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At The Mercy Of Special Interest Groups

October 17, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: A government shut down. A government that does not govern. A representative government that does not represent. The United States was founded on several unbending concepts....

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Oct-21-13 8:05 AM

I agree that obamacare probably has a lot wrong with it being 77,000 pages long, but there are more pressing issues like getting Americans jobs. Obamacare will either work or not work, then everybody will either be for it or against it. Our economy is doing poorly and should be the primary concern.

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Oct-21-13 8:01 AM

Your letter was right on the mark! The government has become a cesspool of corruption, where Washington D.C. would be better off a penal colony with all the crooked politicians and special interest groups. I think if 95% of these people were investigated they would be thrown in jail. Its time to get rid of these bums, because they only represent themselves and do very little for the American people.

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Oct-19-13 12:04 AM

You sure are nosey, Seadog.

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Oct-18-13 6:59 PM

Thank-you for a well thought out letter. I enjoyed reading it.

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Oct-18-13 6:40 PM

I don't know if the video still exists of him saying "It's good to be home" when in Kenya. He may not have been born there, but he calls himself a "son of Africa". You still didn't read his books did you? Can you read?

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Oct-18-13 6:35 PM

If you knew anything about Arabs, you'd know there is no limit to what they would pay (in the fictitious names of millions of black people)to have a Muslim name in that position. Once a muslim always a muslim is the way they see it. What you think doesn't matter. You don't recall how many $25 gifts Obammy had, do you?

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Oct-18-13 6:30 PM

Did I hear a squeal from the jungle?

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Oct-18-13 2:37 PM

Gee Em...where were you in all the riots when it was "black rage", not racism or criminal conduct? Your party sill covers it that way today.

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Oct-18-13 2:36 PM

I can't trust anyone who had their history sealed.

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Oct-18-13 12:07 PM

Reall, FedUpL8ly? You're still blaming the Democrats for this Republican fiasco?

Mr Obama and the Senate were very correct to refuse to negotiate when a gun was pointed at the head of the American People's government and the world's economy. That you still try to push the lie that it was Mr Obama's fault there was a shutdown because he wouldn't cave in to the Tea Party's extortion, proves yet again (as if it were needed) that you blindly and slavishly devote yourself to the extremist right wing propaganda that issues from the Tea Party and its supporters.

Blaming the victim to absolve a criminal's responsibility for their wrongdoing is condemned by all right thinking individuals, FedUpL8ly. It's unfortunate that you think it's a winning argument.

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Oct-18-13 11:44 AM

Funny thing though, Emelye. You seemed to overlook the fact that Harry Reid was the only one talking shutdown. Republicans passed numerous bills to keep funding the government while Harry Reid refused to bring them up for votes in the Senate. And let's be absolutely clear about this, Harry Reid was doing EXACTLY what Barack Obama wanted him to do. Just like the IRS scandal where the IRS, since Obama became President, has been targeting his political opponents. The IRS was doing so under the directions of the White House. Former IRS Commissioners are on record as saying they visited the White House only once about every four years. Please tell the rest of us why the IRS Commissioner visited the White House more than 150 times during Obama's first term.

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Oct-18-13 11:35 AM

Glad you mentioned 50's. When CNN reported that Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell had brokered a deal and they were the only adults in the room, I just knew what had happened. Their deal undoubtedly included "pork projects" near and dear to themselves. I've never listened to a Rush Limbaugh show but I did tune into Glen Beck in 2009. Beck was hated by Obama and the Dems because he didn't give his opinions, he actually showed films of Obama and other Dems giving speeches. Obama couldn't very well distort his history when it's right there in film. All those enraptured by Obama should be forced to sit in a theater for a couple of hours and watch Obama film clips. Unfortunately, most of them, rather than having their eyes opened to reality, would probably be calling the projectionist a "racist".

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Oct-18-13 11:13 AM

Something like the Arabs putting Obama in the White House?

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Oct-18-13 9:38 AM

The un-elected Lobbyist Grover Norquist is the 'Ted Bundy' that keeps the Tea Party Republican pretenders chained up in the basement to perform at his whim.

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Oct-18-13 7:34 AM

The Democrats offered a bribe and McConnell took it. That doesn't make Reid the good guy. Just a practiced crook. What's three billion of your dollars to him?

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Oct-18-13 12:35 AM

Funny thing though, the Democrats haVe never tried to shut down the government to try to extort changed they wanted. The Republicans have dine it twice now in less than 20 years!

If you want the corruption to stop, get private money out of the election process! As long as you give permission to any wealthy person or organization to essentially spend as much as they can bear in an election for a particular candidate, the problem will continue.

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Oct-17-13 8:34 PM

Yes I can agree there are extremes on both sides. Either way we split it, this country hasn't been this divided since the Civil War.

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Oct-17-13 6:00 PM

And much of the swallowing is from the tea party, Rush and Glen Beck. Get people riled up to promote self. It is not just the government, but also the crying above folks.

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Oct-17-13 5:21 PM

Chuck2 summed it up very well - the uninformed. I believe it's Rush and Beck that use the term "low-information" voters. The gullibility of this nation is astounding. People today swallow anything fed to them by this government.

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Oct-17-13 2:47 PM

Someone explain exactly why the Tea party is so bad.Media just throws out lies and the low information people just drink the koolade and fall in line.This counrty is in deep doo doo.

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Oct-17-13 2:44 PM

I find it amazing that everyone cries that we need to vote the bums out.But when we get people in there like Lee and Cruz that are actually trying to do something about the mess in Washington they are critized and mocked.We will never clean up Washington if you keep supporting the establishment politicians.The media has been on a mission to demonize Ted Cruz and the Tea party.Check out his resume compared to Obama,it's not even close to who has more smarts.

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Oct-17-13 1:19 PM

Very well written letter and informative. Best we all wake up to what is happening. Both parties and lobbists are to blame for the mess we are in. Also uninformed voters need to carry some of it. The constant false and biased reports that people take as gospel--very sad indeed. We have focused on the poor and immigants, but voted for the money grabbing Congress and Senators taking even taking more.

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Oct-17-13 1:04 PM

Special interest groups like illegal aliens?

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Oct-17-13 12:24 PM

Info-commercials say; "Girls gone wild" we have "Government Gone Wild" of course NOT in any enticing way. but Gone...Gone Gone. Gleason used to say "Oh, your gone alright; to the moon"

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Oct-17-13 10:52 AM

bobbo- Did you ever look at Barney Franks' district in Mass. It looked like the "jaws of life" they use to extract people from crashes. It goes both ways. Democrats that barely held on in 2010 got their districts gerrymandered to keep them in office in 2012. It goes both ways, so quit with the stupid partisanship.

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