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County Home Is Not An Asset

September 15, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: I have been reading with interest the articles on the County Nursing home and why it should be sold....

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Sep-16-13 9:27 AM

It can't make money because of the union. Unions are flushing good viable businesses down the drain. Take a look at keywell in frewsburg and falconer. Hundreds of good paying jobs lost to the union. Business can't compete in the global market place paying those wages and benefits. Why do you think this is one of the highest taxed areas in the country. You can thank your county and city unions. Jamestown will soon become a ghost town as what ever manufacturing is left is on its way out to right to work states. Where can all of the keywell employees possably find a job in this area. There goes but a big chunk of tax base again

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Sep-15-13 4:39 PM

The county home can not make money because NYS has passed laws to keep government homes from competing with private homes. The home loses nearly $8K per day and only a sale to a private concern will keep it open. A sale is pending. How will Cornell, Whitney and Hoyer vote this time??

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Sep-15-13 2:16 PM

With that said, get rid of the union, get rid of the over staffing, and hire someone to manage it. Chautauqua County has a lot of people who they could sub-contract with I'm sure.

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Sep-15-13 2:14 PM

Don't claim it not to be an asset because in years to come, you may be needing a nursing home to turn to, and something tells me they'll remember you and your nice comments in that you're saying it isn't a asset.

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Sep-15-13 12:54 PM

If the home is not an asset why would anyone want to buy it?? Someone is not going to buy the county home unless they feel it can make money.So with that said why can't the county make money with it??

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Sep-15-13 11:08 AM

"Profit-ization" of the County Home will occur when it is sold off to the private interest that will slash the level of care of her inmates by eliminating 'quality' of services enough to pay a CEO an enticing stipend.

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Sep-15-13 10:03 AM

The county home is definitely an asset, if it wasn't nobody would pay any money to buy it.

The problem is that the asset has been mismanaged and its not making money for the county.

I think the county should get out of the nursing home business, and sell the facility to the highest responsible bidder.

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Sep-15-13 9:38 AM

He could be the smartest and most descent man alive which I'm sure he is a great guy. If he is in favor of keeping the county home I'm sure he will lose the race

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Sep-15-13 9:14 AM

The county home loses money - it is a liability. To call it an asset is ignorant.

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Sep-15-13 8:43 AM

I will begin with the comments author: according to GAAP The Coutny Home is an asset. You see an asset is defined by GAAP not you. How bizarre and a continuation of citizens making comments with no real understanding. Further, Ron Johnson has enormous experience operating an SNF, I am sure he will be able to do what he said. Otherwise unlike others he would not have said it. He was an outstanding Town Justice and not a politician and a decent Sheriff's Deputy. Lastly, from edk, how absolutely ridiculous and child like " people have to realize.... blah, blah, blah" what drivel. How would you know what is in a person's mind. A decent person runs for the Office of County Executive and his motivation is your all knowing drivel, pleaseeeee!

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Sep-15-13 7:55 AM

An asset is anything with value. The home clearly has value otherwise there would have been no offers to buy it. It appears to me that private homes play by a different set of rules than the county-owned ones do. The laws need to be changed so that all are on the same playing field. Right now we appear to be comparing apples to oranges.

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Sep-15-13 5:36 AM

A losing proposition is not an asset; unless you are using it as a tax write-off. Sell the home, pay off some debt with the proceeds and then apply the amount of the annual loss that we would have had to pay to additional debt reduction. Lower debts lead to lower interest expense leads to lower taxes. It's simple!

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