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Hispanics Can Help Restore America To Greatness

August 21, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: Many Republicans have little social connection or rapport with Latinos (and vice versa)....

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Aug-31-13 11:01 AM

Lead this country to greatness like South America, Central America? Yeah. Just what we need.

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Aug-28-13 10:46 AM

How logic, once again, is seriously flawed, Seadog.

What special rights are those? What rights do LGBT people want that you don;t already have?

I am not against corporations. I'm against their ability to buy political power. Again, you fail to see the distinctions. Again, I ask, is this on purpose or because you can't?

Equating my former profession with some kind of rule that it always leads to work with the military-industrial complex is ridiculous. You must be very "athletic" to be able to make leaps like that.

I'll mention LGBT people every time I see hate and prejudice against minorities because the discrimination all minorities face is almost always based on the same foundations.

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Aug-24-13 3:33 AM

Let's talk about the reality today.

In Mexico, the more ethnic natives try to play up their alleged Spanish ancestry to appear whiter in order to ascend the social ladder. Conversely the ruling elite tries to downplay its "peninsulare" status in order to secure votes among the mestizos.

Notwithstanding the select numbers of white doctors/engineers immigrating from Spain and South America, the average "hispanic" immigrant tries to appear as brown, illiterate and disenfranchised as possible in order to obtain the most benefits. And NYS is the honey pot as far as they are concerned.

Let's be real about immigration, folks.

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Aug-23-13 2:24 PM

Leave it to Seadog to misinterpret my posts. I just wonder if he does this on purpose or if he just doesn't have the mental capacity to understand.

My former employers have nothing to do with this, Seadog. Stop trolling for my personal info please. It has nothing to do with this subject or my opinions about it.

Controversies over undocumented immigrants, LGBT people and the special rights religious people are trying to claim because of their beliefs are distractions from the main problem in our country. We are losing, if it hasn't already been lost, our democracy to the wealthy elite!!!

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Aug-23-13 10:52 AM

Things like fights against gay people or undocumented workers are distractions designed to get people riled up so they can't see what's really happening in front of them.

We need to get out Congress back to working for the American people. We need to work toward the removal of private money above a certain amount from the political process. All of this is not going to get better until people wake up and get angry enough to do something.

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Aug-23-13 10:49 AM

I read the article and then said to myself, "Cue the local xenophobia and racism," hoping against hope I was mistaken, but sadly, no. The level of discourse is as dismal as as the abject unwillingness to be open minded is blatant.

I saw an interesting quote the other day: "A Latino didn't take your job, Wall Street did!" We should think about that for a minute. Our national debt is huge mainly because the corporations that run this country have manipulated our government into creating and maintaining a military force that is the most expensive on earth, by far. The greatest percentage of our tax dollars and foreign debt has gone and is being spent at the benefit of the huge companies that make up the military-industrial complex. Part of the huge profits these companies are generating is going toward propaganda and political corruption designed to distract people from what's going on, things like fights against gay people or undocumented workers.

Wake up!

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Aug-22-13 8:11 PM

It's not like they come illegally, lie about their status, get fake id and social security numbers, possibly ruining the credit and life of a citizen. Naw. That never happens. They don't kill people on the road and have no insurance either. Every crime by an illegal can be blamed on some bleeding heart liberal of either party, primarily one.

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Aug-22-13 5:38 PM

"Irony - they could do NOTHING to stop us. We CAN stop them!"


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Aug-22-13 3:32 PM

yap why can't you see the similarity? The natives didn't pull together and save themselves, Now we do even worse. Pretend it is health not destruction.

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Aug-22-13 3:30 PM

With approx. half a million anchors a year, there should be zero immigration.

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Aug-22-13 12:29 PM

"it was built on LEGAL IMMIGRATION!"

Tell that to the Cherokee and the Seneca.

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Aug-22-13 11:22 AM

SCOTUS has got it wrong three times on the twelfth amendment. If they are born here of illegal parents, they should not be citizens, and they are by law, citizens of their Mother's country.

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Aug-22-13 8:26 AM

OMG! nonfiction knows people of Ethnic backgrounds other than Anglo. Imagine! Gee. Don't you wish you could be so exposed and worldly?! How absolutely unique! (barf)

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Aug-22-13 6:44 AM

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.”

-Mark Twain

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Aug-22-13 6:43 AM

The whole argument that they are coming here to get a free ride, is right rhetoric that couldn't be further from the truth. They cannot get many of the programs you think they're getting, because they're not citizens and actually they don't attempt to get them in the fear of being deported. So they're kids who are born here go to public schools then get aid to go to college. If that helps them become productive its worth it. You need to get out of the backwards box named Chaut County. You'll realize that not all minorities are leaches to the system. My gf in college parent's were from Laos, she's know a Physical Therapist (should have stayed with her), My dentist in Tennessee was hispanic and spent time in the Air Force, and my current co-workers an engineer who came here from Africa when he was 10.

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Aug-21-13 8:35 PM

Guess we will have to write that off to a war injury.

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Aug-21-13 7:50 PM

Read the heading jarl. Not likely you will name anything. You'd have to grow a pair.

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Aug-21-13 7:29 PM

Does anyone know what happened to Rex Willard's federal fraud charges from the 90s?

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Aug-21-13 6:59 PM

Please show me where the words Hispanic or race were mentioned in my view of the frightened men posting here.

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Aug-21-13 6:50 PM

What a bunch of politically correct mushrooms. Hispanic is not a race, first of all, me. Name the great nations in the last century. Name the ones that survived giving in to foreign invasions...

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Aug-21-13 6:22 PM

There is a very deep level of paranoia of the "other" expressed here, be the "other" of different culture, religion, hue, gender, wealth or origin. This fear of the "other" prevents constructive engagement. It instead alienates by attempting to relegate women, people of color, non-christians, and others who are not like you into a lesser status as citizens. Congratulations, you are creating a self fulfilling prophecy for loss of power. "I am white and I am right" is very much a losing argument.

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Aug-21-13 5:11 PM

Turn welfare into ccc and wpa projects. Watch them drop from the rolls.

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Aug-21-13 5:06 PM

Where is proof of diverse language, religions culture doing anything great? I have no use for the mafia be it Italian or Mexican. No use for Irish mob or dirty cops and politicians. The Little Italies, Havanas, Chainatowns, Greektowns etc hinder America. They don't make it better. White people with one language? Make my day. That's what produces greatness. Unless of course you can count all those other great

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Aug-21-13 4:23 PM

50s4evernuts, The Republicans caused the great depression and the great recession how will that bunch of BSers restore us to greatness please explain?

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Aug-21-13 4:20 PM

"Reads like a Tea Party Manifesto" This explains the 50% unemployment in Mexico

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