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Good Work, BPU

June 4, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: Often municipal workers find themselves derided by the public for a variety of reasons....

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Jun-12-13 5:03 AM

Actually waitresses don't get paid based on doing their job. They get merit pay based on how well they do their job in the form of a tip. This is a terrible correlation.

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Jun-06-13 7:06 AM

Jeesh. If I was a waitress I wouldn't want any of you showing up at my table. Bet you don't tip because the wait staff is " just doing their job"...even if the service is exceptional.

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Jun-05-13 9:02 PM

So let me get this straight if you have a government job you don't deserve a thank you? Just because thay have a better job than me I can't appreciatiat what thay do? I have friends that are employees of the state and the city and I don't think its as Fun as one thinks and come to think of it I make more than them so I don't deserve recognition foe my efforts either. So I guess what I am saying is just because your job ***** don't hold out against someone who has a better one.

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Jun-05-13 1:14 PM


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Jun-05-13 11:24 AM

The saddest commentary is the fact that a reader decides to compliment a couple of guys for a job well done and they (the reader and the BPU guys)get blistered for it. It was a nice thought. Problem is there are far too many people who haven't had a nice thought about anything in years.

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Jun-05-13 7:27 AM

It IS a job they get paid to do, no thanks needed really. We pay them enough as it is. What about paying attention to real issues at hand? I'd love to have MY letters printed - not some idiotic "Thank you for this this and helping me to stub my big toe..."

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Jun-05-13 4:45 AM

Government jobs will be a thing of the past in the not to distance future. They are overpaid, under performers. Why do you think the state contracts out most of their road work now? Those private employees make the exact same wage, but they do the job much more efficiently. Anyone who defends our government is blind. We're completely out of money and it gets worse every day. Wake up folks.

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Jun-04-13 12:27 PM

Well sure it's their job and they get paid for it. But if they do it well and with professionalism then they *should* be thanked. I don't understand all the animosity I see here.

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Jun-04-13 11:59 AM


You are exactly right! The stink of jealousy permeates the negative comments on here, and I expect that the ones making them passed up "gub'ment jobs" because they could make a lot more at the time working in the private sector. Now that many private sector jobs have left the country, these people are whining about their own questionable choices.

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Jun-04-13 10:43 AM

They do a dangerous job. They need to be thanked just as much as the next public worker. They are a great group of guys who deserve to be thanked once in a while. Don't be jealous that they have a good job with good benefits. You could have had that job, too.

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Jun-04-13 7:15 AM

They did the job they get paid to do, nothing extraordinary here. Maybe someone should be asking why the city didn't take care of this rotted, disease riddled tree before it got to the point of falling into the road, potentially causing damage and injury.

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Jun-04-13 5:58 AM

What a bunch of Debbie Downers! Hey, why do so many people trash Govt. workers? They've got a job, they do their job well and leave it at that. If you don't like it don't call them when a tree falls on your electric lines or your water service springs a leak at your house.

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Jun-04-13 5:02 AM

Completely agree Bud. What a wasted thank you, I expect the BPU to be able to handle that because that is their job. I'm sure the premium Sunday wage also was enough of a pat on the back.

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Jun-04-13 4:34 AM

They do a job, they get paid for it. Some day soon they retire with a pension taxpayers can't afford.

No magic in that.

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