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Sen. Young Encourages Use Of Voting As Tool Against SAFE Act

July 17, 2013

MAYVILLE — The message was clear Tuesday night at the Mayville VFW, if you don’t agree with the SAFE Act, get involved....

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Jul-18-13 9:39 AM

I did not in any way mean to minimize the disgust I feel over the "SAFE ACT" I own guns as I have stated on here before. I hate the fact that our elected officials who are supposed to represent us are doing nothing more than trying to make us into criminals, while making it easier for the actual criminals to get on with their business of robbing, raping, murder and distribution of drugs. So, Yes patriot, I agree the entire bill is offensive and needs to be repealed, along with Cuomo, Bloomberg, Obama and the entire bunch of idiots in Washington that are trying to destroy our Country.

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Jul-18-13 8:37 AM

While everyone was at the VFW for a meeting on gun control, they were busy raising your sewer rates down the street.. Wonder which was more important??

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Jul-18-13 7:34 AM

Owning a weapon should treated the same as owning a motor vehicle.(which is a deadly weapon).Having a license and rules for a responsible owner.Same as owning and driving a automobile ,if you violate the laws of securing and use of the vehicle you lose the right to have it.

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Jul-18-13 7:15 AM

And how much of these heart and cancer organizations pass the donations to the patients?? Seems my research shows most goes to administrative costs including big benefits to the directors. SCOPE is a vital grass roots organization.

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Jul-18-13 4:06 AM

another idiot organization, why not join heart or cancer associations

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Jul-17-13 11:52 PM

drsfun, there is nothing more important for our politicians to pay attention to than our Constitutional Rights!

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Jul-17-13 11:51 PM

randomthinker is exactly right. The SAFEact was designed to make criminals out of law-abiding citizens. The law is complex and impossible for everyone to know every part of it. This makes it easy for a gun owner to be in violation of the law and not even know it. Throw in the fact the state will pay someone $500 (of our hard-earned tax money) to rat out their friend or relative and citizens will be joining the ranks of those people who would never qualify for a gun.

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Jul-17-13 8:36 PM

Get a grip-- Guns are the problem.

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Jul-17-13 8:34 PM

Surely there are more important things to be done by politicians than worry about the SAFE ACT. Guns are certainly not the most pressing issue before us these days.

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Jul-17-13 6:28 PM

the SAFE ACT has got to be 1 of the biggest steaming piles of sh()()()t in decades . Posturing, look what I did, number # 1 to act, agenda, soulless POS .... excrement excrement excrement . . . . . and so on ....... what a wonderful world eh Mr. Armstrong.

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Jul-17-13 2:06 PM

Before the "SAFE" Act I was a law-abiding citizen. Now, despite no change in me, I am a criminal.

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Jul-17-13 1:35 PM

golden, everything is offensive with the so called "safe act" my shotguns with pistol grips are now illegal my muzzle loader with thumb hole grip, all the cosmetic things that make a person safer shooter are now illegal , so yes all the bill is bad ,not two parts.

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Jul-17-13 9:14 AM

When Sen. Young said NYC residents believe guns are the problem, she was not giving "HER" opinion. She was passing on the opinion of the idiots in NYC and the head idiot, Cuomo. Yes the entire bill needs to be repealed, but the 2 most offensive points at this juncture are the 5 year renewal and the clip capacity. Since WE were not given a chance to voice our opinions on the matter before it was made into law in the middle of the night, we need to have a place to start the repeal, and these 2 points are a good place to start. Then on to total repeal.

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Jul-17-13 7:15 AM

BS elected officials = the Cuomo NAZI types . you know the kind. Ready to herd the masses on the trains.

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Jul-17-13 7:13 AM

Amazing things even have to get to this point. The BS sheep elected officials.

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Jul-17-13 7:11 AM

So when it is a crime involving a firearm - it is the guns fault. When a car injures or kills someone it is the driver...... The murderer in Webster had already killed his grandmother with a hammer...hammers fault?? Sen. Young was right on in her observation.

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Jul-17-13 7:05 AM

should be an A after the RCI, The A is for Awol on "SafeAct" that the majority of people and counties in this state are against , yet the politicians at best give lip services instead of standing up to protest and repeal!!!Only mention two parts of bill 5 yrs. pistol registration and how many rounds, what a joke , the entire bill needs repealed!!!

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Jul-17-13 6:51 AM

"Young said New York City residents believe guns are the problem when acts of violence occur, and not the people committing the crimes". If she truly said something that idiotic and pandering and false she should resign.

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