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Human Risk Of DDT Is Almost Infinitesimal

July 15, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: I’m surprised that Tom Erlandson would write some of the things he did in the May 26 Readers’ Forum (Voice of the People Should Be Heard)....

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Jul-15-13 2:34 AM

Wah! Sloppy thinking

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Jul-15-13 4:54 AM

Somehow I knew it would be the liberals fault.

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Jul-15-13 5:11 AM

I disagree with the author's paraphrasing of Tom Erlandson. I don't remember that article in detail but I recall the point being more towards that there will always be unknown risks with application of chemicals, it's near impossible to know all the potential implications. That there is distrust is understandable based on our history... and the implications need not be direct to humans in order to be a problem... yet the author makes an odd emphasis on direct implication as though indirect implications do not matter. And I agree with the author's criticism of decisions made by emotion or ignorance... that is clearly a problem and always will be to an extent, we are human. But I've read many letters from the author with such an intense level of hatred that I suspect emotion plays a large part in his decision making, which sets off my distrust alert.

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Jul-15-13 9:07 AM

Another windmill tilted at. When did Rachel Carson (or anyone else) ever claim DDT was harmful to humans? The direct harm was always to lower life forms, the ultimate elimination of which would have a dramatically harmful effect not just on humans but the whole environment. But my favorite bit of buffoonery is the "hey, this knife I'm stabbing you with isn't as long or sharp as the one I used to stab you with, so it's all good!"

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Jul-15-13 9:18 AM

Bet you couldn't get a single rig worker to drink a cup of fracking waste water.

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Jul-15-13 4:06 PM

We'll just send all the fracking water to Norm's home since he thinks it's so small.

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Jul-17-13 6:52 AM

Conservatives hate - bad. Liberals outrage - good. Heads I win...

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Jul-17-13 3:05 PM

The worst part about fracking to me is the secrecy and opacity in what ingredients the drillers are using to do their work. We are assured - by those who are making money off the stuff - that it's "perfectly safe," just like tobacco companies used to advertise their poisons.

These companies claim that their fluids are proprietary formulations and that they deserve to maintain secrecy so they can make their profits. People just don't know for sure what they are using, though, and after the oil/gas is gone, the companies move on but the people who live there have to live with the effects. No, Mr Carlson, this isn't about emotional knee jerk reactions, like the way some people respond to LGBT equality, it's about uncertainty and long term safety of the only world we have to live in.

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Jul-19-13 10:02 PM

I want Normy to watch the movie "GASLAND" and to watch the movie Semper Fi Always Faithful ,regarding the chemicals in the water supply at Camp Lejeune for decades . The woman that had 2 miscarriages one with a hole in the heart and one with half a skull. She tormented herself for years thinking it was some how her fault only to find out it was a Government cover up (SCREW UP). If he feels as crazy then as he does now I give up on him as a human.

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Jul-19-13 10:05 PM

How do you say "LOVE CANAL" to someone that lived it and did not learn from it?

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Jul-20-13 7:19 PM

Todays headline:Insecticide found in meal that killed 23 Indian pupils

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