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Syria: Congress Should Do What Is Best For Americans

September 5, 2013

President Barack Obama finally has decided to submit the decision on war with Syria to Congress....

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Sep-08-13 9:32 AM

Agreed. We have a track record of backing the wrong people all over the world for one reason or another. We just never learn. I'm glad we aren't the recipients of some foreign benefactor striking us to put us on the proper track as they see it.....oh wait...that was Sep 11 2001.

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Sep-07-13 4:51 PM

50's, I don't think it will change Obama much. After all, while in the White House, Obama has not celebrated Easter but he has officially observed Ramadan each year. Also, not to be forgotten is his close association with the Muslim Brotherhood who have been frequent visitors to the White House. Pretty good for an organization with some of its leadership having called for the destruction of the United States. When you look carefully at Obama's Middle East track record, you will see that he has always acted in ways that strengthened the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist groups over the more secular groups. All Americans should be concerned since these secular groups would surely be friendlier to America and its interests.

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Sep-07-13 10:37 AM

Latest threat from the religion of peace is every chief of state's family of the West including Obama's daughter will be raped and killed in retaliation. Wonder how long he'll keep kissing up to the Ayatollas now?

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Sep-06-13 12:21 PM

Stop policing the world and worry instead about what's happening in our own country. We cannot keep funneling lives and money into every little crisis that erupts in the middle east. It's gone on for decades (hundreds of years?) and it will continue to go on for as long as ignorance and religious fervor holds sway (i.e. - indefinitely).

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Sep-06-13 12:08 PM

We should stay out of it, aside from not letting any dirty smelly dangerous Syrian Muslim war refugee scums into our country, or any other western country (Canada, western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc.). Let them tear each other apart, they're just Muslims.

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Sep-06-13 9:05 AM

I hope Obama's daughter bcomes an Army attack helicopter pilot when she turns 18. (our army) Watch the Dems scramble for peaceful solutions then.

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Sep-06-13 9:03 AM

What's best for Americans is beyond the comprehension of Congress. They do what is best for them, for illegal immigrants, for criminals, for foeign nations hostile to us, etc.

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Sep-06-13 6:29 AM

My acct says I had another post pulled, but it doesn't show monkey....which one was it that hurt your poor little senses so much? Do you clean the rest rooms at the PJ or something?

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Sep-06-13 5:11 AM

I disagree with the P-J. The "red line" comment painted Obama into a corner, not America. Then, like typical Obama, he says the world, Congress and people who signed a treaty and are no longer on this Earth, painted the "red line". It's won't be Obama's fault if we go to war, it will be everyone else's fault. You'll note that the rest of the world knows Obama is an empty suit and will not go along with him on this or most anything else. It's a darn shame most of our media/press give him a free ride. You'd think, being Americans, they would do what is best for America which is telling the truth. Speaking of which, watched Kerry testimony for two days on C-span. Totally reminded me of the time-worn Sen. Johnson quote, "The first casualty of war is truth".

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Sep-05-13 3:27 PM

"... rather than "I hate Obama so much that I will take the opposing position just for spite"..." We do not hate Obama. We hate fool-hearted decisions, foolish bills (like that "health care thingy), Ignorant and naïve decisions such as the ridiculous wasteful "stimulus" pkg.(by the way what happened to that TRILLION?), voters who had no better sense than to vote into office someone who's total credential is having passed out some free cheese; we hate exit polling that reveals Obama voters in general had ZERO knowledge about anything important, (they did have cell phones though), We hate seeing every move by the gang of felons in DC are destructive toward the total ruin of the United States of America. But we love Barak.

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Sep-05-13 2:01 PM

OMG! Please don't make me agree with irony..

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Sep-05-13 1:30 PM

horse radish, the congress and the exec. the total current regime....are all MORE worried about their three martini lunches than they are about you. If you think any congressmen or the "administration / regime " is concerned about are then flat out STUPIDDDD!

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Sep-05-13 12:49 PM

Although I am against any war, the concept of "doing what is best for us" is at its best, selfish. The reasons I have have nothing to do with me and all to do with the recognition that our intervention may very well do no help.

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Sep-05-13 8:21 AM

Don't cross the red line pulled us right in to the insanity. That will be the legacy of obama

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Sep-05-13 8:19 AM

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Sep-05-13 8:19 AM

Really hate to say it but I think we are looking at ww3. She is about to boil over. No correct answer here. The best we can hope for is it stays off of our soil

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Sep-05-13 4:55 AM

I believe you are going to see Congress totally split on this. America is war weary, yet we still are a humanitarian nation and in the past have helped people around the planet and probably will continue to do so in the future. Can we afford, financially and politically to help out? Can we afford not to? There really is no correct answer; it is what it's going to be.

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Sep-05-13 3:05 AM

they never do what is best for us, they only do what benefits themselves, does not matter which party they are from

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