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Giving Back

Rifle Donated To Jamestown Police Department

August 26, 2013

The Jamestown Police Department has taken ownership of a new rifle, thanks to a donation from a local business....

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Aug-30-13 9:04 AM

And, hogboy, I don't appreciate being called Dumali. Why don't you stick to making your point without name calling. Be respectful of others.

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Aug-30-13 8:58 AM

Hogboy, yes you are correct. People kill people. But, had Adam Lanza not had access to a gun like a Bushmaster AR, all of those kids might be alive today. I don't understand how people like you can go to sleep at night and make the arguments you make just for the sake of preserving your 2nd amendment right. I mean, how would you feel if your son or daughter was massacred with a gun next week at school? I am not saying the "gun" killed those 20 children by itself but if the whackjob did not have access to the assault rifle in the first place, then we might not be talking about Newtown. Our world would be better off without guns period. Guns do one thing, in the hands of a human being, they kill. That is their intended purpose. If you read my whole post, I was really questioning the timing of the donation and the type of gun donated. I thought the timing was suspicious and the choice of gun was insensitive. We will never agree so let's plan to disagree and make it a

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Aug-28-13 5:22 PM

I have to say, I did chuckle alittle when I read the article. I just have never seen an individual or business donate a weapon to the police department. All good I guess.

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Aug-28-13 8:56 AM

Funny how people always say guns don't kill people, people kill people. However when it coms to drugs ..they say drugs kill people. How is that? Both are inanimate objects..yet MJ is persecuted worse than guns..

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Aug-27-13 1:21 PM

"Let's remember this actual gun MURDERED 20 innocent kindergartners and first graders in Newtown, CT less that a year ago." Really Dumali!! People kill people!!!

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Aug-27-13 11:42 AM

Of course, it is nice that Mr. Piatz decided to make a donation to the JPD. I'd much rather have the JPD owning a Bushmaster Assault Rifle than having him sell it to some whack job. But, I question the timing of his donation and his intention. He has never donated to the JPD before. And, he said the timing felt right? Of course it did, with all the talk about the Safe Act and Gun Control, this brings attention to Mr. Piatz and his business. He is not dumb and he is a businessman. I would question the PJ as to whether this is really newsworthy though? Let's remember this actual gun MURDERED 20 innocent kindergartners and first graders in Newtown, CT less that a year ago. I don't think it was in the best tastes to place a photo of this gun in the paper.

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Aug-27-13 11:10 AM

I love your small town ideas Conservative1212. You should lock yourself in your hole and never come out

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Aug-26-13 2:36 PM

Yes conservative lets shoot petty criminals. How about we get the old men sitting in front of computers spewing hate.

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Aug-26-13 1:42 PM

collapsible stock, multi round clip(appears 20-28 round), muzzle flash suppresser, pistol grip, semi- auto, Bush Master 15 ect.ect. Repeal "safe act" NOW!!!

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Aug-26-13 1:38 PM

The rifle isn't legal with the New York "Safe Act"?? That's right the government buying up all the guns and ammo the rest of us can't have? hmmmm,,,?? double standards is what the Cuomo "safe act" is and unconstitutional!!

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Aug-26-13 11:12 AM

Why can't some people just appreciate what this man did instead of comments that aren't worth reading?

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Aug-26-13 9:18 AM

Now they need to use it and get a few of these drug dealers and petty repeat crooks.

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Aug-26-13 9:17 AM

Looks more like a confiscation than a donation. After all who can he sell it to?

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