorney do such things? Looking for some claim to fame.

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Oct-25-13 12:16 PM

Cornell didn't show for the Special Legislature meeting on the County Home. Cornell didn't show to a speaking engagement for the Lakewood Rotary. Cornell was inexcusably late to last nights debate. She was late to this Wednesdays Legislative budget meeting. Cornell is consistently late to most everything she does, yet she calls herself an organized leader.

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Oct-25-13 12:22 PM

Lori Cornell should simply concede at this point. This has made her look so foolish, and was a huge mistake on her part, inconveniencing many, many people that WILL remember. Where is her integrity?

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Oct-25-13 12:35 PM

I listened to the live debate this morning on WDOE radio. Mrs. Cornell stated that her vote to re-instate $2.1M in IGT funding for the county home into the budget was not a tax increase but an additional expenditure of revenues. Does this person ever listen to herself speak?

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Oct-25-13 12:51 PM

If Mrs. Cornell is a member of the LWV, shouldn't she know what time their events begin? How can someone who is consistently late refer to herself as organized?

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Oct-25-13 2:08 PM

Would you expect to be hired if you showed up late to a job interview with a lame excuse? Please, let's pass on Cornell.

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Oct-25-13 9:32 PM

Ummmm...have no idea who Greenbee is but he or she ain't me. Say what you want about me, I try very hard to beat you anti-social security types using facts and stats...not mud. Norm

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Oct-26-13 10:07 AM

Hope those "facts & stats" aren't kept near the black hole on your desk where things keep "disappearing".

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Oct-26-13 3:22 PM

Lori Cornell has a chance if Norman P. Green is running her campaign. He will do anything to help his candidate win e.g. the black hole. Since most people don't care about politics his dirty tricks usually help his candidate. But beware of having Norman P Green in charge of the County Clerk's office.

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Oct-27-13 11:17 AM

Mr. Green would do better if he played Porky Pig in a movie. He looks just like him.

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