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Education System Is A Lie

September 7, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: One of the biggest problems facing our country is failing public Education. The difficulty as I see it we go to the ones who broke it to fix it....

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Sep-07-13 5:50 AM

I've heard "Why can't Johhy learn" since 1956. The problem is the school is not just a politician's ploy for votes, it is the heavy handed union, the suppliers, and the progresssive teachings to little Johnny that his parents are stupid and the world will be better off when everybody is raised by the him. Don't worry, be happy. We'll take care of you no matter how little you apply yourself.

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Sep-07-13 7:07 AM

I believe the bigger question is: When are we as a nation going to stop looking to government to solve our problems? When are we as a nation going to stop reelecting the same people who keep creating the laws we don't agree with? When are as a nation going to put an end to government overreach, and failure to listen to what we as a people want done? Or are we like they just going to keep doing the same things? They do what is in their best interest and we do nothing but complain.

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Sep-07-13 7:08 AM

Local control is very important not only for schools but for government in general. The power should be from the people up, not from the top down. The more we take from the Federal government the more freedom we give up. We have become an entitlement society dependent upon government for every need. Very sad.

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Sep-07-13 9:17 AM

The writing has been on the wall for some time. There is little local control now. This is how the State wants it and is their argument in that State run school boards are the answer. The master plan, has been for a couple of years now to do away with local school boards . The State will run everything. Teachers will be hired and retired by the State, schools will be opened and closed by the State and so on. Some people think this is a good idea. So far it hasn't happened , but it is very close at this point. Again, the States argument for this is that we run most of it now, it would be better if we had total control.

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Sep-07-13 10:18 AM

Local control...only way to go!!!!

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Sep-07-13 10:58 AM

Local control is terrific - look at Buffalo with its under 50% graduation rates. And the local yokels think - our kids ain't got no need to learn science or English...

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Sep-07-13 11:08 AM

Private schools have a wonderful track record of educating children, they run on tight budgets with great results. They have children's education as their number one priority not politics.

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Sep-07-13 12:51 PM

Culture is the problem. Culture is sinking. Education follows. The educational system is only as broken as the educators and the educated.

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Sep-07-13 4:21 PM

Right on irony. This country has been run too long by the Ivy League elite with their liberal/progressive education with many thanks to the greatly predominant leftist faculties. Teachers' unions are so in bed with the Democrats that it is no longer about the kids but giving the teachers more money knowing all the while the unions will return a hefty chunk of it back to the Democrats. For proof, you have to look no farther than the current lawsuit by Holder against Louisiana preventing vouchers going to poor minority students so they could go to better schools. If Holder and the unions win, these poor, minority students will be consigned to staying in union-run schools with graduation rates near the 50% mark. Like marchhare said, it isn't going to get any better until the people/voters hurt most by the current public education system wake up and stop voting for the politicians responsible for maintaining the status quo just because they're Democrats or black.

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Sep-07-13 4:53 PM

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Sep-07-13 4:55 PM

Cjb that is a no brainer.....higher economic families attend private schools better results...I bet the majority of high economic families kids do fine in the public schools....public assistance kids not so much...

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Sep-07-13 6:13 PM

Mr. Walker, I agree that the Federal Government should close the DoEd while preserving its role in higher ed finance. The issue of State control of curricula needs to be addressed. Feddie (below), although in a bigoted and myopic manner, pointed out that the Unions need to be addressed and I concur that the process of education needs to be overhauled.

So what is the answer? It would have been nice Mr. Walker if you would have articulated a proposed solution in your complaint.

Let's be clear, most people do not use 'education' much past the 8th grade level. The higher ed = success logic is a myth especially with rising opportunity cost.

I'd love to hear the Author offer a solution to the identified problem.

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Sep-08-13 5:41 AM

Doggie, love the bark too bad you forgot to put in your teeth for the bite. Your response is classic "playground" retort. I'll forgive you as I suspect you were a C student in high school.

I'm not going to drag out all the links but this video will start you off for context: on.ted . com / Robinson2013

Read the last paragraph here: com / is-formal-education-needed-become-successful-3698596 . html

Last, you can run the logic here Doggie. I know you love your fallacy but this is pretty simple even for a pup like yourself to follow. ****debate****/debates/Formal-Education-does-not-equal-success-in-later-life. /1/

Remove the spaces in the links, just in case you are not aware. Hope my ignorance as demonstrated above is not too advanced for you.

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Sep-08-13 10:59 AM

Oh Doggie, I figured you'd not have response. Your maturity is a mirror image of a petulant child.

I'll take your statement as your establishing you do not have a position that you can articulate nor facts that back it up. You know, it is not shameful to admit that you do not have an argument. Embracing ignorance is the only way to overcome it.

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Sep-08-13 11:03 AM

By the way Doggie, I love how you've added a 'y' to my name. So warm and cuddly of you. You've always been my favorite Doggie every since we started this some time ago.

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Sep-08-13 11:34 AM

Dark77, what about the better results from non-union charter schools as opposed to unionized public schools. Results are better with charter schools even when the students were from the same locale and same economic background. As for HenryH, you are indeed a conceited piece of work. I'm a bigot for pointing out the obvious truth. Blacks overwhelmingly support Democrats who fight with all their might to keep the public education status quo despite the miserable track record in the inner cities. I'm surprised you didn't include calling me a racist. As for arguing with Seadog, well it just shows how you can take information and distort context to fit your leftist agenda. It's the same as how some will use misleading parameters to be able to fit statistics to support their arguments. Brother-in-law of mine with chemical engineering degree said his degree directly pertained to only about 15% of the work required for his job.

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Sep-08-13 11:36 AM

Then again Henry, maybe what you meant was that large city school districts, in a great many instances, give students a high school diploma for an "eighth grade" education.

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Sep-08-13 12:10 PM

Feddie, for once I agree with you. Many school districts are failing our children and pushing children through who have not obtained the required skills even in a failed curriculum. That is very sad and getting worse. So, as an answer, let's cut back more on the basics to make sure that trend continues, yes Feddie?

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Sep-08-13 3:58 PM

gave us moor money an we will teech your kids more better. We cant make it on 100k a yeer.

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Sep-08-13 4:57 PM

6 months on / 6 months off. (180 day school year)

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Sep-09-13 11:02 AM

Money doesn't make you learn. It's attitude. When you emulate the gangsta hip hops, ***** and baby daddies, you aren't going to leave school ready for a good job.....but like, you progs can live in the "real" world.

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Sep-09-13 11:40 AM

two words; "Jay Walking" (leno at teacher college graduations; they knew nothing that he asked [easy questions], and they were to be teachers!)

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Sep-09-13 12:13 PM

This is not rocket science.. Go to school, get an education or learn a marketable skill and move on.. what's the big deal anyway?

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Sep-09-13 2:23 PM

"Right on irony."

You clearly did not understand what I meant.

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Sep-09-13 2:24 PM

Gotta love it though. It's always everyone else, isn't it? Always point the finger somewhere else.

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