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Latinos March For Navigator Position

June 20, 2013

“Latinos unidos, jamas vencidos.” Latinos united, we are never defeated....

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Jun-22-13 3:30 PM

I like their 'never defeated"...when was the last time they won anything? They're all speaking Spanish and they're here. Doesn't sound like a bunch of winners to me.

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Jun-21-13 5:21 PM

Of course. You cowards should support me so I can relax a bit. Maybe go to Ecuador and kick back on welfare with the help of a English navigator. BTW-I hate Americans who throw away the legacy more than the dirtballs waiting in line to take it. It's about our posterity not theirs.

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Jun-21-13 12:32 PM

50's don't you ever tire of being so full of hate?

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Jun-21-13 6:51 AM

This is to dear u say we aren't doing anything every working American is doing something for these people every month when they get there welfare check and we pay for there housing with OUR tax money while they just keep reproducing to get more money and food stamps and here i am working my butt off to support my family. I was taught by my parents if u want something then u have to go out and earn it and work hard for it not sit back and take hand out that's for every RACE. This is America were the 1st language is English and if u want to work here and live her u should learn it and i should never have to push 1 for English. I'm sorry but i understand there r some people who really need the help once in a while but when they sit back and abuse the system that's when it angers me. When there r signs posted at the boarders saying to come to New York they will give u welfare. Sorry but i have no respect for people who sit on the butts and take hand out!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jun-20-13 10:26 PM

Now we know bobbojr isn't PR and hates white people...doesn't leave much. Bet he's on welfare complaining about not getting enough. It's all because of white racists eh bobbo? Come on up. Show up.

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Jun-20-13 9:22 PM

Ha! Found it. It's Ecuador. Not PR bobbjr you dipstick. What the heck do we owe Ecuador? Are they tourists overstaying visas or what?

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Jun-20-13 8:53 PM

Look closely. That American flag is on a flagpole. They aren't carrying one. Just that alleged PR flag I can't find anywhere on line.

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Jun-20-13 8:22 PM

I don’t understand a need for a Navigator. If you go to the beginning pages of our local phone book you will find a list of non-for profits that fit every need possible. Let their fingers do the shopping. We should not cater to any one group when it comes to need. There is plenty here for all groups. Here is a group that carries two flags. American and Porto Recon it appears that the group can’t make up their minds which country they are going to give their allegiance too. I suggest they become Americans first. That requires learning English, which I am told, is taught in their home country. Every group that came to our country from Europe learned English and our laws and did not rely on public assistance. They wanted to be Americans! The Hispanics seem to want this country to become their country exclusively. It’s time to draw a line.

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Jun-20-13 8:10 PM

I think we all need to understand that this is not a race issue,lazy people that sponge off the system come in all colors. Trust me as a hard working citizen I'm just as frustrated with our system and how easy it is for people not work and be fully supported. New York State is terrible on how they want to rob the rich and working people to finance the welfare system. I don't mind giving someone a helping hand to achieve short term goals on employment and education,but the career life of free benefits and living needs to stop,but I don't agree that one race alone is the cause,as a whole all races make up the system of free living.

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Jun-20-13 7:28 PM

Seems like a requirement for Latinos to be in a constant revolution of some sort against imaginary foes. Put some effort in attending free English classes.

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Jun-20-13 6:44 PM

We need to go back to the immigration policies prior to LBJ switching from English speaking skilled workers who could not be dependent on the gov dole to what we have now. Thanks dems!

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Jun-20-13 4:52 PM

I can't figure why it's so great that white people are going to be the minority if we let PR stay a territory, and invite millions of Mexicans here even if law breakers. How stupid are we? There's no evidence whatsoever that non-whites are better at building a nation. Quite the contrary.

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Jun-20-13 4:35 PM

For the first time White people had more die than that were born. It is not suprising they stopped having kids and these lazy,filthy,worthless vagabonds continue to breed at an alarming rate. Who is going to pay for there irresponsibility?

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Jun-20-13 2:08 PM

Let's turn things 180 degrees.... If I went to PR and did not speak thier language and had no money, would the people or the government of PR give me: FREE money, FREE housing, FREE utilities, FREE food, FREE drink, FREE medical care for any little ache and pain, and allow me to wander the streets in gangs because self entitlement is a right ????? I didn't think so.... Welcome to Jamestown NY the gateway to all things FREE !!!

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Jun-20-13 11:49 AM

Obama figures if he gives a couple million to have another vote in PR it will become a state and lock in the brown/Latino vote (they're only white when it suits them)and dems to "fundamentally change America". Anyone in congress who accepts a welfare state should be tarred and feathered.

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Jun-20-13 11:33 AM

I doubt bubba is from PR. He doesn't know 75% or PR calls themselves white. I still think that flag is made up for lost Mestizos looking for a country to give them something.

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Jun-20-13 11:22 AM

I really didn't know bubbajr was unwashed, but I'll take his word for it.

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Jun-20-13 11:11 AM

I dated a school teacher in San Juan. I told her if they pulled the plug on the jukebox, shut off Johhny Walker Black Label, and J&B scotch, the island would be run by Cubans in a week. she disagreed. She said "three days".

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Jun-20-13 11:09 AM

What's the red white and blue banner with stripes and a star in a triangle? Your racist battle flag? I looked AGAIN, and don't see that flag listed under PR. Maybe you don't know? Bayamon ball team?

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Jun-20-13 11:02 AM

Well bubbajr-it's not the PR flag I'm familiar with. And why are you flying it and bragging about being Anericans? What the heck is a "Merica"? Your English suc k s. If you ever get us white people down, who will take care of your scurvy arse? You couldn't even take care of a small island, and you think you can run this country? Let me weren't even born in PR?

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Jun-20-13 10:58 AM

Not happy here?? Then go home!

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Jun-20-13 10:42 AM

Nothing like making yourself look like an idiot asking what flag. Don't go check first, to find our it is the Flag of The Territory of Puerto Rico, you know The USA! Sam does an outstanding job and is committed and caring. the problem here is WHITE people, idiot White people, White people that believe in MERICA not The United States of America just Merica. I am amazed when citizens gather , and they are citizens, because they are part of the United States of America exercise there right to protest, idiots begin blogging. Oh the great unwashed and it's the white people her unwashed oh and add in just a few short years whites will become the minority according to the census bureau, keep up your racist remarks should help for the future of this great nation.

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Jun-20-13 10:39 AM

I'm sad to see so many negative comments. I agree that there are many looking for hand outs but it is not only Hispanic people. People are people and there are lazy people in all races.I would like to point out that Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States and they are citizens of our country. They have the same rights as anyone. There are programs for a variety of peoples needs this happens to be a need specific to Hispanics. There is a program specific to the needs of nursing mothers and one for divorced and widowed women. I don't see anyone complaining about them. If we do not raise awareness and find help for the people who are willing to use it for the right purposes then we fail as members of this community. Our City will be filled with people looking for hand out because they will know they can come here and make excuses for why they didn't get anything accomplished. I know several people who have worked with JNP programs and were able to learn English and become employe

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Jun-20-13 10:13 AM

Wow, Jamestown is full of racist people. Stereotypes galore. I know Sam and she's done more for people in this area than many of you complaining.

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Jun-20-13 8:52 AM

Seriously. What flag is that?

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