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Demands Unworthy Of Noble Americans

July 7, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: The insistence contained in letters such as Mr. Douglas O....

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Jul-10-13 12:10 PM

I suppose being ignoble is a more polite insult than bigot.

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Jul-08-13 8:15 PM

Who could believe placing the country in the hands of non-Americans will make a better America? After centuries of struggle to become what we are, expect people with no roots and decades or months invested in making America meet their needs is our future? Only if we surrender as cowards casting aside our dedication to our posterity for temporary comfort.

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Jul-08-13 5:16 PM

What could a rino like Marsh say? He couldn't say "white Christians" because so many Hispanics consider themselves white, and are predominantly Catholic. He would have lost the left wingers completely and come off like a racist. It's safe to be bigoted toward white protestants.

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Jul-08-13 3:02 PM

" epoch of unprecedented opportunity and productivity." Wow. That's some pretty lofty aspirations there. O.o

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Jul-08-13 1:59 PM

We are being Balkanized. You can't see that?

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Jul-08-13 1:57 PM

How many times do you people have to be told? We aren't against teaching kids other languages. We're against immigrants not learning English! Do multilingual countries have problems? You bet. Quebec does not want to be part of Canada. I'd like to send them a few hundred thousand La Raza members.

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Jul-08-13 9:46 AM

Hey Sea, Sorry to say but you just showed your idioticy! Puerto Rico (or PR) is in the USA!

To others, get your heads out of the hole and again realize our much your support of the english language is killing us. Stop being afraid of teaching our children other languages. I continue to say this...We need to learn Chinese. I only wish that we all could be here 100 years from now, so that I could prove me right.

Finally, Canada speaks many languages. Is that a problem for them?

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Jul-08-13 6:31 AM

Hey Marsh! "A perceived threat"? Isn't that what the Spaniards were to the Western hemisphere? Isn't the peceived threat an English speaking nation surviving South of Quebec?

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Jul-08-13 6:14 AM

I think Marsh got this idea from Phil Sheridan. You're outnumbered, and outgunned. The only good white protestant is a dead white protestant. Comply or die. Marsh is the new rino. Take the low road, and go for winning elections by changing your core values. Surrender to the threat of your opponent's propaganda machine.

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Jul-08-13 3:33 AM

HenryH- It's been explained to you over and over that making English the official language doesn't make speaking English mandatory. No one will be forced to speak English only. It will only stop forcing all levels of government from the needless expense of printing documents in scores of different languages or the cost of being sued if they do otherwise. It will stop school districts from having to teach bilingual education and in some cases are giving public education in Spanish only. You acknowledged the cost is in the hundreds of millions of dollars but, typical of today's Democratic Party, you say that's only a drop in the bucket compared to the grand total of waste that's going on today.

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Jul-07-13 9:32 PM

Learning English is not racism. If you come here and learn the language and have education and work ethics, no problem. if you come her with a hand out speaking a foreign language then go home with that same hand out, we can't afford more indigents. no racism there

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Jul-07-13 3:12 PM

bobbojr, solid comment. I wonder how many of those who are champion English only have ever left our small little community? I wonder how many have friends which are of a different faith, ethnicity and speak another language other than English in their home. It seems the Peanut Gallery are incestuous in their views and only able to comprehend their current point of view. It reminds me of Plato's Cave allegory. If they see something different, it scares them and they run back into their cave. It makes me sad we have such people in our small community. Also, they seem to have significant time to monitor the PJ forums so I wonder if they might be receiving the same benefits they chastize others for accepting? In short, they are scared of the world around them and clearly lash out as a coping mechanism.

The irony of it all is that by advocating for change and adoption of an official language, they are assuming a liberal position which they profess to hate. Conservative, eh?

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Jul-07-13 2:23 PM

The tone of the comments are comical and speaking of White-protestants (by the way, you throw out the large number of Italian Catholics we have in the County) you ignore a very plain fact. Before the 1500s, America was owned by the Native Americans. Are you going to say that they must get out or speak English? That would be a fantastical oxymoronic statement but would be the logical next step of the myopic arguments below.

The author calls himself a conservative. Of course, he is then shouted down as being on the Left! Clearly, we have a few people who do not understand their Left from Right. Additionally, if the people who say they are conservative evaluated their position, they would understand they are not conservative at all.

I am really sad such narrow-mindedness exists in our culture. Stop calling yourself conservative. That you are clearly not.

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Jul-07-13 2:02 PM

"Anti-white racism is racism and is evil."

This is hilarious. How does the difficulty in learning a new language when you're an adult equal racism? How does giving people a helping hand when they are new to this country anti-white?

Leave it to Mr Troglodyte to brilliantly illustrate what this discussion is really all about.

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Jul-07-13 9:54 AM

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Jul-07-13 9:46 AM

For wlhat it's apologies to the Swedes. I would never have thought of them if HH hadn't insisted Jamestown was full of non-English speaking Swedes making for a better city....I've never witnessed such a thing. But of course, who could argue with the know it all. When you show me an African or other nation South of our border that has amounted to a hill of beans then bark about those evil white protestants. They will stop clamoring to get here when they have turned it into what they left. And it's coming soon.

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Jul-07-13 9:37 AM

More liberal self-righteous breast beating and moral exhibitionism. Anti-white racism is racism and is evil. By far most of the racism in this country today is on the left. In the 60's they plotted genocide behind closed doors. Today they are openly celebrating the impending subjugation and persecution of whites. Liberalism is the death wish of Western Civilization

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Jul-07-13 8:59 AM

Haphazard and irresponsible accusations of racisms like shown in the letter and some comments are at the core of leftists, as per the liberalism for dummies guidebook, nothing new there. But some new observations... the author assumes that only whites suffer from this "nativism" as though he speaks for all other races or, more likely, assumes they have no independent thought (another sign of true racism from those on the left). Secondly, if you think Chautauqua county is sheltered or simply travelling outside the county constitutes some type of open-mindedness, you truly are severely sheltered.

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Jul-07-13 8:25 AM

English may not be the national language as French is to France or Spanish is to Spain, but it is a common language. What language did you learn to speak when you were a child? In school? What language was our Constitution/Declaration of Independence/Emancipation Proclamation written? How about the Star Spangled Banner? The list goes on, and it pains me whenever someone disrespects this. Mr Marsh sounds as if he's never had to go to the welfare office and see the amount of "productive" people there from other countries.

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Jul-07-13 8:06 AM

We are a country of laws, its illegal thats the problem and of course the lawless could care less...

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Jul-07-13 7:49 AM

We have no official language. Let me repeat for those unable to catch it the first time: This nation has no official language. The letter was on target, accurate and clear in its' points, I agree. Then again, I am not racist,not ethnocentric, I leave Chautauqua County to travel, and am not racist.

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Jul-07-13 7:43 AM

It's resentment when you've had friends and relatives of friends killed by people here illegally and they aren't deported but released back into our communities. I, for one, no longer tolerate the charade that it's big business or companies responsible for this mess. Laws already in effect are ignored or only sporadically enforced. Why? It's not to make our society better but done by politicians to entrench their political power. Some on this site will moan and groan when I say this but this is primarily done by Democrats and a few progressive Republicans. There are those who elevate themselves on a pedestal of compassion for illegal immigrants while attacking others who believe that those same illegals should at least make an effort to assimilate into our way of life and to do otherwise merely reinforces the belief that they're here for the free ride. Those who are superior in their compassion for illegals are the same people who ooze more empathy for the criminals than the victims.

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Jul-07-13 7:23 AM

America should embrace all those who want to become productive Americans and learning a common language, in this case English, and this is part of that process. The letter writer is much too self righteous fro me to take seriously.

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Jul-07-13 7:22 AM

Race is not truly part of this issue. If one fails to learn English living here, even in supposedly "sheltered" Chautauqua county, one not only will burden society with translation requirements for public services but will ultimately fail to progress, advance, live independently, contribute to society, or live the American dream. Why do those on the left not only apply racism to the issue, meaning they view certain races as apparently inferior and unable to adapt and learn English, and secondly why do they want to limit the success of these immigrants? I question their true intentions.

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Jul-07-13 7:19 AM

Lack of communication in the language of and assimilation into the society built by the people who actually built a country that worked...white the root cause of many of our problems today. It gets worse in c ase you haven't noticed with the growing number of people who don't speak English. Not better. Get your head out of your noble arse and face the reality that this country is becoming a third world nation just like the ones you brag about making their home here. If they were so flipping great, they'd have a country of their own that was worth staying in. No group including the Irish, Swedes and Italians every helped us be a better country by refusing to learn English. They just created flavorful ghettoes.

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