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Rick Perry Challenges Andrew Cuomo

June 14, 2013

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is challenging Gov. Andrew Cuomo to a duel over which state is more business friendly. Unfortunately for Cuomo and New Yorkers, he’s coming to this gunfight unarmed....

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Jun-25-13 7:58 AM

loneridder, that comment was actually meant for you and bluesman. After reading your responses to my comments, it was evident you folks know your weapons, are educated on the laws, and are legal gun owners. I have nothing against hunters or owners of weapons for protection. I have reservations about the high powered weapons, the large magazines, and the need for an individual to own "small arsenals".

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Jun-24-13 8:04 AM

loneridder and bluesman, we agree on some of these issues. I am open minded to reading more about these weapons, and listening to legal, sane guns owner's point of views.

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Jun-21-13 4:33 PM

Does that mean I am following the party line? Wouldn't your party support those examples? And lets be honest, you follow your party line more than anyone. Not a criticism, just a fact. If we need to lable, I would lable myself a fiscally conservative democrate, which I know does not exist to some. Believe me, there are alot of dems that are not "liberal". Maybe that explains my position better. No name calling.

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Jun-21-13 4:29 PM

loneridder, let me ask you...during all of these mass shootings (colo, ariz, conn) what is the common denominator besides the killers being wackos? The killers all had assaut weapons that fire many rounds at once. All I am saying, is it necessary that those types of weapons and clips be available for the average person to buy? Can't say it is for hunting because those type of weapons would destroy an animal. It sounds like you know alot about weapons. Can't individuals like yourself come to some reasonable agreements as to what type of weapons are not good for the general public? Why does it have to be all or nothing? As for free speech, of course I am for free speech, and yes I do back limiting what can be said when and where. I do not want someone in a movie theatre yelling FIRE. I do not want some wacko walking the streets yelling racial slurs. I do not want people going around threatening bodily harm to our president or his family.

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Jun-21-13 7:52 AM

as for bluesman, stop being such a little paranoid gun totting tough guy. And please make statements that make sense, or you will continue to sound ridiculous.

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Jun-21-13 7:46 AM

loneridder you don't scare me with anything you say or think. Honestly,I have never owned a gun. I have nothing against firearms and I support the 2nd ammendment. I cannot speak logically to your questions. They sound like good questions. What I find disappointing about you is that you probably have good points, but you refuse to present these points in a logical, respectable, adult manner. Perhaps if you and many others like you would do this for the general readers as well as elected officials, you could get parts of the Safe Act changed. But your constant attacking, name calling, bullying does not fly with me, and that is why I disagree with most of what you say. BUT, your questions seem fair on this subject.

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Jun-20-13 10:19 AM

bluesman apparently thinks if they come in with AK47's he's going to have any chance regardless anyways. I'm laughing imagining his movie-scene where he defends his home in his sleepy suburb with grenades and RPGs.

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Jun-20-13 7:53 AM

bluesman, what color is the sky in your world. So you fear that someday a gand of thieves will break into your home with AK47s and you won't be able to defend yourself with your gun that has 7 shot clips. And according to you people are murderedin their homes all the time apparently by thugs who carry AK47s. Are you listening to the stuff you are saying? As for healthy snacks comments, who knows what you are saying. I chalk it up to you not taking your meds that day.

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Jun-20-13 7:49 AM

loneridder, what questions haven't I anwered? Your problem, and people like you, is if someone makes a point or disagrees with you they are left wing liberals who know nothing. This is why your party has lost the last 2 elections, and will continue to lose elections due to your narrow mindedness. Keep drinking the kool-aid and praising people like Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Backman. Right up your alley.

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Jun-19-13 11:08 AM

"Right behind California and NEW YORK."

Oh wow, so it's a race to the bottom between Texas and New York! Thanks for bringing that up, considering nobody was hiding that fact.

The puffery with regards to the low-tax-but-high-debt Texas is what is at issue.


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Jun-19-13 7:55 AM

lonerider you really are pathetic. So bluesman the chance that your house will ever be broken into by multiple intruders and you are there is remote, but I will play the game. So multiple intruders break into your home...and you want the right to pull out your AK47, put in the clip with 30 rounds, and start blasting away rather than using a handgun with 7 shots? Thats your reasoning? And again, what right have you lost to defend yourself? Your agrument holds no water.

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Jun-18-13 8:13 AM

lonerider, again I ask what rights have you lost? The right to purchase a weapon??..NO! The right to bear arms?? you can no longer have a weapon that can shoot 35 rounds at a time, or you can no longer purchase a assault weapon that is used in real combat. Is that what you call losing rights? If so, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror. Or better yet, listen to one of those parents who lost a child in Sandy Hook.

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Jun-17-13 8:01 AM

Fedup, fair comments. I don't totally agree with them, but fair.

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Jun-17-13 8:00 AM

Mackenzie, just curious, what rights of yours have been stripped away?

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Jun-16-13 6:03 PM

"Texas' economy is an example of what less taxes and less government regulation and oversight can do to grow business."

Texas state debt: 277 billion and counting.

What you failed to state was that Texas ranks #3 in total state debt.

Right behind California and NEW YORK.

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Jun-15-13 1:46 PM


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Jun-15-13 7:32 AM

Rick Perry is NOT stripping Texans of their rights, like Cuomo. Got to get rid of him, he stinks.

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Jun-15-13 3:46 AM

I don't think Perry is the "knight in shining armor" either. He benefits from a state structure that preceded him. Conservatives give him more credit than he is probably due but Liberals did the same thing with Clinton who benefitted from inheriting the end of the Cold War thanks to Reagan and prosperity due to Intel, Microsoft and others. Each should be given credit for not mucking up their respective economies. Poverty and education stats are lousier than many states but considering the level of illegal immigration, it's easily understood. Cuomo's emphasis on the SAFE Act instead of doing something useful for the economy (like fracking) not only took ammunition away from law-abiding citizens but greatly reduced the ammunition he can use in an "economic gunfight" with Perry. It may not be Western justice but it's certainly poetic justice.

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Jun-14-13 10:16 PM

No cause for the explosion has yet been determined, so why does the editor refer to the disaster as "preventable"?

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Jun-14-13 5:15 PM

Why doesn't Mr. Perry just take care of his own state? There are plenty of problems there for him to work on.

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Jun-14-13 2:26 PM

While WNY, and most of upstate, fall apart, NYC is going gangbusters, with much higher taxes and more regulations. What's different there and here is the willingness to spend money and take risks. Econimies grow by doing, not by standing by waiting for next savior to arrive.

It seems that Jamestown is far to risk averse to ever grow back to its former self, to say nothing of achieveing greatness.

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Jun-14-13 10:54 AM

Ok I was wrong, a $7.50 job vs $10.00. A $10/he job in Jamestown is a high paying job.

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Jun-14-13 10:52 AM

Ten dollar an hour job, welcome to WNY if you can find one. Suckered have you looked around lately and seen the ever increasing decline of NY. Pretty soon it's going to look like one giant run down trailer park.

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Jun-14-13 9:58 AM

If you like 8 dollar an hour jobs and want the state to look like Bentonville Ark. or Waco Texas... Perry sure is your man.

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Jun-14-13 9:35 AM

Emelye - if Perry was the governor of, say, West Virginia, he would be an afterthought. He reminds me of the village idiot you establish on the point in the assembly line where the worker has to do absolutely nothing but watch and make sure the belt doesn't go haywire.

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