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Obama’s ‘Red Line’ Comment Was A Mistake

September 2, 2013

Terming use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war a “red line” that, if crossed, would result in decisive U.S. action was a mistake on President Barack Obama’s part....

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Sep-05-13 6:35 AM

he also stated he didn't draw the red line , it was the UN and congress that drew the red line. One thing for sure he always passes the buck. Now that he has blamed congress lets see if they are ignorant enough to give him a yes vote? Then the American people need to vote all the war mongers that yea vote out 2014!!!

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Sep-04-13 7:37 AM

Sell them bullets and take their gold and oil....that is what Russia is doing.

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Sep-04-13 7:30 AM

What would have happened in our own civil war had France, UK, or any other country put troops on the ground for the rebels? Slavey would still exist. In this case we will just be supporting another islamist state any way you look at it. Step back and let Allah sort it out. Let them exhaust themselves in the Middle East. We a not going to change anything over there by sticking our nose in except more cut it off.

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Sep-04-13 3:42 AM

For the last 4 years, the Obama administration has been trying to do an end run around Congress by trying to get treaties with the UN passed by the Dem. Senate. Now, when he should really be going to the UN, Obama wants to give the UN a pass. Along with cutting foreign aid to countries that consistently oppose us, we should stop propping up the UN.

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Sep-03-13 12:28 PM

That's just what we need... yet another armed conflict in a foreign land. I say stay out of it. Is gassing civilians a terrible thing? Yes. Should we commit American lives and money to someone else's war? No. It's been noted that neither side of this conflict is a friend to the US. We would do well to remember that.

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Sep-03-13 7:52 AM

Have we not learned anything over the last 10 years? 2 wars, thousands of dead american soldiers, and probably hundreds of thousands more wounded physically and mentally. WMD, WMD, and we have conclusive proof. We are still looking for these WMDs. We need to stay out of this fight. No support from allies or UN. And by the way, who are we supporting? Assad government is Hezbollah, but aren't the rebels Al Queda? We need to stay out and sort it out once the fighting stops.

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Sep-03-13 6:55 AM


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Sep-02-13 8:11 PM

It would be interesting if Syria's competent air force attacked our warships in the Med before we hit them. How much damage could they do to a carrier before being stopped? Carriers aren't even armed for defense anymore. It might be suicidal, but that's nothing new.

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Sep-02-13 2:55 PM

It will be interesting to see what Congress will do now that the ball is in their court and they can no longer just blame others.

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Sep-02-13 11:34 AM

None of the people or factions involved in that fighting are friends of the US. The strongest forces on the rebel side are Al Quada. If we weaken Assad they are the ones who will take over the country and it's assets. Who would you rather have controlling the chemical weapons given the past history of both in their relationship with the US.

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Sep-02-13 9:17 AM

Obama is a mistake, period.

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Sep-02-13 7:32 AM

The muslim brotherhood and Hezbollah need to be oppressed and killed. They don't mind collateral damage, and are avid sponsors of human shields. Do you think Assad is the guy who will be sending gas to NYC? Let them slaughter each other until a couple left standing are ready to enter modern society.

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Sep-02-13 7:21 AM

Since Obama calls the military , "my military", king "O" WILL DO WHAT EVER HE PLEASE REGARDLESS WHAT CONGRESS OR THE PEOPLE WANT, AFTER ALL HE'S COMING INTO HIS dictatorship prime.

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Sep-02-13 5:59 AM

The president was right the first time when he wanted to stay out of it. Redline comment or not, it's still the best decision.

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Sep-02-13 5:24 AM

A threat of action should be the first step. Punishing the offender should follow. Surgical strikes from a distance only. These rogue leaders must learn they will be punished for their mistakes. Either that or completely stay away from this or any similar situation and live with the results; being that we did not help the oppressed in any humanitarian way. Can we continue to be the world's watchdog. I really don't know the answer to that question.

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