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Crowded House

Sheriff Asks For Task Force To Ease Burdened Jail Population

July 28, 2013

MAYVILLE — Space remains scarce inside the Chautauqua County Jail. At near or full capacity in certain housing units, the jail has been shipping inmates to surrounding facilities....

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Jul-29-13 10:46 AM

You cannot blame the Judges, isn't the Sheriff always , when requesting money state, "PUBLIC SAFETY"? But then he wants CERTAIN persons out of jail. Guess to make room for those that can pay fines and put up bail money.

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Jul-29-13 8:08 AM

Lets Invite More Homie And Rican Slugs To Chautauqua County! There Is Better Than Half Of The Problem!!!

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Jul-29-13 7:54 AM

I think they need to have a better way to determine who needs to be in jail! I know a guy who was picked up for threatening to kill people. This guy is a convicted felon who has spent his life in and out of jail. He was back on the street hours after being arrested, with no bail. There was nothing to keep him from following through on the threat. Yet another person I know was picked up for driving without a licence, and because it wasn't the first time, he spent a few days in jail until his faimily found $ for bail. To me that is the court system not setting the right priorities.

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Jul-28-13 9:53 PM

I can only see this situation worsening as unemployment, drug use (and SALES) and poverty increase. Chautauqua County CAN build more jails. I really don't want to see that happen. People need to be changed from the inside out. The BEHAVIOR needs to CEASE. GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT, BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION, and AN INCREASED SENSE of SELF is a start (Court Ordered Counseling).

Those with Mental Health issues SHOULD NOT BE SENT TO JAIL. (Inpatient Mental Health Units are made for those). I do agree that non-violent criminals should be release under supervision and "ankle bracelets".

I don't have all of the answers, maybe the D.A.'s Office will listen to some of my ideas. God help us.

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Jul-28-13 7:53 PM

here we GO>>>>>>>>>>> mentally sick people who kill or maim others should be exterminated

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Jul-28-13 6:07 PM

Geraci thinks he is runing Alcatraz

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Jul-28-13 3:57 PM

I think we have to look at what sort of crimes we are talking about that leads to incarceration. There are many mentally ill people incarcerated in prisons and jails throughout this country when they should be in programs to help them. Not all lawmakers want to work with mental health courts and would rather just throw them in jail. And yes when someone has been incarcerated they pay for the rest of their lives with that conviction. I have never been incarcerated, never even close but I do have a background in corrections and have seen so many people who did not belong in the system but did not get the help they needed. They cannot get jobs once they have served their time and yes of course they will resort to crime again in order to survive. America has the highest incarceration rate of any civilized country so it is obvious that something is broken in our court system or our social welfare system.

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Jul-28-13 12:42 PM

I never been jails, cuffed or ever been in trouble with the law, and I think one should pay rent for their cell,, or put into hard labor. why should tax payer foot the bill for scum bags

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Jul-28-13 11:39 AM

I borrowed this from Wikipedia:

The incarceration rate in the United States of America is the highest in the world today. As of 2009, the incarceration rate was 743 per 100,000 of national population (0.743%). In comparison, Russia had the second highest, at 577 per 100,000, Canada was 123rd in the world at 117 per 100,000, and China had 120 per 100,000.

While Americans represent about 5 percent of the world's population, nearly one-quarter of the entire world's inmates have been incarcerated in the United States in recent years. Imprisonment of America's 2.3 million prisoners, costing $24,000 per inmate per year, and $5.1 billion in new prison construction, consumes $60.3 billion in budget expenditures.

"Land of the free, home of the brave."

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Jul-28-13 10:19 AM

Stop coddling criminals, let them live 10 to a cell. If it gets bad enough, maybe they will wise up and live like those of us footing the bill.

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Jul-28-13 8:58 AM

Whatever happened to hard labor - make it so they don't like being there. 3 hot meals/day (troops in Afgan just forced to eat cold) cable TV (I cancelled mine couldn't afford it), A/C, etc. And yes the population goes up in the winter free heat and then let the family just apply for HEAP.

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Jul-28-13 5:40 AM

once in jail no one will give these people jobs or a chance to prove themselves plus there are NO decent jobs around here so they keep ending up in jail

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Jul-28-13 1:12 AM

Send them to NYC or back where they came from and stop building houses on 2nd street for them

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Jul-28-13 12:45 AM

Certainly encouraging industry into the area could help by filling pockets via JOBS, but they will instead build more housing projects along 2nd street in Jtown. :(

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Jul-28-13 12:43 AM

They added on, then rented the space to NY for income. What REALLY became of that?

Would legalizing MJ help reduce the crowding?

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