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Take A Stand For The Taxpayers

October 11, 2013

In my opinion, if the taxpayers of Chautauqua County are paying the bill, whether it’s providing tax incentives to businesses, or paving our roads, we owe it to them to keep our money in the area....

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Oct-15-13 1:27 AM

Repeal the cuts,tax shelters and entitlements to the 1% that controls the Nations static assets to trickle down to working voters too proud too look up at their oppressors and admit that they are being 'trickled upon',and take it out on the 'trickled upon'beneath them.Someone call a psychologist!

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Oct-12-13 10:40 AM

And now to continue, Mr. Whitney failed to consult anyone on this issue, including the IDA. This is the same legislation that was brought before Erie Co. Leg. He merely changed the names. So this idea is not his. Mr Whitney's arrogance with regards to his campaign are insulting to his district. He feels sure that since there is a large Democratic presence that he will win, as people vote the party line and not take the time took at the issues. Yes let us put off the vote on the County Home and not make it a campaign issue. Well Mr Whitney get out and meet you district and smell the coffee, while you're on a union break, and realize people are not happy with your stunt. This effort is a mere last chance effort for Mr Whitney to stay home, not face the music of his voters while, shifting the blame to the Republican candidates and there stance. Make no qualms I believe Mr Horrigan and Mr. Barmore have been very clear, the vote on the county home IS an election issue.

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Oct-12-13 10:30 AM

Ladies and gentlemen, we first need to know something about Mr. Whitney and his stand on issues, or better who he stands for. This legislation is a last ditch effort for Mr. Whitney to make amends with two groups of people. First Mr. Whitney is the president of the local IBEW he has fallen out of favor with some if not many of his unions members for his inability to keep union jobs in the Chuatauqua County area. Second Mr. Whitney is now trying to show his constituents that he is passing legislation that will bring needed jobs and development to Chautauqua County. Wow talk about one man TRYING to serve two masters. If the resolution comes to fruition then he has brought jobs and development to Chautauqua County, and he gains favor in his union members as they will most likely benefit as well from using local Labor ( unions )

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Oct-12-13 9:47 AM

I thank both candidates from this district in Jamestown for stepping up to the challenge of running for public office. This isn't my district but each district's election is so important to everyone in the county especially since we will be down to only 19 people in charge of our fate. I wish I could vote for Mr. Wilfong for so many more reasons than just the county home vote. He has ability, the integrity and desire to serve the people of this county in so many ways. Good luck Mr. Wilfong. I know your record and you will serve well!

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Oct-12-13 6:04 AM

The challenge or rural economic development is having the capability to deliver the needed services with the existing population at a price that is affordable. You cannot create a false economy or be projectionist. In the long term, it is detrimental. Also, the County's budget is quite small and would struggle to support all the services locally that we need. We should encourage competition on the most advantageous economic tenders which combines price and social value. For labor and materials, we know that there is a limited radius where these resources can be purchased economically. Let economics work for us instead of trying to prop up local interests. Our local businesses are good and they can compete. No artificial help is necessary.

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Oct-11-13 9:20 PM

Mr. Whitney speaks with a forked tongue! He has refused to vote yes on the sale of the County Home because he wants the vote of the CSEA (Union members) in November. He doesn't care about saving the Home by selling it and expanding services. This was strictly a partisan decision on his part. He does not represent the people in the district that he represents. He does not have a working e mail most of the time. If you would like to voice your opinion to him, you may be able to reach him via telephone. He cares only about representing CSEA and not the voters in his district. He is the worst Legislator that has ever represented our District. The only reason he won the last election was because his family members posted 50 signs directly across from our polling area. It was the only sign one saw before they went in to vote. Whitney needs to be voted out before he helps to destroy Chautauqua County.

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Oct-11-13 9:06 PM

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Oct-11-13 7:20 PM

I can't believe the Post Journal would allow a candidate running for office to take a free shot at his opponent like that. This should be debated in a venue other than the readers forum

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Oct-11-13 1:50 PM

Why do only those you call "Taxpayers" have to be the only ones to take a stand ? Even Renters pay taxes in one form or another. Are they lesser people because their tax payments go to a Landlord before the money makes it into the tax collectors hands ? The Author of this article has some serious entitlement issues that should really be dealt with.

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Oct-11-13 1:08 PM

What I find most amusing is that Mr. Whitney is not literate enough to write a letter such as this. Wonder who his backup is.

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Oct-11-13 12:34 PM

his statement "leadership requires taking a stand" is interesting since he lobbied to not vote on the sale of the County Home until after the election - clearly he only wants to take a stand when it benefits him!

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Oct-11-13 11:29 AM

I'm against selling the Home. Does this make me a bad person? The guy who said he wants the Home sooner than later, my eyes are peeled way open now.

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Oct-11-13 9:52 AM

I think whitney is done..and if I (an unapologetic leftest who believes in social justice) do not like him.. well...

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Oct-11-13 9:28 AM

Hiring local people/companies with local tax dollars is a very good idea, as long as it is not a sweetheart deal for relatives of the government officials making that decision!!!!

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Oct-11-13 8:58 AM

Question for Whitney. How much local money goes to CSEA union dues....that then go to Albany to be spent out of the area on CSEA buying votes for Obama?

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Oct-11-13 8:51 AM

Whitney needs to go. He is against selling the county home.

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Oct-11-13 7:50 AM

No new blood for Chautauqua Co. Keep anybody new out.

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Oct-11-13 7:48 AM

It must be campaign time.

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Oct-11-13 7:30 AM

another liberal nutjob. BTW, how many crooks do we have in the mayville and jamestown dmv? our tax dollars at work. (ref todays story)

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Oct-11-13 6:54 AM

Mr Whitney is great at spinning the facts. What he doesn't tell us is that as a union president everything he stands for is 100% union. He doesn't care about anything non union. How about Whitneys attempt to stall the vote on the county home until after the election. Where is he taking his stand there.

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Oct-11-13 6:40 AM

Whitney is playing a shameless political game with a poorly thought out resolution that would cause severe damage to our ability to attract new business. His resolution was discussed at length at the Planning and Economic Development Committee. Contrary to his letter, a bi-Parisian group unanimously tabled it. It was tabled and he was requested to make changes. He did not. He simply reintroduced it. So it was table again at the full legislature by Democrats and Republicans.

His resolution is opposed, in writing, by the Southern Tier Builders Association, the Chamber of Commerce and The Manufacturer's Association.

This politically motivated action by Whitney is a poor attempt to deflect attention away from his blatant disregard for supporting the will of his constituents on important issues like the county home.

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Oct-11-13 6:25 AM

Great letter. Yes, most (not all) individual consumers will always buy the cheapest product availible to suit their needs. But as our local gov't is concerned they 100% should use local businesses and suppliers. Its recycling the tax dollars. Those local businesses will pay property tax in the county, their employees will spend their wages here allowing the county to collect sales tax ect.....

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Oct-11-13 6:17 AM

See"Sheldon & Wilfong Turn Blue!"- performing their sleight of hand and other manipulations on the sidewalk @ Reg Lenna! Oct 12th!Expect a crowd!

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Oct-11-13 4:34 AM

We've been shipping money out of the area for years, by buying at the hands of Wal Mart and other corporations. Cheap is always better, when people are willing to work cheaply, right?

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