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Gun Debate, Tax Issues Signs Of Lost Freedom

September 8, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: Regarding Mr. Demler’s letter about freedom: Our founders feared a powerful central government and believed strongly in the sovereignty of states....

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Sep-08-13 3:45 AM

Unfortunately most Americans have been dumbed down to the point that they don't even know that these are important issues. Getting Americans to care about what is actually important is like trying to squeeze water from a rock.

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Sep-08-13 8:17 AM

very good letter. Let's get America back on track to being a great nation again.

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Sep-08-13 8:41 AM

Another wacko opinion piece! The number of guns in the US has increased exponentially over the last thirty years and the fire power of those guns have also increased dramatically. You insinuate that those you disagree with you get their news from Hollywood and comics. You must get yours from WND (World News Daily). The increased snooping by the NSA under the veil of the Patriot Acts is a more disturbing issue.

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Sep-08-13 8:56 AM

Rick,and Dan, you are exactly right!! those that click disagree,are more than likely collecting money from the$21.01 gravy train and living better than those that have enough self respect to get a job and work,or it's those who receive residual monies[rent etc.] from the $21.01 gravy train courtesy of the crooks in gov't that these individuals keep voting in for their greed. These individuals beleive that gov't is a cure all for their lack of desire for self respect!! Let someone else pay your bills, tell you how to raise your children[just look at the lack of respect in the school systems]and it's the teachers fault that that's happening,can't be the ones that are ramming these programs down the tax payers throats,and lets not forget how these programs are selling the"guns are bad,and your gov't will take care of you agenda"! Those of us with self respect will not give up the good fight,the fight this country was founded on. LIVE FREE OR DIE!!!!

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Sep-09-13 12:03 PM

The Government got my gun. In 1969 the made me give my M-16 back. However, in return I got a piece of paper that said I didn't have to kill people anymore and that I could go home. In retrospect it was not a bad trade.

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Sep-09-13 2:20 PM

This whole Letter is ironic.

The first sentence ignores history. No, the founders were very much split on their views of government.

"The common belief that our 250-year-old nation is exempt from thousands of years of history is arrogant."

Yes, Rick...which is why I find those who fight tooth and nail against history to be ridiculous. Including you.

The "right to bear arms" and tax issues have been raging since day one, over two hundred years ago.

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Sep-11-13 2:16 PM

Whoopie! Let's all return to those days of old, when we moved about on horses, and firearms required 30 seconds to reload. When everything was made by hand, and healthcare consisted of applying leeches. <EYEROLL>

It never fails to amaze me that people firmly believe that a small group of wealthy slave owners living at the end of the Agricultural Age has any wisdom to share with those of us living in the Post-Industrial Age. There is virtually nothing in common between the two eras, yet the words of the Founders are dragged out as gospel truth today.

So if we must, let's rely on one piece of advice from Thomas Jefferson. He believed that we need to start anew every 50 years or so, because, unlike the writer of this piece, he recognized that he had no right to speak for the future citizens of the nation. Now that advice I can agree to take.

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Sep-11-13 2:21 PM

@redbird ---

You need to get off the caffeine.

Just saying ...

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Sep-12-13 12:20 PM

"... Our founders feared a powerful central government and believed strongly in the sovereignty of states..." Obama on the other hand, drools over BIG FED govt. ruling every detail of your life... like a dog over a pork chop

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Sep-12-13 3:19 PM

Very well stated and on point Rick Hammond,i couldn't agree more.

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Sep-12-13 8:20 PM

DavidVA I think you need some of Redbirds caffeine you appear to have been sleeping a lot. I hope for your sake you comments where meant to be a joke. Just saying....

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Sep-12-13 8:22 PM

Rick Hammond thank you for the refreshing commentary.

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Sep-12-13 11:50 PM

OMG, thanks for your non-contribution.

"DavidA - you're wrong because I said so."

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Sep-13-13 12:04 PM

Try this site for information on Federal tax collections and expendature from 1940 to the present: www . taxpolicycenter . org/taxfacts/displayafact . cfm?Docid=200

Note: this includes all forms of Federal taxation, which is low by post-WW2 standards. Also keep in mind that the biggest declines in tax collection have been due to reductions in corporate taxes, estate taxes, and taxes on unearned income, while Payroll taxes have risen dramatically.

Hint: most of use pay more in Payroll tax than we do income tax. The rich pay very little of either.

Focus on the problem!

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