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Shutdown Orders Issued As Congress Misses Deadline

October 1, 2013

WASHINGTON — For the first time in nearly two decades, the federal government staggered into a partial shutdown Monday at midnight after congressional Republicans stubbornly demanded changes in the......

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Oct-04-13 8:00 PM

Emelye I know it's hard but sometimes when trying to educate small minded people, you just have to walk away. When they realize that their stupidity is showing they resort to name calling and down right nastiness. You can't help them when they choose childish behavior over rational discussions.

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Oct-04-13 4:14 PM

Seadog, if SSI and SNAP go away because of Boehner's shutdown, my whole family, along with a great many other families, will suffer. Why do you think it's acceptable subject to make jokes about this?

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Oct-04-13 2:47 PM

Amazing how the prejudice and preconceptions affect opinions, isn't it? Without knowing me at all scallywag and Seadog have already summed up my life and character and - surprise surprise - their preconceptions all fit into some kind of right wing fantasy of a lazy poor person who made bad choices and would be just fine if they would have "chosen" to be just like Seadog and scallywag. Bleh! I'm gonna be sick.

Thank you for so brightly illuminating for us the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of your arguments, Seadog & scallywag, etc. Your reprehensible assumptions about me and people like me are indicative of some of the real reasons why our country is as bad off as it is today.

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Oct-04-13 1:53 PM

? your not even making sense anymore. I'm registered as an independent, I voted for Reagan, I look at both sides of each issue and make an informed intelligent decision. I work with Facts. You two are either stupid,lazy, or liars.You continually post false information because your to stupid to understand the issues, too lazy to learn about them, or propagate lies willingly to hurt the masses. Such hatred for your fellow man/women

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Oct-04-13 9:12 AM

Who is "we"? Appointed or anointed? I guess that's a bad word to a left winger who gave himself away when he blamed churches for teaching hate. We rate your posts as practiced and approved bias.

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Oct-03-13 11:17 PM

Seadog what makes you think I'm a liberal?

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Oct-03-13 3:41 PM

Really? That's all you got from that?

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Oct-03-13 2:47 PM

Lone u know I'm mr politically correct. Thay can shove that crap. That's why this country is such a joke. Thay act like fools then cry when they get the truth given to them. If you don't want to be treated like a clown don't act like a clown. Fairly easy I'd say

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Oct-03-13 12:00 PM

When did telling your point of view and the truth become hateful poppa scallywag always said you can lie about somebody all day and there ok ya tell the truth and thay get mad. Just call them the way I see them. No personal attack just the way I see it. If you choose to dress like a girl have at it. Be prepared for the backlash. It's simple

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Oct-03-13 10:54 AM

8. "All non-US citizens, illegal or not, will be provided with free health care services." Pants on Fire.

Chain email, July 28, 2009

The health care law does not provide free health care services to anyone, and especially not to people in the United States illegally. Illegal immigrants may not enroll in Medicaid, nor are they eligible to shop on the marketplace for health insurance. Permanent legal residents are eligible for health insurance subsidies on the marketplace, as are U.S. citizens. Current law says that hospital emergency rooms must stabilize illegal immigrants with medical emergencies, but that law predates Obamacare. We rated this claim Pants on Fire.

If there is a legitimate argument on anything, why the need to lie?

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Oct-03-13 10:48 AM

Oh by the way seadog; Congress is exempt from Obamacare. False.

Chain email, Jan. 6, 2013

Even a few sitting lawmakers have repeated this claim, but it’s not true. Congress is not exempt from Obamacare. Like everyone else, lawmakers are required to have health insurance. They’re also required to buy insurance through the marketplaces. The idea is to have lawmakers and their staff buy insurance the same way their uninsured constituents would so they understand what their constituents have to deal with. Most Americans who already get insurance through work are left alone under the law; members of Congress have insurance through work but are treated differently in this regard. Recently, a rule was added so that lawmakers’ could keep the traditional employer contribution to their coverage. But they weren’t exempt from requirements that other Americans face. We rated this claim False.

From Politfact.

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Oct-03-13 10:41 AM

What the H*** is wrong with you people! Why so hateful towards others? Is this what they teach you in your churches? The bigger problem with this whole situation is that from this point on, the world will see that democracy does not work. All the hundreds of thousands of people we have killed over the years to spread democracy to other nations is all for nothing! From this point on, either party will just threaten to hurt the nation to get what they want. The three branches of gov't will no longer be needed. If a bill comes to the floor, is voted down, all the losing party has to do is threaten to hurt the American people and the bill will pass. No longer any need for Congress, Senate, President, or even the supreme court. This is sending a really bad message to the rest of the world that democracy does not work. Veterans everywhere should be upset that all their losses were for nothing if the Tea Party gets their way. No Democracy, no Liberty.

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Oct-03-13 9:47 AM

Oh! I see. She hasn't gone. Just quiet. Okay. I'm sure you'll get an earful when she returns wag.

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Oct-03-13 8:47 AM

?I didn't see anything to get her pulled. I nearly always disagree with her, but that's okay. She must have left because you dissed her excuse for being unemployed. Can you please work on monkeyboy?

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Oct-02-13 8:10 PM

Let's say I woke up one morning and I discovered I was a democrat. (Not in my wildest dreams) lets say my junk fell off. Now I'm a girl. I sit to p. I find a smoking hot lesbien lover. That's it discussion closed. I throw on my jeans t shirt jump in my truck go to work go hunting till dark. Go home throw in a frozen pizza. Watch CNN. Scratch my new special spot. Go put on my thong and nightie. Snuggle next to my lesbien friend. And the rest is my business. It stays in my house. Me and my lesbien friend might even smoke a joint in the privacy of our own home. What happens in our house is our business we feel no need for our behavior to be accepted by others. Any body want to go hunting

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Oct-02-13 7:52 PM

Reg here's the deal. I thought it was crazy to put transgender in with closing of the government. My point exactally. These trans people have a one track mind. Thay can insert trans into any subject. Perhaps in there younger years thay would have thaught more about there financial future and less about there junk or lack of junk or cutting it off or having one from a horse attached perhaps thay would not so happy to have a snap card. If I had thaught about beautiful women (ok I did) that much I would have gone nuts. Redirect all of that weird energy and get a hobby. Make Popsicle stick windmills or something. Get a pet (don't get a pet) its all thay think about. How about this .......guit dressing like an ugly hooker and get a job. I believe this is a weird way of getting attention negative or positive. Puts them in the light good or bad. Quit thinking about your junk and just be regular. I'm willing to bet em is a good person with a lot of great qualities. Misdirected and misguided

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Oct-02-13 7:29 PM

Does anyone else see a problem lumping middle age trans gender person with single mothers and the elderly?

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Oct-02-13 6:21 PM

I seem to recall Nixon wanting a health care program and Ted Kennedy fought tooth and nail to prevent it. Guess if his name wasn't on it, it had no meaning to a Democrat. To*****with the people.

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Oct-02-13 6:00 PM

Em obviously you are over let's say 50. What skills do you bring to the table? You have had a lifetime to acquire countless skills. What are they? Perhaps your focused were channeled in the wrong direction. I can honestly say I haven't spent two minutes of my life thinking about if I am a man or a women. Did it ever occurs to you had you focused on your future and tried to obtaine a financial goal perhaps the words snap card would not be your main issue. Wouldn't it just be easier to throw on a pair of jeans a t shirt go get in your truck and go to work. If you feel the need to dress like a princess or what ever weird little thing your compelled to do. Do it at home. If I choose to smoke a joint I do it at home away from my kids and loved Ones to spare them the embaresment of my self centered behavior. I sure as heck wouldn't walk down the street flaunting my unacceptable behavior

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Oct-02-13 5:25 PM

Em I'm pretty sure people with tattooed faces also find it hard to find a job. Is that my fault. Didn't think so. Like my three year old niece told us a few years back. Uncle scallywag we all make choices in life. Some bad and some good. Her sister made a bad choice. Now she suffered the consequences. I'd love to run around nakid. But society would object to that. The scallywag children would be mortified. Out of respect for them I will keep my clothes and not act on my unpopular animalistic instincts. Happy job hunting. How's that choice working out for you ?

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Oct-02-13 11:56 AM

I've made it perfectly clear who I meant. Your questions can easily be answered by a internet search, Seadog. I'm not going to waste my time if you;re not willing to do your own basic research.

If I look for work within my profession down to being a clerk at a big box store for more than 2 years and am refused employment every time then yes, it isn't my fault. Before that the most time I ever spent between jobs was 4 months. I have the intelligence, skills and qualifications that, if I were not a middle aged trans woman, would have been in high demand by many companies. Prejudice based harmful discrimination is a real thing.

So people like me, young single mothers, disabled people, elderly folks who have few resources and no supportive family all do stand to lose a whole lot more than the elitist right wingers who precipitated this crisis. Shame on them!

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Oct-02-13 10:44 AM

Oh so Emelye is one of those victims Romney was talking about. Those who blame others for their own circumstances.

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Oct-02-13 10:05 AM

You're working to pay for my healthcare and groceries, Seadog, because nobody is willing to hire me. I worked and paid taxes for more than thirty years, all in New York State, so I figure I'm just getting back a little bit of what I put in. Throwing my poverty in my face when it's the prejudice of ignorant and hateful people that have put me there is reprehensible.

It's also beside the point. This isn't just about my federal benefits, it's about an extremist group subverting the government in order to force their desires onto the country after they've failed to do it through the will of the people. Elections should matter, in other words. This is nothing more than an attempt to hold the American people's government hostage to force their unwanted philosophy upon them.

The Tea Party must be shut down, NOT the US government! Remember this in 2014.

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Oct-02-13 9:57 AM

The Environmental Protection Agency is now down to a skeleton crew as well, so the air we breathe and the water we drink are in peril. NASA, on its 55th birthday, is shut down. Yes, those wealthy people who own the Republican Party won;t feel much of an affect but the majority of Americans will feel pain, and too many will suffer a great deal, because of a political temper tantrum by an extremist right wing minority in the Republican party. They are playing politics with peoples' lives and they don;t care about the harm they are doing, just so they can force their will on us.

It's truly shameful how callous and cruel these people really are.

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Oct-02-13 9:52 AM

I remember Republican obstructionism, intransigence and downright sabotage of anything that the president proposed, Seadog, no matter what its merits were. That's why the ACA got no Republican support, even though its main components were Heritage Foundation (right wing, conservative) ideas that had proven themselves in Massachusetts when Mitt Romney signed their version of the ACA into law.

This isn't just about parks closing and museums shutting down. This Republican incurred shutdown has stopped WIC payments to pregnant women and new mothers' babies. It's shut dow vital medical research by the National Institutes of Health. It's sharply curtailed FDA inspections which were inadequate to begin with. And on top of that, almost 800,000 people out of a job and its paycheck.

The irony is that the ACA is going on as planned! The extremist right wing ideologues in the Republican party have shut down the US government over something that is established law. It's pathetic!

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