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Board Approves Bemus Point Budget

June 4, 2013

BEMUS POINT — A $13 million budget already rejected once by residents in the Bemus Point Central School District will again go to a vot....

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Jun-05-13 11:29 AM

Mr. Inbetween needs to go back to the hole he came out of. Remember folks he is not to bright and had many jobs over the years including selling combs for bald people.

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Jun-05-13 8:31 AM

Please advise me what Sweaty Teddy drinks so that I can buy him a bottle and he wouldn't be sending emails to every one

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Jun-04-13 9:44 PM

Cofield, cut out the football coach, that's "fat", more ways than one.

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Jun-04-13 7:46 PM

Nay sayers should get their figures before they start bashing the budget. Check Chaut Lakes budget. 1.2 million for transportation. Bemus Point 500 thousand. Thats 700 thousand difference. Chaut Lake has 2 less students than Bemus. Bemus has 18 buses. Chaut Lake 30. Bemus 2 full time employees. Chaut Lake 5. There are many other areas as well. Get your facts straight.

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Jun-04-13 7:42 PM

Thanks for clarifying. Makes sense, but I always wondered.

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Jun-04-13 2:51 PM

Also back in your day Heckler, there was not the need for expensive technologies.

Sweaty, "Stupid process for an entrenched union of worthless workers soaking the tax payer for nonsense programs that show very little return to society." It is not an issue of poor teaching, or poor results with students, it is a pure lack of jobs in the area for those students who do go on to greater things. Why would an intelligent student stay in Jamestown where the offerings are very limited? Answer: they don't, they go to cities and towns with better opportunities. Why would a poor student stay in Jamestown? Answer: Welfare, lack of motivation to go anywhere else, no need to look for a job, just live off the system like generations before them have.

Therefore a nonsense program soaking the taxpayer with very little return is called welfare, not education.

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Jun-04-13 2:22 PM

cont... Unless we are saying the 60 kids do not deserve the same level of education or the same offerings because they do not have the same numbers as the class of 90.

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Jun-04-13 2:17 PM


Here are my thoughts. A few things to take into consideration. Take a class of 90 to a class of 60 and at the grade school level that would directly affect teachers. I think at the high school level its a different dynamic. I think a high school that has a drop in student body still needs to offer the same amount of classes. The only way it would equal to less teachers is a district saying "Ok we have less students this year, what course will we cut." So to provide the same level of courses the same number of teacher would be teaching them. As far as dollars go. I figure that the cost per child as gone up. (gas transportation, food, utilities, books, materials) so I have 5 kids that cost me $5 bucks a day cost less then 3 kids that that cost $9 bucks a day (I have no idea what kids cost school district but I can safely bet that that number rises along with everything else.) Just my take on things

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Jun-04-13 1:28 PM

I still have trouble understanding how enrollment declines each year, but the budget increases year over year. When I was there, we had about 95 in our class. Now it's in the 60's I think. Wouldn't that mean fewer teachers and resources needed? On top of that, we never had to furnish our own supplies for anything. I'm sure there's a simple reason, but I don't know what it is. Someone please explain?

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Jun-04-13 12:57 PM

sweatyteddy4prez I am trying to understand this whole issue between the district and you. Can you tell me what the "Fat" is. I mean you all talk about the process and fat and never really give example. Something concrete, that makes sense, that I can understand and process. And the programs I need to know what "nonsense" programs you might be talking about. If you cannot thats ok to. Most people that post on these things have no idea what they are talking about either and just like to complain in general with no real backing. But at least its good entertainment.

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Jun-04-13 11:50 AM

Taxpayerfred, I don't drink thank you, and also thank you for proving my point. ALL the school systems need to trim down, regardless of size. I don't agree with any of the fat in any of the budgets. I won't ever get elected to a board because I see all this spending as worthless. I would however be glad to serve on any of the boards. You folks do need some "enlightment".

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Jun-04-13 10:37 AM

Sweaty Teddy must be drinking again. Have you checked the budgets for schools the same size as bemus or smaller schools. Thay all have larger budgets. There is not much fat in this budget. Why don't you run for the board and see for yourself.

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Jun-04-13 9:49 AM

Simple minds, keeping the "chuck wagon" rolling. You can run on for a long time. Sooner or later you'll get cut down.

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Jun-04-13 9:09 AM

Arrogance, yes pure arrogance by The Bemus Point School Board! They decided to give the middle finger to local residents/tax payers rather than reduce their bloated budget by one penny! Threats followed.....where have we seen that before?

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Jun-04-13 8:02 AM

Why even have a vote when it does not matter? All they do here, and at Panama, and every other district is keep going until they get their way. Stupid process for an entrenched union of worthless workers soaking the tax payer for nonsense programs that show very little return to society. Knuckle heads, bound for bankruptcy. Oh well, I guess when the only people left living in the state and counties are working for the school districts, then every budget will pass. Good luck with that down the road.

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