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No Place For Politics

County Clerk Candidates Agree To Leave Party Affiliation At The Door

October 21, 2013

The candidates running for the position of county clerk agree politics have no place in the offic....

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Oct-24-13 10:48 PM

The best thing Mr Barmore can do is keep his mouth closed, run the polital ad, with him and Sandy Sopak smiling shaking hands along with a letter from her supporting him. The county home vote is next week, if Cornell votes no, its the last nail in her coffin, if she votes yes shes a flip flopper, pandering for votes. I should mrntion this is,her own doing.

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Oct-24-13 9:38 AM

Ms Cornell is running on a platform of "renew your registration locally" to keep DMV dollars in Chautauqua County. That's old news. There's nothing innovative about this idea, it's marketed extensively, and anyone who owns a vehicle sees that information when they open the envelope with the registration renewal. The outgoing county clerk was so diligent in automating records and processes, as well as preserving paper records. Information on Ms Cornell's career point to her position with Bill Parment as her only administrative office experience. And she wants to run an entire department?

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Oct-23-13 8:12 PM

Barmore is a businessman. Has run the business for 40 years I think. Do we really want a professional politician or someone with a solid history of serving customers.

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Oct-23-13 7:40 AM

you know all too often, people win or lose elections because it turns into more of a popularity contest like who's going to be the prom king or queen.

Certainly there is a large negative vibe out there about Ms. Cornell, and the fact that she does not want to sell the county home. She also comes off as a career politician, because of whom she has worked for.

To my knowledge she has never been a teacher,nurse,banker, fireman, or has held any other kind of non political job. if she had some other kind of relevant experience that would qualify her to be County Clerk, I cound understand her interest. Rather I think she sees it as a stepping stone, to higher office. If she loses, she has just until January to be a legislator.

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Oct-23-13 6:55 AM

I should add, I'm a professional and own property in several areas in the south end of the county. Some are in Mr. Barmore's district. Some are not. I pay attention to each of those town and village issues because it directly affects my life and my taxes and Mr. Barmore is the only legislator I've actually noticed who has been involved in issues in my area. I only hope he will still have time to be involved in local issues because he has made a difference.

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Oct-23-13 6:28 AM

Emelye, I wasn't putting her down. I was stating what I've read, heard and know about both candidates. I've heard her talk about her "experience" yet I can't find anything that says what that experience is aside from working for politicians years ago. Mr. Barmore has been in business management for over 40 years. As a resident in his district I know as a legislator how hard he works. He's always at our village board meetings and he helped our village clean up the horrible trailer park and saved me, as a taxpayer, a lot of money by working to get a fueling agreement with our village and the county so we didn't have to buy new fuel tanks when the old ones started leaking. And to be perfectly honest I wasn't happy when I went to the Gerry Rodeo and was bombarded by Mrs. Cornell interrupting my time with my kids giving me her literature and putting stickers on my kids without permission.

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Oct-22-13 11:30 PM

oops, shoulda been Ms Cornell.

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Oct-22-13 11:29 PM

Why all these put downs for Miss Cornell instead of descriptions of Larry Barmore's good qualities? Doesn't he have any?

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Oct-21-13 10:34 PM

Anyone who says Larry Barmore is less intelligent hasn't taken the time to get to know either of them. Larry is bright, he's just not a polished politician. He says it like it is. Lori is a phony air-head with degrees. If she's so smart, why hasn't she had a real job that wasn't political? And when was the last time she worked full-time anyway? It doesn't look like she's had a full-time job for at least 10 years. If she really wants to be County Clerk, I think she should go get a real job first, work her way up into management, then come back and try again. That's how the rest of us in the real world have to do it. I have a master's degree too and I didn't enter a management position overseeing 30 people. I had to earn it over the years, working hard and proving myself. She should too.

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Oct-21-13 10:37 AM

Cornell is an egomaniac who has herself confused with somebody important. She is a snake in the grass who says what she thinks people want to hear. I spoke to her in 2007 when she worked for former NYS assemblyman Bill Parment. I am looking forward to voting against her!!!!!

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Oct-21-13 10:34 AM

Fascinating how the two candidates insist that the job they want is beyond politics yet the arguments for/against are filled with purely political statements. This kind of double talk is annoying!

The fact that party politics is intruding into this kind of race is also disappointing. Rather than looking at a candidate's political actions, let's look at their intelligence, their efficacy in organizing and working with the tools of government which they would be in charge of.

It's been written more than once, and by a supporter no less, that Mr Barmore is less intelligent, duller, and therefore less effective than Ms Cornell. This supporter says we should vote for him anyway. How absurd! The county clerk, in partnership with the executive, are the people who do the hands on running of our county government. We need bright, qualified and dedicated people to do this effectively. That description fits Ms Cornell and Mr Johnson a whole lot better than it does their opponents.

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Oct-21-13 9:46 AM

Cornell does not deserve a vote for any public office. Let's take a look at some things: She has made a career out of political appointments rather than any real vocation. Her skills seem to be in fundraising and trying to convince the public that she is a worthy candidate to represent their interests and guide government operations. Yet, she hides behind her tearful story telling and other fabrications to obstruct the no-brainer decision to sell the County Home. She didn't have the guts/commitment to public service to show up at the last Legislature meeting to question the bidders for the County Home. She is unqualified. She fails to represent her constituants. She tries to leverage votes with union members with her position on the County Home sale. Why should anyone trust her in a public position? Please, let's keep her out of government. Let her earn a living in the private sector instead of snaking her way through the political spoils system.

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Oct-21-13 9:16 AM

I find it hilarious that Cornell is so concerned with taxes after she has voted several times not to sell the county home which is losing 10 thousand dollars a day of ocunty tax dollars. She is not a bright person.

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Oct-21-13 8:45 AM

Sorry under the circumstances I just couldn't bring myself to vote for a democrat after what the president has done to this country.

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