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Training Day

Air Force Uses County For Practice Missions

July 26, 2013

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s paratrooper....

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Jul-28-13 10:20 AM

When will people who skim over a comment learn to actually "read" it first. The very description put out by this group describes themselves as "augmenting" the National Guard. They can be utilized under the command of the others like the United Nations in this country if deemed necessary by the President in putting down insurrections. Obama views Tea Party supporters as such. The United States has a very narcissistic President who claims all his administrative scandals are "phony". I am a veteran who has come to realize the murder of brave Americans in Benghazi along side of Obama's false narrative of a video is indeed scandal. So for the time being, we all should raise questions and/or research things done under the guise of "government". All Americans rather they shed blood or not should become concerned that no more graves of fallen heroes go unchecked until all the blind and deaf followers of this President are overwhelmed by his sca

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Jul-27-13 1:32 PM

They spend a little money here when they come too. A little is better than nothing. Good Job Mr. Arcadepane!

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Jul-27-13 10:50 AM

So now we're suspicious of the intent and mission of our Air National Guard? If they weren't well-drilled, we'd be complaining that they're not doing their jobs. When they DO drill, we get suspicious that they're going to attack us? I wouldn't call the Air National Guard a para-military group; they're a military group and we're lucky to have them.

What if the P-J Comments were someone's ONLY source of info about Jamestown? I think they'd get the wrong impression of the citizenry.

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Jul-27-13 10:04 AM

We are just so used to bad, we don't know a good thing when we see it. These guys are great Firebrand! you are right. :)

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Jul-27-13 8:12 AM

Initial story was a misprint on I.D.and has been corrected. These are Air National Guard Pararesue with the assignment to extract the injured in the worst case situations for military and civilians. Thank you Renaldo for seeing what it is. All others seem to have some crazy theory. These folks are young Americans that risk their lives so "others may live". It could be you or a family member or a friend that they hoist out of danger someday. The contingent also bought hotel rooms and purchased large amounts of fuel. To even think that this a negative thing is stupid, and that only serves to hurt the entire region.

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Jul-26-13 10:08 AM

First practical use of the county airports I've seen.

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Jul-26-13 9:27 AM

I had a feeling that what "abetterplan" came back with might be a possibility - and in chautauqua county..............

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Jul-26-13 8:49 AM

Actually, this is a group of paramilitaty types whose mission is mostly aptly to be aimed at the the US citizenry! their mission. Google this up for yourself because its described as: "The Air National Guard enforces federal authority, suppresses insurrection and defends the nation when mobilized by the president, Congress, or both. Units augment the Air Force by participating in operations and exercises worldwide by direction of the Air Staff, major commands or joint/unified commands." Weren't the Tea Party folks looked upon as "insurrectionists" by Pelosi and Obama?

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Jul-26-13 8:33 AM

Maybe they're part of the 173rd fighter wing? But it looks like they're out of Oregon?

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Jul-26-13 7:33 AM

Why when I access the US Air Force website is there no info on the 173rd International Guard? Anyone have info on this "operation"??

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