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Amish Deserve Some Respect

September 18, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: In response to the lady who writes “Be Respectful of Amish Community” I agree with her 100 percent and can only add Amen! David R....

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Sep-23-13 12:22 PM

Still beating that same horse eh Emelye? That must be how I sound when I go on my anti-religion rants.We all have our crusades I suppose.

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Sep-22-13 12:35 PM

One more thing, Seadog, you never did answer my questions: why do you want to withhold necessary medical treatments from trans people? What other conditions do you think should be ignored by taxpayers so that the people who suffer from them end up living miserable lives cut short by untimely deaths? Are there any other medical conditions, besides gender dysphoria, that you think should be punished?

And how is it that you know better than all those doctors and scientists?

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Sep-22-13 12:32 PM

As usual, Seadog and his ilk use their egregious ignorance to justify harming people they don't like because those people are different from them. Seadog knows better than the AMA, APA and every other mainstream medical and scientific community about the serious nature of gender dysphoria and its potentially fatal effects, apparently because trans people make him feel icky.

Just because you don't like reality, Seadog, doesn't mean that you can make it go away by simply claiming it's untrue.

The medical treatment that prisoners get should be between them and their doctors, Seadog. Your prejudicial animosity is not justification for torturing people by withholding required medical care.

Ignorance and its resulting irrational fear drive prejudice and oppression. We see that played over and over again against minority communities. It needs to stop.

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Sep-20-13 7:29 PM

emelye,did you used to be an emory,u certainly have an assbackward way of justifying things,probably some of the strangest comments ive seen

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Sep-20-13 7:26 PM

What a bunch of GARBAGE

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Sep-20-13 10:24 AM

well lets see,they jump out of motor vehichles like a circus act,they surf the web on there smart phones,they have many kids so they can put them to work on farm at 12 years old,they have no problem with electricity as long as it doesn't come from a power line,and they talk crap about the english people in dutch,and usually leave event when they know someone can speak it,there kids have just as many problems with drugs and alcohol as everyone else s but usually are able to hide it through there church unless they get caught driving buggy drunk or go out tipping buggies the only reason they are amish is they are cheap lets see buying food from people who normally dont have running hot water in there house is a good thing because,and amish benefits really irke me because ive never met a poor amish man

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Sep-20-13 7:55 AM

loneriderrr1, tra**y is a dehumanizing, pejorative slur and I ask you not to use it.

Prejudice based on ignorance and fear all stems from the same source, the difference is in the degree. People fear what they are ignorant of and people hate what they fear. It's that simple. Besides, ol' Seadog keeps dodging my questions - he wants to have the government withhold lifesaving medical treatments from trans people. I think it would benefit many of us to find out why he feels that way.

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Sep-19-13 11:37 PM

The disrespect that Amish receive from many in our society comes from a similar source from which comes the oppression that trans people face. The only difference is in degree.

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Sep-19-13 11:36 PM

No you didn;t, Seadog. Check the post Sep-18-13 2:05 PM.

WHY do you think trans people should suffer and die because lifesaving medical therapy was withheld? What other medical conditions do you think should excluded from taxpayer supported health insurance?

Is it because they are different from you? Does the existence of trans people generate discomfort for you so therefore you feel they should be punished by having healthcare withheld from them?

I'm interested in the WHY, Seadog, not just the what.

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Sep-19-13 8:37 PM

Keep avoiding my questions, Seadog. Show everyone how senseless and cruel your opinions really are.

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Sep-19-13 10:32 AM

The Amish are NOT like me. I sent my kids to school on a bus AND they were wearing shoes!

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Sep-19-13 9:34 AM

The Amish are like the rest of us. (hypocritical). If they are being swept over the falls by the Niagara river, will they refuse the helicopter (modern device) rescue? Do you see them in the WCA hosp. using every electrical device available?

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Sep-18-13 9:59 PM

Everyone deserves respect regardless of differences.Many attitudes would change if 'concealed carrying' were made mandatory.Contact your Representative,(Maximum Respect) and ask them to supply you with a 'hunting' rather than a 'defensive' piece and have a Happy Thanksgiving.Funding should be "No Problemo"!

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Sep-18-13 5:10 PM

There were a couple of times in my life that I was without electricity. It turned out to be a lot of fun actually for me and my family. As a young man I threw out my black and white TV and did not watch TV for two years. That was in 1972-73. I got more stuff done duing that time than any other time in my life. This brings me back to the Amish.. maybe they are the smart ones and we are the dopes... hmm

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Sep-18-13 5:03 PM

If they are gonna stay out when it rains,.... they need to get some waterproof hats !!

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Sep-18-13 2:07 PM

I think EVERYONE deserves dignity and respect, as long as they aren't hurting people. The Amish live a life that rejects a great deal of our modern culture. That's their choice and they are very well within their rights to do so. Disrespecting Amish people because they are different is just as bad as disrespecting anyone else who is unique.

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Sep-18-13 2:05 PM

People fear what they don;t understand and hate what they fear:

"Seadog Sep-16-13 2:05 PM

'Do you think they should cut certain conditions out? Which ones'

Gender re-assignment would be a good start."

Why, Seadog? Do you know better than the doctors and scientists who have listed it as a legitimate and sometimes necessary and life saving procedure? Do you really think trans people should live miserable and torturous lives with an early death as a very possible result?

What is it about trans people that you hate so much to wish that for them? How is it that you despise them so much that you would willingly withhold life saving medical treatments? What in the Deity's name has any trans person done to you to make you wish all of them were dead, miserable and/or dying?

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Sep-18-13 12:13 PM

This isn't a letter... this is a statement suited for the "comments" section pertaining to the letter this person is referencing.

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Sep-18-13 9:16 AM

Strange letter indeed

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Sep-18-13 9:07 AM


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Sep-18-13 5:51 AM

I only wish the greater majority of our population would live up to the values of the Amish; hard working, family, religious and respect for the environment & the planet.

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Sep-18-13 5:38 AM

Wow! Nothing to say so he said it!

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