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War Declared On Coal Industry

July 5, 2013

President Barack Obama is intelligent enough to understand what his declaration of war on the coal industry will mean to tens of millions of Americans....

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Jul-05-13 10:08 AM

Ah, the PJ is back to form reprinting Ogden editorials from Wheeling.

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Jul-05-13 10:13 AM

Google "coal mining devastation" and take a few hours to read from many sources what coal mining has done to our environment. A declared war on the coal industry is long overdue.

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Jul-05-13 2:43 PM

I wouldn't think that the subject of coal would inspire bigoted comments but some try to make everything about race.

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Jul-05-13 6:57 PM

Seadog, I don't think the race or color of those running the coal plants would factor into Obama's decision unless they gave him and the Dems more money than the environmental extremists continue to pump into their coffers. Remember the most recent "big" protest at the White House against the XL pipeline drew a huge turnout of about 30 people including Darryl Hannah. It's not vast public opinion nor science, regarding pipeline safety, on his side but deep pockets from the environmental loons. It's long past due to start calling Obama policies what they really are, not a war on coal but a war on the middle-class.

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Jul-05-13 8:32 PM

"How is my question bigoted?"

Do you really need an adult to explain it to you? I think anyone with at least a middle school education can see how it was bigoted.

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Jul-05-13 10:32 PM

War on coal. War on conservatives. War on women. War on FOX News. War on oil. War on independence. War on Republicans. War on marriage. War on Catholics. War on the rich. War on guns. War on you and me. Who's your daddy now people?

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Jul-06-13 6:24 AM

Digger is a bigot.

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Jul-06-13 6:50 AM

50s4ever is blind, deaf and oh so DUMB!

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Jul-06-13 8:11 AM

Seadog your comments are childish and bigoted. The subject is coal and you immediately interject hate with your oh so redundant comments. Why don't you take a break for the holiday weekend. I'm sure you must be exhausted

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Jul-06-13 11:29 AM

Back to the point: moving away from coal is a good thing. We have the money. We just have chosen to spend it elsewhere.

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Jul-06-13 12:18 PM

Yes, back to the point. Let's ignore Seadog, maybe he'll go away. His comment, whether seen as bigoted or not, is a non-contribution. We can all agree on that.

The "war on coal" has essentially existed for over a generation. I keep hearing this news about a glut of natural gas. Why not build some of them and create jobs and use it up? Replace aged coal plants as such; maintain and continue to use other coal plants and slowly integrate new energy situations.

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Jul-06-13 1:32 PM

I don't see bigots behind every tree. Just your tree, 50s4ever's tree and Rev Mel's tree. When you make bigoted statements you get called a bigot. Calling others a bigot for pointing out your bigotry is a child's game of "If I'm one, you are too". It didn't work in 3rd grade and it is even more silly for an adult to use it. If you have to have it explained to you why your statements are bigoted, all the explaining in the world won't do it, however I'm sure you already understand.

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Jul-06-13 5:03 PM

Obama said the cost of electricity would skyrocket. His plan is make it hurt so much necessity will come up with a solution. Then he can take the credit.

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Jul-06-13 5:12 PM

"Because the LEFT and the tree huggers ARE AGAINST FRACKING!"

It seems that Seadog can only comment in three ways: a bigoted response, a pointless response, or a response that refers to someone as a "leftie". Most of the time it seems, Seadog likes to pull a hat-trick though.

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Jul-06-13 6:12 PM

OMG! Bigot! Well, that ends that conversation...first one to yell bigot wins!

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Jul-07-13 1:42 PM

Coal is being targeted because if its terrible environmental record. The mines are increasingly unsafe and devastate the land they are in. The aging coal fired electric generating plants pollute too much. The owners of these plants have chosen profits over infrastructure upgrades to keep up with the state of the art in clean coal technology.

If the coal industry is declining, it isn't the government's fault.

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Jul-07-13 4:28 PM

You're no "winner". You cannot prove your accusation that I am a bigot. Do I like Dr. Ben Carson? YES! Do I like Allen West? YES! Do I like Herman Cain? NO! I LOVE HIM!!

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Jul-07-13 7:19 PM

Definition of BIGOT

: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance — big·ot·ed adjective — big·ot·ed·ly adverb See bigot defined for English-language learners » See bigot defined for kids » Examples of BIGOT

He was labeled a bigot after making some offensive comments.

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Jul-08-13 2:43 AM

irony--- I agree with your 12:18PM of 7/6 comment with one exception. Obama's policy isn't to upgrade and maintain existing coal plants and make a gradual transition away from them but to radically attack them through the EPA and make them insolvent as soon as possible. If his timetable is successful, there will be power shortage (rolling brown-outs) rapidly increasing in number over what we are currently experiencing and a dramatic increase in energy costs throughout our economy. This is exactly opposite from a policy one would expect from a President who says "jobs are his #1 priority".

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Jul-08-13 3:01 AM

Emelye, you never blame the government's policies for anything except when it comes to the military. It's like you formed your opinions as a "flower child" of the early 70's and then closed your mind to learning anything new. There were coal mining operations that left a mess and there have been coal companies that have left the land much better than before they started mining. I know this because I have seen the before and after with my own eyes. Coal plants have been upgraded with new technology over the last 30 years with scrubbers to greatly mitigate acid rain effects. If Obama had piled as much taxpayer money into reducing carbon dioxide emissions from coal plants as he did other energy sources, the problem would be solved. Coal mines are increasingly safer to work in today. As for leaving the landscape a mess, why not bemoan the blight of hundreds of abandoned and rusting wind farms.

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Jul-08-13 2:18 PM

yap nearly always meets that definition. So do you and HH.

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Jul-08-13 3:16 PM

"If Obama had piled as much taxpayer money into reducing carbon dioxide emissions from coal plants as he did other energy sources, the problem would be solved."

Why should the federal government use our tax money to upgrade plants that should have been maintained at the state of the art but for the greed of their owners? Why should this old, established and profitable industry get government subsidies?

I keep hearing from people that government spends too much and then they say the government should give corporate welfare to the industries they support. This kind of hypocrisy is rampant in our political discourse.

Let the coal mining corporations take care of themselves. I don't want my tax dollars going to welfare for millionaires.

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Jul-08-13 3:24 PM

"fedup - do you hear the crickets?"

That's because between his 3 am posting and your 8 am posting people were SLEEPING. What normal people do.

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Jul-09-13 7:47 AM

"Those that don't work have no need to be up at 8:18 a.m."

Look at this guy trying to twist all his inane comments into pot shots. Yes, because everyone works first shifts - not even taking into account that you sitting here at all hours of the day plunking your fecal matter all over the page either spells obsession or the unemployment you deride; not to mention your tool from another fool Fedup was up at 3 am tap tap tapping away. What about him - up at 3 am? MUST be he has no job since workers have no reason to be up at 3 am!

Geezus, some of you are off-the-charts. LOL.

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Jul-09-13 2:20 PM

Note how Seadog made an insult to people who work 2nd and 3rd shift, I countered it with satire making fun of his foolishness, and then he contradicted his first insult by trying to attack my satire. LOL. Like a person lighting a house on fire, putting it out, then yelling at the firemen for not getting there fast enough. What a dope.

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