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One Social Security Crisis?Already?Here

October 7, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: There is ongoing debate over the future ability of Social Security to pay its obligations. Some argue it is already, or will soon be bankrupt....

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Oct-14-13 9:38 PM

Tell us...who would get the blame for the mess in Washington (since 2009) if the tea party wasn't around?

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Oct-12-13 10:46 PM

Sorry Seadog but I do have a life and responsibilities, I can't be on the computer all day long like you. Didn't watch the video of Boehner did ya.

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Oct-12-13 4:29 PM

seadog ....10-10- 4:18 spot on.... as for emmy (like a broken 24 hr. timepiece; right once a day)...

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Oct-11-13 1:01 PM

Different headings. Same subject. Same people. Same arguments. Same outcome. No decisions. This is a draw.

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Oct-11-13 8:12 AM

I wonder if PBJ and Howie are one in the same. Everytime they get nailed, they stop posting.

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Oct-10-13 8:44 PM

Here you go PBJ, do you have a TV or are you one of those people that don't or can't afford one. That explains a lot!

"Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to prove how uninformed Americans can be, at least the ones browsing Hollywood Boulevard on a given day"

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” sent a reporter to conduct man on the street interviews about people’s preference between Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act. Of course, those polled didn’t realize they’re really one and the same. In fact, interviewees bashed Obamacare, but praised ACA. They said Obamacare is riddled with holes, not properly thought out, and not available for all. What’s more? It’s un-American and socialist"


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Oct-10-13 8:41 PM

PBJ - you are truly a moron. This was my post:

"Seadog Oct-08-13 2:27 PM Agree | Disagree Fedup - maybe Howie or cptkoolaid can tell us the differance between Obamacare and the ACA? lol

It was a question asked on one of the shows to college students who didn't know the difference. I'll try and find it for you.

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Oct-10-13 7:31 PM

Not too interesting Seadog...I don't put any faith in what you say...especially when you didn't even know that the ACA and "Obamacare" are the same thing. I guess fox didn't explain that to you..haha

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Oct-10-13 7:23 PM

Now PBJ, the Republicans learned the hard way when they got screwed after being lied to - I believe it was Regan. So last July huh? You mean before Barry started handing out exemptions to his pals?

Now how about the questions I asked about Obama? Seems you failed to address them - interesting.

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Oct-10-13 6:05 PM

Seadog..Check out Boehners interview with George Stephenopolis last Sunday. He says he reached an agreement with Harry Reid on the CR last July..but his members (tea Party) changed his mind and decided to take a stand. Now tell me who started this crap? Look it up! and stop posting garbage

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Oct-10-13 4:18 PM

"If the Boehner's shutdown works". WHAT???

Boehner's shut down??? I believe the shutdown came as a result of Barry saying "I wii NOT negotiate". The only President in history to do that during a government shutdown - FACT! Also, Emelye, he shut down the momorials in D.C. BUT ALLOWED a rally for the illegal immigrants - seems there was money for that. He is throwing an elderly couple out of the house they own because it sits on federal land - WHY? Doesn't he live on Federal land? How about his servants, Michelle's servants, his mama-in-law's servants?

Also, Em and the rest of the Obama defenders, didn't Senator Obama vote AGAINST raising the debt limit calling it IRRESPONSIBLE? Didn't he say GWB was "unpatriotic" and "irresponsible" for doing so? Why aren't Barry and Michelle and the kids required to go on Obamacare like the rest of Congress (though they get 72% of their costs paid for) by the taxpayers?

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Oct-10-13 4:16 PM

If the dems didn't raid social security, we wouldn't have such problems.

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Oct-10-13 2:08 PM

If the Boehner's shutdown works you all know very well it will be used again to try to kill Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Of course, the real waste in our budget, the military, will be left sacrosanct. Please don't pretend otherwise and stop trying to change the subject.

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Oct-09-13 9:29 AM

You lefties haven't a clue, esp. Emmy.& the monkey

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Oct-09-13 8:00 AM

Bobojr - what a short memory you have. A few years ago it was the lefty libs with their mantra: Bush, Bush, Bush. As they say BoBo, what goes around, comes around. Now you're crying becauswe the shoe is on the other foot. Tough.

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Oct-09-13 6:18 AM

Obama, Obama, OBAMA; like a mantra of a madman the Repubs, Tea Partiers and Conservatives go on and on and on... Let me remind you that along with our present Republican manufactured Crisis of government the Republican Party fought tooth and nail against Social Security even after it was passed. Now ACL, nothing new here just the same mantra; let the people have nothing while the corporations are given all by the government.

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Oct-09-13 5:51 AM

No one has to try to make the Obama administration look bad. It is a leaderless street fight designed to make our nation collapse into a third world banana republic. It's working.

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Oct-08-13 8:03 PM

Em, when's Barry and Harry going to come to the table?

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Oct-08-13 7:37 PM

Em you just described Reid and Obama. And all other progs.

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Oct-08-13 6:30 PM

If the president and the Senate give in to the Teapublicans, how long do you think it will be before they use the same threat of debt default or shutdown to kill it? Then they'll go after Medicaid and Medicare. Why? Because they don't care about people's suffering and because they hate governments that do.

And they will stop at nothing - look at the impending debt default that they are threatening - until they get their way or until they are marginalized and effectively immobilized.

When is Boehner gonna stop his shutdown? When is he going to stop playing games with people's lives and the health of the world economy? When is he going to make the good of the country more important than the good of his party?

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Oct-08-13 4:48 PM

You don't even know what a race is monkey. Join when you know something about the subject.

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Oct-08-13 3:54 PM

Thanks again, 50s4ever,for bringing race into every issue.

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Oct-08-13 11:45 AM

Howard,explain to be why the tea party are radicals.All they want is for the govt. to stop doing business as usual.The left loves throwing around labels on everyone without explaining why they are.If you don't think this govt. is out of control and looking out for itself then you really do have your head in the sand.The Tea Party wants our representatives to work for us,thast all.Doesn't seem radical to me.

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Oct-08-13 10:06 AM

Fund everything piece by piece until all that is left is Obamacare. That is the republican plan. They want to make the President and the Senate look bad when they won't "piecemeal" the budget. Also, Paul Demler, there will be no end to partisan politics until Boehner has the guts to stand up to the radical tea party.

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Oct-08-13 8:40 AM

Wait to see what happens when we give 11 to 24 million illegals rights to milk the government. They all came from societies that are lawless and don't blink at bilking the government.

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