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Veterans Benefits And Services Threatened Again

October 8, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: The following I would like to express to our Lawmakers in Washington : Here we go again....

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Oct-13-13 5:11 PM

Dip...Your just parroting Fox again

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Oct-12-13 6:57 PM

I have always been a loyal fan of yours, duck.

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Oct-12-13 11:11 AM

munch chomp slurp..that is going to be my response from now on unless the comments are non retarded.. thanks to all my loyal fans

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Oct-11-13 7:28 AM

pbj - Did I say anything about who was in office when we got the stimulus checks? There you go again - 5 years later and still blaming Bush. How do you spell accountabilty? - O b a m a.

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Oct-10-13 5:48 PM

Credence you should fact check before you post silly things like the post about Mt. Rushmore

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Oct-10-13 5:45 PM

Sorry Eagle we only got those checks when Bush was in office

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Oct-10-13 3:25 PM

Hey...speaking of freebies and buying votes... aren't we overdue for another one of those "free" stimulus checks?

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Oct-10-13 3:24 PM many grammatical errors in my last post. I wish PJ would add an "Edit" Option the these comment sections.

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Oct-10-13 3:21 PM

...con... our nation hostage to take away from the the greater good of the American to benefit the few In the name of greed ! Its absolutely Shameful !

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Oct-10-13 3:19 PM

@FedUpL8ly - You used to be such a normal person when you first started posting on PJ lol. Now you've turned into this fact twisting Tea Party zealot. The distortion of truth and hard evidence that you have accepted with out any real research into general economic principles as fact is the real enemy of our nation. Even the Hard liners in the GOP have come out and stated that these views are whats stopping our nation from progressing as a whole. You might indeed be fed up and that's understandable because all of us are to, but the intentional distortion of facts to mislead the American public in believing these falsehoods is a crime against our nation and the people that have infiltrated our government under the false flag of the Tea Party should be viewed as traitors and not as true Patriots that those who participated in the December 16, 1773 event are. I'm Sorry that you have fallen for the propaganda of these traitorous politicians in Washington that are clearly holding...con....

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Oct-10-13 2:31 PM

Capt.- According to our own govt. report, American business and individuals spend more money complying with regulations than the entire GDP of Canada. This is money that could be used to lower costs of products, put more money into workers' paychecks or allowed individuals to save or spend on other items. Regulation writing in the last four years has been on steroids and its hurting everyone except the people in government who write and enforce all of these regulations.

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Oct-10-13 2:22 PM

There you go again Emelye. You claim Congress should fix it. The people running HUD are serving at the direction of Obama, just like all the scandals at the IRS, Justice and State Depts. are a result of people serving at the pleasure of Obama. Obama is choosing to ignore laws with his Executive Orders. So why not now with either an Executive Order or better and faster yet, a personal directive to HUD. As for caring about ordinary citizens, baloney that Dems are more caring. The Democrats are better at one thing though. They are all too willing to give freebies in the hope that it will translate into buying votes. It seems to usually work.

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Oct-10-13 2:05 PM

When I keep advocating for a system that is less favorable to the wealthy elite and more favorable to the American Dream, why do people assume I hate the rich? What kind of thinking is that???

What I advocate for is a much more equitable system, which is something we do not have in the USA anymore. The rich have bought enough politicians to set up a system where they get almost all the income while the rest of us do most of the work. I think that's wrong because it violates the American Ideal.

If HUD is doing something wrong then Congress should fix it, not kill it, Seadog. Fix it with a bill designed to address the problem and one that doesn't add all sorts of cuts to services and additions to corporate welfare. I never claimed the Democrats were blameless but they sure seem to be a LOT more interested in the majority of our country's citizens than the Republicans are.

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Oct-10-13 12:54 PM

...Continued.... try evading compliance by hurting them to the point they scream for the law to be repealed or amended to exempt the employer?

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Oct-10-13 12:54 PM

No one is going to cut veterans benefits, and it just silly to think so. Both Parties support veterans causes , in fact its one of the few things they can agree on. And I say this to you as an Army Veteran.

Now The only problem with AHCA is that people currently insured by carriers not in the exchanges are tacking on premium costs to cover those things they were able to escape paying for. What people seem to refuse to put in consideration is that their policies must now cover these other things that are really of benefit to them, and only want to look at the premium costs before condemning AHCA...Most of them don't even bother to go see what a policy through the exchanges would cost, just throw a hissy fit their premiums are going up. Furthermore, the beef about workers loosing jobs over it should be no surprise...Isn't that what business does every time they are forced to comply with a new law or regulation that takes ten cents from their profits? Use the workers to ...Continued..

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Oct-10-13 12:18 PM

That's not outside the realm of possibility. It seems these are the years of "take aways" and "give aways." Nothing really wrong with that if it's all for the RIGHT reasons. But when FORCE or ORDERS are involved, we are in trouble.

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Oct-10-13 10:08 AM

I had jokingly said that this administration is sooo stupid they will probably fly I chopper over mt. rushmore and drop a drapery so no one can look at it! Well, excuse my presumptuousness (I said it jokingly) But BHO has out done himself in total meaness. He spends MORE money in shut down JUST TO BE MEAN> He had troopers place & enforce orange cones at overlook sites for Rushmore so no tourists could stop & see it.(what a baby). I think he's just ****** that his upturned smugness isn't represented on the Mt.

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Oct-10-13 7:37 AM

It is true. (and very childish)

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Oct-10-13 7:28 AM

Just heard this for the first time. Obama has been closing everything he can to the public, kicking people out of their home if they happen to be located on Federal land, closing some places, like Mt. Vernon, that he has no legal right to close and closing tourist areas that require no funding. However, Obama has kept open THE GOLF COURSES. Has anyone else been able to ascertain, verify if this is true?

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Oct-10-13 7:23 AM

Sammie, I don't think that would matter as the spouse would have the legal right of inheritance. For instance, many times these are seniors who have lost a spouse and remarried and for one reason or another did not redo the mortgage paperwork. Calling the mortgage balance due on this technicality is heartless and repugnant. Remember, this is HUD doing this, not a bank.

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Oct-09-13 7:33 PM

No money on the left. Not Hollywood, or Buffett, or Soros....nope. Just po folk wantin ta do what's right. lol

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Oct-09-13 3:52 PM

Fedup - Wouldn't that be the fault of the company who handled the reverse mortgage by not putting the loan in both names.

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Oct-09-13 2:52 PM

Of course, the surviving spouse doesn't have the money in the first place or they wouldn't have taken out the reverse mortgage in the first place. I don't know about you but I can't think of a more despicable act than to take someone's home away from them while they are grieving over the loss of loved one. This isn't a policy put in place by those mean old Republicans but those Democrats you're so infatuated with in every circumstance you've mentioned. This is nothing isolated or new. It has been Democrats who have used "eminent domain" to confiscate homes and businesses in order to give them to someone else, all to often friends or supporters, and try to justify this with the promise to build something else that will pay more in taxes. So, you see there are plenty of "black hats" to go around and your opinions would be respected more if you would acknowledge this reality once in a while.

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Oct-09-13 2:40 PM

Not only that, Seadog, but Obama had to spend money setting that whole amnesty "show" while he continues to screw over most of America. Emelye, you have been "educated" into that propaganda that Republicans are only for the rich and only Democrats are for the little guy. Please try look a little harder for the truth and stop falling for the clichés. Each Party has their own special interests they cater to and there are just as many rich Democrats as there are Republicans. Just the latest example of how Obama is going after the average citizen concerns "reverse mortgages". Now Emelye, surely you realize that seniors who take out a reverse mortgage do so because they don't have enough income to meet their everyday expenses. To the point, they're not rich. Now get this, Obama has his HUD foreclosing on homes that have reverse mortgages. How is he doing this? When one of the spouses die, HUD calls in the outstanding note and demands immediate payment. (Cont.

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Oct-09-13 2:32 PM

If Obama would just do what the minority Tea Party Republicans are ordering him to do, we wouldn't be in this mess? Just who does Obama think he is anyway?!?!?!?

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