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Teresi’s Budget Suggests Another Small City In Crisis

October 20, 2013

What does $33.6 million buy these days? It’s a good question for Jamestown residents who have spent the last week or so mulling Mayor Sam Teresi’s $33.6 million 2014 budget proposa....

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Oct-25-13 7:21 AM

ok fmd. I know you are a Walmart shopper. So when Walmart at the end of the year shows profits, does the CEO of the company come to you as a customer to ask your permission to disburse some of the profits in the form of a dividend? Sound pretty silly? You still do not get BPU = City of JAmestown. You still do not get the surrounding towns or cities that use the power are called CUSTOMERS of the City of Jamestown. So cannot go any further on any intelligent discussion with you.

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Oct-24-13 2:22 PM

Obviously, J town is way over staffed and way over paid for a city of 3ok. The salaries and benefits that these city workers get is insane and residents should make every effort to move out of the J-town city limits

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Oct-24-13 10:08 AM

We need people in government who are willing to do the things necessary to fight for restricting welfare and freebies. Unions need to go. Everyone tries to get as much as they can for nothing. Eventually there will be no taxpayer to s**k dry. I would love to leave the state but simply can't afford too. And I am too old to make the move. This can't last forover, when those of us who do pay taxes are gone.....tough luck NY as no one is moving here.

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Oct-23-13 6:26 PM

OK Ike and Madman, I have reviewed the financial statements for the BPU electric division. Net profits for 2011 and 2012 are respectively at 3.9 and 5.1 million dollars. You ask for a solution, well here they are: Seek communications from outlaying political leaders for permission to use there BPU ratepayers to bankroll the City of Jamestown Services even though they receive no City services from them. Use profits from the BPU to lower rates for the people who live and die in the city, The Tax assessment per $1000 are just out of control with the rest of the nation and NY State. The Mayor, City Council and the BPU are always trying to lure new business to the city. Well use BPU profits to offset rates to new business instead of lining the Mayors pocket because he cannot balance his budget. The excuse of past city management needs to STOP. The Mayor is the current community leader. Make some tough decisions instead of picking the low hanging fruit. Cut some fat from departmen

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Oct-23-13 8:13 AM

Oh IKE1952 I must have really rattled your cage. Good. If you're a Jamestown resident you need it. I know more about the laws and regulations that can cause this fiscal nightmare than most. You missed my point so I'll say it in simpler terms for you and others who apologize for the current administration. The former leaders of the City caused this mess by giving away the farm to the public employee unions. The current administration still has the highest property tax rate in the County despite in recent years turning over to the County a bus system, emergency dispatch and civil service administration. Why do costs keep going up when you're spreading your costs across other municipalities? This city is choking to death on taxes. I'm calling for a hero, a radical to do whatever it takes to effect change. It's that time IKE1952! Oh, and I don't think that anyone will go to jail over it. But you can keep telling Teresi that he's doing just fine.

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Oct-22-13 7:50 AM

fmd, if those cities are buying power from Kamestown wouldn't they be called "CUSTOMERS"? Taxation without representation? What are you talking about? Yes, it is very difficult to balance the budget with legacy pension costs, and mandatory union contracts. So instead of increasing taxes even more, the mayor decides to use profits from a business the city owns to keep peoperty taxes down. And for this, you are criticizing? Would you rather him close the library, or lay off city snow plow drivers, or cut funding for sr citizen programs? He cannot layoff police or fireman due to state mandates on number of police/fireman required per what would you have him do? Don't come to the table with complaints unless you have suggestions/solutions. Anyone can complain.

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Oct-21-13 11:57 AM

Slow down Madman, what about BPU ratepayers in Celeron, Lakewood, Falconer, Busti, West Ellicot. Their money is going into the City coffers without benefit from City Services ! Taxation with out Representation. The Mayor cannot control his cost or balance his budget period ! This nothing but a hidden tax to the citizens of Jamestown.

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Oct-21-13 7:23 AM

fmd, who do you think OWNS the BPU? the city. how dos the city "raid' what is theirs? Imfedup and IKE you are both dead on right. hacksbegone you talk tough yet offer no solutions or ideas like many in this town. On one hand this editorial blames the mayor, and on the other hand it says his hands are tied. the fact of the matter is until these laws change regarding unions and what is mandatory, there is absolutely nothing this mayor, or any mayor will be able to do regarding budgets.

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Oct-20-13 3:42 PM

All of the ridiculous and baseless radical tough talk by "hacksbgone" and his ilk won't change a thing and in actuality, will only make things worse.

Apparently hacksbgone chose not to read either the editorial or the main article that outlined all of the cuts, layoffs and restructuring that has been going on. Also,the unions have all been working without contracts now for almost 3 years because the city is really clamping down and holding the line. Sounds like pretty strong action to me.

hacksbgone apparently wants to ignore or break the law. This will not yield what he wants and will only result in jail time for those that try.

Maybe he SHOULD run for office, try it for himself and see that all of his easy answers are not so smart. Maybe he just might find a new awareness and understanding of the laws that are holding back those that are in there trying their best and doing more than just mindlessly spouting off.

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Oct-20-13 3:16 PM

This "city" is doomed to be a poorer, higher-taxed and uglier version in the future. All the past administrations that gave away the farm to public unions so that they could stay in their favor have led to this. NYS has it's share of blame too but those local political hacks should take most of the blame. Teresi is not about to try and effect real change or reform. He needs this job and he can keep hiding behind the "my hands are tied" statement for as long as people will buy it. I say vote out the hack and put a radical in there who will take one term and try to make real changes for the good of the taxpayer. This city has nothing to lose!

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Oct-20-13 3:02 PM

Great editorial PJ. Thanks for explaining in a very clear and understandable way exactly what this city and every other place in NYS is up against.

These mounting legacy costs provided by bad past contract decisions and protected by state labor laws make it next to impossible to lower property taxes in NYS.

As you point out so well in the editorial, if the crazy property tax burden in NY is ever going to be lowered it can't be done solely at the local level. It is going to take some political courage to be displayed and changes made by both the State Legislature and Governor,

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Oct-20-13 9:01 AM

The Mayor can balance the budget by raiding the BPU fund. The Fund has not been raided in over 40 years, but yet, the Mayor and gang have gone to the till the last 2 years !

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Oct-20-13 8:23 AM

lets give the cops and fire department a raise.

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Oct-20-13 5:00 AM

No matter what you do in the present, legacy costs/expenses will continue to haunt the City for Decades to come.

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