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Elected Officials’ Salary Should Not Be Increased

June 19, 2013

On Sunday, we asked whether elected officials should receive pay raises. Today, we answer our own question with a resounding no....

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Jun-21-13 10:27 AM

Good idea Credence. Then we can have many more on public assistance.

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Jun-21-13 10:07 AM

I think everyone who works for the (govt. / people) should immediately take a 50% wage & benifit cut across the board. Have they no shame? It would be a good start in the right direction.

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Jun-21-13 7:12 AM

The position county executive was started I believe by Geraci and Goodell (1979)both two of first county executives. We should just eliminate the position, until 1979 we didn't need one!! Get rid of it!

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Jun-20-13 9:50 AM

PWU - I guess pigs can fly - :)

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Jun-20-13 9:08 AM

Wow SeaDog, We finally agree on something.

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Jun-20-13 9:05 AM

But, How do you attempt to get better candidates for these specific positions, if you don't offer a decent salary?

I was shocked to see the the Chautauqua County Executive who is elected and oversees the county is paid less then the DA and the county administrator in Cattaraugus County.

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Jun-20-13 1:42 AM

Paid, not payed sorry, I'm not patching a ship.....need sleep! :)

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Jun-20-13 1:36 AM

This isn't about who gets how much in Washington or as a teacher 40 years ago or how much the CSEA has negotiated with elected officials for salary. It's about the Salary Review Commission's decisions here in Chautauqua Co now. This is not the time to increase spending for any reason. Yes, there needs to be an adjustment built into the way people are payed so that the increase is much smaller year to year and it becomes a non issue. But that is not what they have suggested. It will cost some of us $50,000 in taxes in the next 10 years for the privilege of living in a home that we only paid $40,000.00 for in the first place. It's just not sustainable for most of us and we will be forced to sell our homes and move south or wherever taxes are reasonable.

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Jun-19-13 10:43 AM

When the employees go home at 4:30, the bosses job continues 24/7. Some people just can't understand this.

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Jun-19-13 10:14 AM

Zedman, I understand that it is 17% at one time but figuring the increase over the period of time with no increase it figures out to less than 1% per year.

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Jun-19-13 9:06 AM

elected officials deserve a 100% increase. look at what a difficult job they have.

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Jun-19-13 8:56 AM

Kramer you need to look at your math skills. THe 17% increase is over current salary, not a percentage of the budget.

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Jun-19-13 8:46 AM

Sorry, a $235 million dollar budget is a big responsibility. Thanks Kramer.

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Jun-19-13 8:31 AM

Seadog, the county budget is in excess of $235M. These increases amount to less than 1% per year. Funny how the PJ can spin it to make them 17%.

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Jun-19-13 8:29 AM

And Yankees1, how can you possibly compare a machine operator working 40 hours per week, earning $30k to the CEO running the county with a budget of $60 plus million dollars, earning $85k per year? Do you really believe people in Executive positions should not be compensated for their education and job responsibilities? How about a surgeon doing a life saving surgery on you or a family member. Sould his/her salary be limited because the ave. salsry in this area is $30k? I wonder what kind of medical talent we would get with a salary of $85k per year.

Sounds like some individuals on this forum are a bit jealous of certain choices they have made in their lives and are a bit bitter regarding the differences in salaries earned, but say nothing in the differences of RESPONSIBILITIES and EDUCATION.

And Carlaw, weren't you a teacher? If that is true, was your salary higher than $30k per year? I'll bet it was closer to $75k than $30. If so, why???

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Jun-19-13 8:26 AM

Every rank and file county employee has received 2%-3% raises nearly every year. Why should management wages be frozen for 20 years? Many, many county employees make in excess of $50K, some in excess of $90K.

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Jun-19-13 8:16 AM

A 17% pay raise in one chunk is a bit steep, but there definetely needs to be an adjustment after 20 years. How about phasing a raise in over 3-4 years? Perhaps the salary increases should be tied to the adjustments the welfare people receive. Didn't they just receive a 10% increase?

And, if the logic of some of the posters is true, why does the President receive $450k per year when HE HAS NO EXPENSES? Free travel, free housing, free food, free security, free heat, free medical and a $60 - $100 million all expense paid vacation to Africa for he the family. Seems a lot of anger at the thought of the CEO of a county receiving a pay increase, but nothing said about the guy in Washington. Especially at a time when taxes are high, deficits are exploding, unemployment high, and nothing is getting done. Perhaps if individuals put this issue into perspective, it wouldn't be such a big deal.

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Jun-19-13 7:14 AM

The average yearly pay of Chautauqua County residents is somewhere near $30K. Why is it a foregone conclusion that elected officials should be paid three to four times more than that? Especially when county finances are so tight. Especially when taxes are so high and services keep dwindling because it. Can we really afford pay raises?

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Jun-19-13 7:03 AM

most everyone else gets 1-3 percent raise they want 17 percent, is it any wonder our taxes third highest, nutz!!! VOTE these people out!

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Jun-19-13 6:02 AM

I will not vote for anyone who supports this at this time. Will you?

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Jun-19-13 2:15 AM

I could not agree more. While the majority learn how to live on less, its NOT time to pay raise those who should be doing more to reduce spending and taxes in one of the highest taxed counties in America!!

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