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No Reason To Return To Iraq

August 27, 2013

Forty-six people were killed in Iraq Sunday, as it becomes clearer and clearer U.S. strategy to pacify that country was a dismal, bloody, expensive failure....

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Aug-30-13 10:56 PM

I also love how you justify the lie about WMD's. Bravo. Some of you are so blind to your own ironic idiocy it is appalling. It's not even funny.

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Aug-30-13 9:39 AM

irony- the answer to your question is "the crew on the carrier". And the mission was to oust Saddam which was accomplished. But, of course, it was all distorted by the media and Dems, just like they said Bush was a cowboy acting unilaterally when he had a coalition of more than 40 countries and Dems from Clinton, Biden and Kerry all saying Saddam had WMD's. Personally, I believe the story told by an Iraqi general. He said that Saddam had a shoot the messenger mentality and that his people told him they had more WMD's than they really had because it was better to lie than face execution. The general also said that many of the WMD's that Iraq had were trucked into Syria before the invasion by the U.S. coalition. It would be nice to have a "trusted" party to do a forensic analysis of the "gas rockets" recently used in Syria to determine when and where they were made.

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Aug-29-13 1:25 PM

Seadog - that had to hurt! Such a short-term memory and lacking in substance you can't even remember your own typed words!

Also, I'm not sure where I called it "GWB's war". I asked a question, who said "Mission Accomplished" almost 10 years ago? Can you answer that?

"the only reason we've EVER been involved in the middle east is oil."

Also, we've been involved for a pivot-point to Russia, Asia, and the Persian Gulf and Red Sea (also see Suez Canal). Very strategic position in the world. The specific pivot-point has been Israel. We created and build them up for this very reason.

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Aug-29-13 9:34 AM

"Billions of dollars were poured into IRAQ-and the flow of money has not stopped," It looks like "HALLIBURTON"" has cornered the market completely there. Nothing to see here,just move along..

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Aug-29-13 7:59 AM

Seadog, these are your words: "and the anti-American extremism in reaction to the invasion and occupation which has spread throughout much of the world all could have been avoided if the Democratic-controlled Senate hadn't voted to authorize this illegal and unnecessary war and occupation". More americans killed in Afghanistan under president Obama's 6 yrs than under GWB's 8 yrs? Where did you get that stat? At least we agree they should be out.

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Aug-28-13 5:33 PM

Seriously Seadog and Fedup? Now it was the democratic Senate fault for the Iraq war? Laughable. And we were "MEAN" to Mr hoo..we should have sent him a bill for the trillion dollars it cost this country. After 10 yrs in that*****hole, and they still can't control each other, we are expected to stay what forever? We shouldn't even still be in Afghanistan but of course you disagree with that. You must have stock in Dick Cheney's company.

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Aug-28-13 12:22 PM

If these people hate us (America) so much (all the protests and flag burnings make it quite obvious that they do)then we need to pull out completely and let them fight amongst themselves like they always have and always will. We need to stop trying to police/babysit the world. Bring our troops home, quit dumping money into foreign countries that despise us and lets rebuild America, without pandering to terrorists and dictators. The only reason why we are there, the only reason we've EVER been involved in the middle east is oil. Plain and simple. It's got nothing to do with democracy, or human rights, or any of the other reasons politicians give to send money and troops. It's oil. They got it. We want it.

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Aug-27-13 2:46 PM

Very True Statement.

Now is the time for our country to draw the line. Protect our own and stop policing the world.

I hate what is going on in Syria. Instead of offering weapons, we need to provide humantarian aid. Same thing in Eygpt.

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Aug-27-13 12:37 PM

Cont.) talking point. The point being that he, Obama, brought all troops out of Iraq. It made a good electioneering sound bite. Too bad it came at the expense of Iraqi regional stability.

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Aug-27-13 12:34 PM

P-J staff should do a little homework on recent events in Iraq. After the surge devised by Gen. Petraeus, violence in Iraq was almost completely eradicated to the point where it was safer to be in Iraq than along the U.S.-Mexico border. Barack Obama failed to keep the progress already achieved when he took office principally due to two things. He was "totally silent" during the "green revolution" in Iran when the Iranians were begging him for any kind of support. Instead of toppling or being weakened, the Ahmedinejad regime was strengthened to the point where they were able to increase their disruptive influence in Iraq. Secondly, Bush had already established a timetable for withdrawal except for about a 10,000 man peacekeeping force that would gradually leave the country. Obama treated Al-Maliki in such a way as to ruin our relationship with Iraq. Some have said this was done so that all U.S. troops would be forced to leave giving Obama a domestic political talki

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Aug-27-13 9:30 AM

No reason to have been there in the first place.

"Mission Accomplished!" Who said that?

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