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Thanks For Not Paving Hunt Road

October 1, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: Congratulations to those public officials who made the decision to lay GRAVEL on Hunt Road Thursday, Sept 19....

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Oct-05-13 2:25 AM


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Oct-05-13 2:24 AM

The "chips" we haphazzardly dumped in piles and in waves, like washboard, in the various places on the roadway. Whomever was the supervisor on this job certainly didn't care about quality control or pride in his/her job! It was a waste as most of the loose chips have now washed aside and we are back to the same road..... what a waste!

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Oct-03-13 9:38 AM

They would have been better off to have left it alone. We need signs to warn people to take Fairmount . And turn up a sideroad to their destination. It wasn't that bad to begin with.

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Oct-02-13 1:27 PM

Not just hunt road I avoid the entire busti Lakewood area altogether. Don't need the police harassment issues.

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Oct-01-13 2:00 PM

Maybe they were trying to increase traffic on Fairmount Ave.

Just sell the county home and that should provide some revenue for county road repair.

Oh, wait. Those funds are already spoken for...

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Oct-01-13 1:28 PM

some main roads in & out of town ... 3rd street, Foote Ave ext. little rough .. Would think you would want these to be in prime shape for the masses coming and going.

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Oct-01-13 1:22 PM

just do not take hunt road anymore

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Oct-01-13 10:42 AM

You are right Kramer. If they had paved it they would all be complaining about the cost and saying why don't they just slag it.

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Oct-01-13 9:39 AM

The road was not graveled, it was chip sealed. Unfortunately because of the cooler weather the stones did not stick well. The highway crews are trying to get work done before winter. If they did nothing they would be criticized as well.

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Oct-01-13 9:30 AM

I totally agree with the author. All kinds of stones were pinging my car and I was going 30 MPH. I followed a man on a motor cycle and he almost wiped out when he hit a random pile of stones on the road. It was the worst road repair I have ever witnessed.

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Oct-01-13 9:12 AM

Just to pave the road surface, not the shoulders, with 1" top would be approx. $200,000.00 just for the material!!

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Oct-01-13 8:52 AM

Taxes on three or four homes on Hunt Road would probably pay for repaving at least half of Hunt!!!

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Oct-01-13 8:33 AM

The solution is to have the Amish travel Hunt Road. Some good ol' horse manure will keep those chips from flying into your windshields.

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Oct-01-13 8:27 AM

The person you have to thank for your pitted windshields and paint chip damage on your vehicle is George Spanos, our illustrious(sarcasm) County Highway Supervisor. He is the same, horrible person who has called his snow plows back into the barn during a snowstorm and the reason why our county roads are not plowed very well. There was a time when the county roads were the plowed the best and the easiest to travel in bad weather. That is no longer the case under Spanos' control. He is one mistake after another.

He would blame the budget and he would be partially correct. When 80% of county taxes goes to welfare, medicaid and medicare, it only leaves 20% for county business. But, let's keep giving welfare 10% raises, what the he11. Not like these people have to drive the roads to get to work.

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Oct-01-13 8:26 AM

Fix my roads but don't raise my taxes to pay for them, something has to give. Want, want ,want. Thats all people do anymore is complain and criticize.

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Oct-01-13 7:09 AM

They did this through Allen Park (Elizabeth street) too. The road was smooth for one day, and then the roads were back to normal, full of pot holes. I walk thru that area, and had to avoid it for a few days, so I wouldn't be hit by stones.

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Oct-01-13 7:00 AM

Oh Larry1: It is gravel on top of tar, just like roads out in the country - worst it's spotty, not totally covered. It's terrible and yes, very very dusty I got couple chips of paint off my car. Very stupid of public officals to do that.

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Oct-01-13 6:50 AM

Haven't been on Hunt Rd recently, but I'll bet it is not gravel. They do what is called tar and chip. They put a sealer on the road like you do your driveway. Then they must put slag on top of it so that you can drive on it immediately.

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Oct-01-13 5:25 AM

Thanks for the heads up. I now know to stay away from hunt rd.

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