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Obama Unveils College Rating System At Buffalo Campus

August 23, 2013

BUFFALO — Targeting the soaring cost of higher education, President Barack Obama on Thursday unveiled a broad new government rating system for colleges that would judge schools on their affordabilit......

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Aug-23-13 10:02 PM

Did Mayor Brian Higgins get a chance to speak or was Obama just making a passing introduction?

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Aug-23-13 8:16 PM

Thanks logician. But, not sure I buy. 1) More students also means more revenue from these extra students correct? How does translate to higher cost? Maybe this was not typical but some classes I attended had 10 or less students... in this case more students (more money) requires no additional staff.

2) IT infr. maybe I can buy but this not at all unique to colleges yet few if any items have risen in cost like tuition has. And on top of this, IT increases efficiency quite a bit. So not sure I buy this one either.

3) Maybe I can buy this one, I don't understand how this works. But, based on a typical tuition rate and the product given in return and the resources that seem apparent to provide the education, I'd expect that colleges are rolling in money. That's why I'd like to see a cost breakdown.

4) Salary increases... again nothing unique to colleges @ certainly not a justif. for the crazy tuition increases, especially in an era where private industy raises are minimal.

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Aug-23-13 12:10 PM

The problem isn't SO much the rising cost of tuition - although that is getting a little bit ridiculous - it's the lending institutions and the government that is letting them do whatever they want.

The banks and institutions are running amuck will people's futures. They can buy or sell off a student's debt without any more than an email notification! A loan taken out from 1 lender 5 years ago, could look like 7 different loans from 7 different lenders all without no say and barely a notification to the lessee. (and we have republicans fighting consolidation help!)

They are giving out large, dangerous loans that are impossible to get out off (even bankruptcy doesn't end it) on a daily basis to millions of 18/19/20 year olds who naturally aren't experienced or saavy enough financially to fully understand the undertaking.

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Aug-23-13 11:43 AM


There are a couple of reasons why colleges are raising tuition.

1) More professors needed. There are more students graduating college now. More students require more professors.

2) Rising costs in student support. Things like IT infrastructure, which was virtually non-existent 25 years ago, cost a lot of money.

3) Losing other sources of funding. 3rd party donations are done across the board. Furthermore, colleges are losing funding at both the state and national level. Example: when SUNY raised tuition a few years ago... the state kept about 90% of the extra money. 4) Salary increases for professors. Unless you're at a large or prominent school(ex: UB, Harvard, etc.), most professors start out at around $50,000 per year. While this sounds like a good starting salary, keep in mind that this is the result of going to school for ~10 years and racking up about $75K in debt (if you're lucky). The bottom line is that you don't teach college if you want to ma

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Aug-23-13 11:25 AM

It's interesting how this article doesn't mention the fact that Obama was heckled by supporters of Bradley Manning. Try looking the video up - watching him try to control his anger is quite entertaining.

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Aug-23-13 9:06 AM

Unbelievable the man is still spouting nothing but words. All the while our country is crumbling. Not to mention the fact that he was going to cure the worlds ills and it's now worse the ever. Mort useless president ever !!

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Aug-23-13 7:50 AM

Not everyone is college material.

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Aug-23-13 7:34 AM

The "O' should stop entertaining celebrities and campaigning. Give freedom back to Americans by undoing all the socialist program and regulations that is killing the U.S. recall the "Obama care" that hasn't been able to be implemented on time because its so screwed up. Shrink federal government about fifty percent would be good start.

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Aug-23-13 6:28 AM

I'd like to see some accountabity from colleges as to the reasoning behind their ridiculous tuition increases over the past 15+ years. What do they do with their money??? Funny that as tuition cost has skyrocketed, the quality and skills of graduates seems to have decreased.

I wish the president took this opportunity to encourage students towards learning skilled trades and to help revive US mfg. rather than taking on crazy debt for a potentially low value and skill-lacking college degree.

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Aug-23-13 6:22 AM

My sentiments exactly carlaw.

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Aug-23-13 5:42 AM

A college education can not become a luxury? Putting a good meal on the table or filling your tank with gas has even become a luxury since Obama took office. The best thing he could do for all the American People is to ride out his term with his mouth shut. Every time he opens it we have disaster and take another plunge toward becoming a third world country. We are borrowing money from China to write entitlement checks to Americans.If the Fed didn't print fake money for disability, unemployment, food stamps and welfare, it would be "Tent City" all over America. Will we ever recover from this stupidity? How will our children ever pay for it? Get ready for a reality check folks.

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