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Something Needs To Change With Welfare System

August 29, 2013

Perhaps we can get liberals and conservatives to agree on one thing when it comes to the nation’s welfare system — something has to change. That doesn’t mean end welfare altogether....

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Sep-06-13 5:57 PM

The other boot was FDR.

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Sep-05-13 4:12 AM

Hoover was an Engineer-Standardized licensing and restrictions to the Radio industry-Shoe and clothing size and manufacturing standards,and deployed the US MILITARY against the VETERANS that fought WWI and had a sociopathic disregard for the suffering of the dis-enfranchised.No MILLIONAIRES were harmed during his administration.Then the other boot fell..

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Sep-04-13 5:43 AM

Plain and simple. If a household doesn't have at least one member working, they should not be eligible for ANY help at all.

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Sep-01-13 3:59 PM

Oelwyn, someday I hope you take the time to really study history. Hoover knew what was coming when he took over the Presidency. The wheels were already set in motion for a a collapse of economic prosperity. He was also on record as predicting that he would take the blame, which he did with class. He didn't complain daily, like Obama, that he inherited the mess and it was somebody else's fault. You might even discover that Obama is pursuing the exact policies of FDR which only prolonged the economic malaise. FDR, at least, was facing new circumstances. What's Obama's excuse? Not to worry, I'm sure he'll find someone else to blame.

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Sep-01-13 2:39 AM

"Mister,we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again."

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Aug-31-13 4:51 PM

Urban housing projects are HQ for criminals under protection of the government programs. Nobody who lives there is safe, but nobody will snitch...the thugs exist on the street code of never talk to the law. See what happened to the kid on the bus when he reported teen drug dealers? See anyone move to help him when being beaten severely and robbed right in front of them? Those punks were outnumbered 5-1 but nobody moved.

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Aug-31-13 8:38 AM

You mean like RFK did to MLK? We'd end up with more records sealed for fifty years.

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Aug-30-13 10:52 PM

I'd bet 50sIQ4ever is against NSA monitoring but wants the government to monitor specific people. lol.

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Aug-30-13 10:39 AM

yeah that welfare is quite a note to self.. you are not going to get rich on 133 per mo per person...

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Aug-30-13 10:23 AM

Every person caught dealing drugs, flashing large amounts of cash on facebook usually with an illegal handgun as well, who lives in subsidized housing should be evicted immediately and removed from the programs permanently.

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Aug-30-13 9:18 AM

Yes, FedUpL8ly, you are correct. Giving handouts for votes, you are over the edge, my friend, better grab a branch.

Seadog, according to your calculations those under the poverty line spend $8,432 more each year than the median household earns. Better come up for some air before the bends get to you.

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Aug-30-13 3:06 AM

This country has been going downhill for decades. Those that think and comment as if it all started with Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, are either very young or not very well read. Our last 4 president are among the worst this country has ever had.We should not only end welfare for those able bodied legal and illegal citizens, we should also end aid to all other countries until we get our own financial house in order.

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Aug-29-13 7:46 PM

Oelwyn, regrettably my Spanish reading skills need improving but I think what most of those signs said was "I'm in this country illegally and I demand you pay me twice the minimum wage".

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Aug-29-13 5:08 PM

Emelye, you make a good point. Even in WNY, anything under $9 an hour for anyone over the age of 20 is not a living wage. It is impossible to live on for many reasons. One, because for 40 years wages have stagnated and then decreased. Two, because cost of goods has risen alongside that. Then, you have the 1% who have exponentially increased their monies and corporations which were pulling in massive profits even through the recession! Something is wrong here.

Well, the problem isn't government but a culture of stupid. Government has had to subsidize the corporate greed for 30 years now. It's not a new condition; ageless greed at the top. Unfortunately though, we now have a very stupid, lazy culture of people. Some of the bottom is to blame as well for that.

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Aug-29-13 5:05 PM

I have been having so much fun collecting 1/4 of Seadog's paycheck, do you know how awesome it is to get a free vacation?!?! Especially from someone like Seadog. What a guy.

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Aug-29-13 4:49 PM

If you want to reduce the number of people using SNAP funds to buy groceries, raise the minimum wage to a LIVING wage!

Keep the minimum wage the same and cut SNAP funding and you get starving people. Plain and simple. Hungry people get restless and demanding. Do you really want poor and hungry people to get so desperate they start breaking laws? Use your heads people!

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Aug-29-13 4:46 PM

Indeed, we need to end the corporate welfare our government is giving to the wealthy elite so we can spend more money helping poor families survive until they can find decent work.

Not what the Cato Institute meant? Of course not! They want the government to let the poor and working poor (remember, the federal minimum wage isn't high enough to support anyone without government assistance) starve and freeze! That way the weak ones will die and the rich won't have to worry about supporting them because, as we all know, they still don't have enough money!

669 Billion in defense spending and you people want to save a small fraction of that on the backs of the poor, the elderly and the children of this country! SHAME ON YOU!

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Aug-29-13 4:39 PM

I don't frequent fast food establishments.Tell us,What was the most amusing Spanish language sign you read during this demonstration?

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Aug-29-13 3:33 PM

P-W-U, you are the one who needs to wake up. Obama has undone the changes made under Clinton. It's not much more than a simple hand-out in order to buy votes. Under Obama, more than 100 million now getting public assistance but I'm sure Howard will say that's just another conservative lie. Perhaps Oelwyn can tell us how many people will continue going to fast food chains when the prices get jacked up to pay for $15 an hour workers. I really got a kick out of one of the protest rallies where all the signs were in Spanish. Instead of protesting for $15 @ hr. for a job that doesn't merit it, they should be out protesting against an Obama economy. Of course, it would be tough to admit they voted for the guy and are stuck with the results, especially when it was all so foreseeable.

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Aug-29-13 11:01 AM

Madman, they are resting up to go to work on the second shift after working all night. LOL

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Aug-29-13 9:39 AM

olaf5138, Not everyone on SNAP is a bum! Many of your neighbors are provided SNAP, because their low paying jobs are not enough to put a roof over their head, pay for utilities AND put a decent meal on the table.

Many of todays SNAP participants are the unemployed that recently lost their jobs.

Another thing to think about regarding SNAP. Yes, it is federal dollars, but look at the turn-around these dollars provide:

Food on the table, A job for a store employee, money for the farmer and tax dollars back into the system.

SNAP is an investment, not a waste.

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Aug-29-13 9:32 AM

Come on Post Journal. Haven't you and the readers beat this issue into the ground?

Did you do YOUR Own research regarding "welfare"?

Since you didn't let me help you and the readers, again. a) Welfare no longer exist. Let me repeat, WELFARE NO LONGER EXIST!

b) The programs for the most part changed in 1996.

c) TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) A federal program that assist FAMILIES for 60 months. d) SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) yesterdays food stamps. e) Employability Programs

There are too many assumptions that there is full out abuse. This is far from the truth.

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Aug-29-13 9:18 AM

Therefore,the "CATO "institute knows the minimum wage should be $21 per hour.

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Aug-29-13 9:17 AM

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Aug-29-13 8:42 AM

Misleading conservative lies, as usual. I would like to see this "43,700" broken down dollar by dollar. The P-J must be using a very large family as their example but will not tell you that here. Typical right-wing scare tactics. Those of us in the know are not fooled by these innuendo's any more. $43,700 a year. Is this figure using Medicaid paying for a knee replacement? Or 6 children? Republicans will never re-gain power until they get real!

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