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The Fight Over Food Stamps

Give Integrity To Our Nation’s Assistance Programs

September 22, 2013

Feeding the hungry is one of the ways in which we care for our neighbors, and we encourage you to support local food pantries and organizations which help the need....

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Oct-19-13 2:47 AM

Oelwyn. Really. You've wasted our time and money. You should work till you drop. That my fellow human is what's called life.

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Oct-19-13 2:34 AM

So freaking tired of all my scumbag neighbors partying all the time,not taking care of their kids or animals while I work for a better life for me and my kids. Did you know people are moving to Chautauqua county because benefits are better than in NYC?! True!!!! We have to get out of this hellholes while we can! Don't wait until it's too late for you! !!! Best of luck! Used to love it. Just can't take it anymore :(

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Oct-16-13 8:17 AM

Why all the anger? There are plenty of food stamps to go around. 48% of this country uses them, according to Hannity.

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Sep-29-13 4:04 PM

With all the egregious corruption in the military budget why do the Republicans insist on going after poor people's benefits?

Why does Mr Reed think defunding Obamacare is more important than the welfare of the people it will help with access to healthcare?

Because the Republican party has, by and large, been purchased and is run for the benefit of the wealthy elite in this country who care nothing for the majority of the people in the US.

Start getting serious about REAL corruption, Mr Reed, the billions that are wasted on corporate welfare and questionable military "research" and leave the programs where deserving beneficiaries equal nearly 90% (by your own numbers) alone. Stop trying to fix our fiscal house on the backs of the middle and working classes, Mr Reed!

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Sep-28-13 11:58 AM

I like homemade cider with my govt. cheese.Thank you, sirs.Your sparse wit reflects your depth of character?Maybe you learned that in college? Of course not.You are diminished when your paid for degree presents as a tabula rasa with a B.S. after your name.What a waste of a Pell grant.

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Sep-25-13 12:01 PM

"Woody Guthrie."

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Sep-25-13 8:30 AM

That was "hear" violins.

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Sep-25-13 8:29 AM

Think I head violins Oelwyn.

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Sep-25-13 3:34 AM

The "Congratulations" on having a job was sincere.Congratulations on your sound investments and Education. Working at physical labor till your body gives in is the lot of most.Everyone can't be the boss.Experience is expendable when the CEO gouges his bonus and you have trained your replacement for half your pay.This is our AMERICA-Love it,you wont be able to leave it.And the "I got MINE!" guy will disparage those robbed of their honorable commitment by calling them "bums" etc.It's a short walk to the bottom and complacency is the first sign of danger.Good luck to you.Now,go fondle yourself.

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Sep-24-13 10:33 AM

Andy and Tom are hopelessly mired in the false mantra of "gull darn wellfare is going to get us all", while they attend those wine and cheese parties in all the "right places" wtf

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Sep-24-13 10:31 AM

34 billion (not 85 billion) sorry

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Sep-24-13 9:02 AM

Go fondle yourself SEADOG,and try to get a job after 50 years-'arf arf'.

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Sep-23-13 1:07 PM

You have a job?Congratulations!

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Sep-22-13 5:49 PM

People need to WORK for their food - just like I do!

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Sep-22-13 3:54 PM

"Reed and Goodell" should publish a cookbook on sidewalk greens and lawn gleanings.They could lay off the Parks Dept.and get their golf courses cleaned up for free-The peasants could enjoy an hour on the greens eating pesticides before they can run off into the waterways,and they could donate a portion of the proceeds to poor!Rich guys are really mellow,ya know.You should really try the 'yellow cake' @ the St.Susan-incomparable!($29.95@Barnes&.Noble)

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Sep-22-13 9:53 AM

84 billion a year in stamps..84 billion a MONTH for the fed to prop up your 401K.. get a grip u a hole

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Sep-22-13 3:07 AM

Who wouldn't want to make enough money to once again complain about their tax burden? Where's the 'integrity' in our NATION'S CORPORATE ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS? Thanks ANDY,but you sound more like "The KINGFISH".

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