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Reed Surprises With Quick Decision

September 13, 2013

I am surprised and disappointed that our congressman, Rep....

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Sep-17-13 4:12 PM

Regulator do you still think Iraq had something to do with 9/11? If you do, you're wrong

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Sep-16-13 11:49 AM

I'm not surprised at all when any Republican exhibits a knee jerk reaction against anything that the president proposes.

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Sep-14-13 10:07 AM

You are surprised the republicans in Congress are partisan under all conditions? Where have you been all these years? At the Moscow airport terminal?

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Sep-14-13 9:54 AM

Not a surprise. Reed is a knee jerk anti Obama right winger. Doesn't think first. Just says what his bosses want him to say to get re-elected.

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Sep-13-13 10:44 PM

Thank You Carla 100% correct Mccain is only lobbying for his defense industry buddies not the people of Syria. You would have to be an idiot to use Chemical weapons, I would bet someone else sprayed them

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Sep-13-13 5:47 PM

Oh, how do people like Sammie and madman forget, I mean even if you forgot. It was in the paper yesterday. 9/11 we will never forget.

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Sep-13-13 12:25 PM

Duckster we learned that the Bush administration had no problem lying the people of the United States to get what they wanted.

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Sep-13-13 10:51 AM

what have we learned from Iraq?

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Sep-13-13 9:31 AM

He's like his great, great, great grand-pappy Harry. (You know the one...Harry and Nance babe)

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Sep-13-13 9:29 AM

To the writer; "Hope in one hand" and elect a democrat in the other, and see what you get.

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Sep-13-13 9:06 AM

Tom Reed's decision to not support a stupid war action is the same as Brian Higgins'. Which party was dictating?

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Sep-13-13 8:32 AM

Reed made his decision based on what the people of his district told him they wanted. NO WAR.

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Sep-13-13 8:09 AM

Why would America intervene in a coutry embroiled in a civil war that poses no threat to our national security? Reed has made the right decision.

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Sep-13-13 7:41 AM

As usual, now Fedup blames Mr Reed's decision on this President. So typical. Why not just say he made a good decision based on the fact this country is tired of the last 2 wars the former administration saddled us with.

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Sep-13-13 6:05 AM

How do you know what facts had been presented to Reed? Maybe he was well aware of how pointless any action would be after Obama's procrastination for many months and Obama's declared intention to not force regime change.

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Sep-13-13 5:47 AM

Maybe he bases his decision on the fact that only a moron would want a new war in the Middle East right now under any circumstances!

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Sep-13-13 4:29 AM

Maybe he is a politician that makes his decisions based on party politics. It saves all that time learning the facts and having to think.

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